Claire Fryer Fighter from Australia

Claire Fryer156771_473912263028_6110045_n


Age: 33 years old, Fights: 9 Thai fights for 5 w 4 l, Gym: Gamebred, Weight: 51kg

1. How long have you been training Muay Thai and what made you want to have your first fight?

I started training kickboxing in 200 but not seriously. I never thought I would want to fight, but after a while I thought I might just have one! I had my first fight at the end of 2008 and shortly after that (ok so as I was leaving the ring) I decided I wanted to have more and moved gyms to train with Dip.

2. You have had Muay Thai and MMA fights what do you prefer to fight? why?

It’s impossible to choose! But Muay Thai is where I started and I guess my stand up is my strength still –  I like to bang!

736_494085013996476_2066186114_n3. What do you think is the hardest part of being a fighter?

The mental game for sure. Anyone can put in the time and effort to get their physical game up – but preparing yourself mentally is harder to learn. It took me several fights before I stopped freaking out for weeks beforehand. Once the fights started I always felt fine, but I always used to stress beforehand!

4. Any embarrassing moments in Muay Thai for you?
Not fighting. But Dip would mimic my movement when I started and joke that I looked like a robot because I was so stiff. He thought it was hilarious!

5. Your favourite after weigh in food?

Everyone always jokes about my massive food bag at weigh ins. I love food and hate cutting weight. The first thing I go for is probably my protein drink – I’m vegan and I do up a spy protein blended with a banana and peanut butter. It’s the bomb!!

6. Your Proudest moment in Muay Thai?

Jeez these are tough questions Tash! I guess my first fight – it was a massive scrap with Emma O’Connell and I don’t think either of us defended ourselves much. We just smacked each other in the face wildly for three rounds!

7. Whats the worst injuries you have had from fighting?189375_10151859596028029_939654540_n

I tend to get worse injuries in training than fights! I’ve broken my ribs and my forearm in sparring. In fights the worst I’ve had is just a massive cut and a bad black eye.

8. What are you aiming for in Muay Thai the next few years?

I’d really like my first title this year! After that – we shall see what comes next. I’m getting on a bit so I need to move quick to reach my goals!

9. Do you have a fight in mind that you think back to and just think wow that was a hard fight? why?

My hardest fight was actually an mma fight against Alex Chambers. I went into the fight with my mind elsewhere and Alex is not the kind of opponent you can do that with. It was the only time in my fights I’ve ever just been totally mauled! Although to be fair I guess that wasn’t technically a hard fight for me – I just lay there and got smacked in the face :p

291717_10151930374608029_965664046_n10. Any advise for girls wanting to start training or have a fight?

I think everyone underestimates the cardio they need for their first fight. Train harder than you ever have before your first fight and you will already have an advantage!

And of course, you don’t ever have to fight, or even spar if you don’t want to. Plenty of men and women just train because they love it. So see where it takes you!

Anyone you would like to thank? Just thank Dip my old coach, Eilleen Forrest and all the guys at Gamebred.


Interview By Natasha Sky Photos supplied.

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