Iman “Pretty Killer” Barlow



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Age: 20 years old, Gym :Team Assassins, Weight: 53.5 to 55kg, Fights: 70 fights, 3 draws, 4 lose, 63 wins. Titles: S1 world title, WPMF world title, WKA world amateur k1 &kickboxing champ, Enfusion world champ, Ukmf English champion, WKA European champ

1. How long have you been training Muay Thai and what made you want to have your first fight? I have been training Muay Thai since i was young i had my first fight at the age of 4 years old and im 20 now still fighting 🙂


2. You have had a lot of fights and been training a long time do you feel like you are still learning every fight? Yes definitely, each fight i learn something whether its small or big. I keep learning and developing my skills all the time, you can never know everything !

150228_10152394072215433_824335375_n3. What do you think is the hardest part of being a fighter? The hardest part is definitely the training. Training twice a day and getting up early in the morning kills me as i love my sleep, but its all worth while when you fight i love the fighting part.

4. Any embarrassing moments in Muay Thai for you? ive not really had any embarrassing moments yet. The main one was when i was warming up to fight in France i was skipping and twisted my ankle ! i am so clumsy my mum manged to wrap and tape my ankle up somehow i managed to fight and win 🙂 i always wear a hat because its cold in England and can get mistaken for a boy…thats not cool !

5. Your favourite after weigh in food? Everyone in England loves a Nandos after a weigh in their chicken is amazing ! i try not to pig out on food after weigh in…its more after the fight haha.

6. You have fought a i few different places where has been your favourite place and why? its 536204_10152723876240433_43579883_ngonna have to be Bangkok every time, it’s an amazing place and where Muay Thai originates so it amazing to fight there.

7. Whats the worst injuries you have had from fighting? The worst injuries i have really is bad bruises on my shins, i now use ice baths a lot to take the swelling out, use counterpain and arnica cream/tablets to get rid of the bruises as soon as possible so i can get back to training.

8. What are you aiming for in Muay Thai the next few years? I have just signed a fight contract with Enfusion (based in europe at the moment) its for 3 years and they look after me well. Enfusion have their own rules which are between k1 and Muay Thai, so i have adapted my style a little. Im looking forward to fighting some top class opponents over the next 3 years and building myself as a fighter.

388862_10151137579200433_472676358_n9. Do you have a fight in mind that you think back to and just think wow that was a hard fight? why? When i was 14 i fought a lady called Karla Bentize from Spain. She was a woman and i was a girl still, she had muscle i had nothing haha, she was for me as a young girl very scary. I fought her and won, but it was very hard as she had the strength of a woman and i was still growing. Was an awesome tough fight and i was so happy to win. Was a huge step in my career for me.

10. Any advise for girls wanting to start training or have a fight? Girls you dont have to fight ! Muay Thai is great for fitness and self defence and is definitely not just a mans sport ! For girls who want to fight go for it ! train hard and be confident in yourself and you will go far. Best of luck !

Anyone you would like to thank? i would like to thank my parents & 16617_10152379704165433_2047731818_ntrainers Maxine Adams and Mark Barlow for standing by me through everything and pushing me to be the person i am. Also my younger brother Thai Barlow who helps me train. A big thankyou to my sponsors, TUFF SPORT, Gold standard nutrition (lovely chicken available in the uk) and also BOOOST oxygen. A big thanks to the Prettykiller supports and Team Assassins and everyone who has always wished me well. Support means everything x

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Interview By Natasha Sky Photos supplied.

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