Fani Peloumpi Multiple title holder from Greece

Fani Peloumpi 522266_4047542675168_815405009_n


Name: Fani Peloumpi   Age: 29   Weight: 51-53kg    Fight record: 80 fights,but professional 51 Fights. TitlesI.M.C/NAI KANOM TOM/W.M.C EUROPE/W.M.F PRO AM/I HAVE AND ONE BELT I HAVE PLAY IN MY COUNTRY….WORLD MUAY THAI/W.P.M.F/ 3 x the best world WAI-KRU, and 1x best technical. Gym: I started many years ago with my master in  Panathinea but for 1 year now i have been with Blue Dragon my gym i opened. Country: GREECE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

1. How long have you been training and fighting Muay Thai ?Nearly 14yrs training and 12 years fighting but i have a 1 year break. 

2.What is the hardest part of being a fighter? The most difficult is to believe  and to lose many kilos. 

45403_10200832225956187_741119878_n 3. Do you prefer to fight in your home country or Thailand and why? I prefer fighting in Thailand in Muay Thai. In my country its hard because they dont not fight Muay Thai rules.

4. Favourite Technique? have many, but i think ba ta loop ak,hag ko chang eraban

5. Hardest fight and why? with a thai women, I did not make good preparation and I lost the weight last time

6. Proudest moment in Muay Thai? there have been many moments, the most when i fight in my country and win because a lot of people come to watch and cheer my name

7. Do you train any other martial arts? i have training litle bit Kung fu, and Boxing

8. Favourite food to eat after weigh in? all the Sweet things733783_10201763541598496_1513112224_n

9. What is your next fight? my next fight is August 11 2013 in Phuket Thailand for W.W.B.C Title

10. What would you tell someone that wants to learn Muay Thai or have a fight? Muay Thai is very beautiful and powerful, Your absolute tranquility, and confident about yourself, for figthing hard training and clear mind

People you would like to thank? my Master Vangelis Xanthakis from Greece ,My G.Master SANE from Thailand, Master Ekger Menoi and my sister Ntina Peloumpi. All these have helped,and have done a lot of patience with me in hard my preparation .and all who are with me and supporting me….. and you for questions.

998406_614275791927204_582536749_nFind Fani Peloumpi on Facebook (HERE)

Muay Thai Nea Smyrni

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Interview By Natasha Sky Photos supplied.

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