My 18th fight, 2nd KO in Thailand

It had been just over a month since my last fight where i won by KO in the 2nd round vs the first ever Thai girl i had fought (READ HERE). It was June 2011 and i was training for my 3rd fight in Thailand and my 2nd fight for Sinbi Muay Thai where i was absolutely loving training. This fight would be my 18th fight all up so i IMG_0357was getting up there in my experience now. I was supossed to fight earlier but after my last fight i got bronchitis and was quite sick for about 3 weeks. I was just starting to get better when i was booked in to fight this time, i didn’t want to wast any time so i thought i would just have a go anyway. The Thai girl i was matched to fight had been fighting for a very long time and had over 150 fights. I was expecting to have a 5 round war with her, i thought it was going to be a really hard fight. I was a bit nervous but after winning my last fight by KO i had a bit more confidents. When we got to the Stadium we sat down to do my hands, my opponent was sitting across from us with her friends and they were looking at me giggling and pointing. I didn’t know if they were trying to play mind games with me or what but it wasnt working if it was. I get my hands wrapped and get my Thai oil rub down then shadow boxing to warm up. I noticed the Thai girl was a bit taller and had huge legs as most of them do. I’m about the 4th fight so i relax for a bit before we walk down to the ring and sit in the chair waiting for the fight before mine to end. The guys fighting before me have a big KO so we 269876_212676842101603_100000778674119_528712_2408291_nare straight up after they carry one of the guys out of the ring. Always a bit freaky to see the fight before you get a KO right before your about to fight. I climb up under the ropes and into the ring. We both seal the ropes and my opponent continues on to do the full wai kru while i wait in my corner and try to get my self prepared for war. We go to center ring and the ref gives us the talk ( not that i can understand anything he says anyway as its all in Thai) as we touch gloves and are about to part my opponent steps on my foot. It was strange i had never had someone do that before im not sure what the meaning of it was, maybe it was some sort of Thai luck thing i don’t know but it sort of freaked me out for a second haha i was thinking why did she do that is this some sort of Thai curse or something. First round starts, she kicks me and i half checked it, it was HARD! i thought holly hell i do not want to take any of those kicks. It really shocked me that she kicked that hard i didn’t expect it. That was the hardest i had ever been kicked, in all of my fights in Australia no one had kicked me like that. We exchanged a few kicks and punches each but i felt like i was getting the better. I felt sharp, I felt like i could dominate and push forward. I noticed that she didn’t like getting hit in the 265072_212679228768031_100000778674119_528727_5836169_nface so i tried to land some punches to the face but she was also very evasive and could get out the way of my shots. She was very random with how she would fight you think she is all relaxed then she would throw a big kick or elbow. The second round starts faster as i pushed up and countered everything she threw at me catching a teep and throwing her to the ground. By now her left eye has stared to go black and welt up so my confidents was growing. Every time i try to come in she throws a big step up knee, we end up getting into the clinch and fall to the ground. The fall must have loosened some flem i had on my chest from being sick because when i got up i couldn’t hardly breathe, i was coughing to try to get it to move. It was horrible every time i tried to breath i was getting all blocked up with a rattle of flem 😦 i was really short of breath. The 3rd round i thought ok now im going to step it up so i started off fast and managed to drop her with flurry of hands, she doesn’t get a 8 count and she stands back up to keep fighting. All i can hear is everyone yelling for me to go forward and stay on her. I keep her in the corner not letting her have any room 264507_212678672101420_100000778674119_528726_1398642_nto set up those big power kicks. She tries to kick and teep me but my stance is strong, i don’t go back at all just parry, block and come back with my own kicks and punches. I cut off the ring as she moves around the outside on the ropes then i flurry with punches and manage to get a hold of her head and pull it down where i land a flush knee right to the chin. The knee sends her to the canvas flat on her back. The ref jumps down to help support her head as she lay on the ground totally dazzed not being able to even sit up. I won by KO in the 3rd round i couldn’t believe it! i never expected it, i was prepared for a 5 round war, never did i think i was going to be able to KO her. I was on fire that night even though i was sick i just felt like i could take on the world. I get my hand held up and i look to the crowd where i see some Thai men waving their hands in the air full of money jumping around haha they must have won money on me because i dont think many people expected me to win. I climbed out of the ring under the rope and i was swamped by people from all over the world wanting to take photos it was crazy i couldn’t even get to the change rooms to take my gloves off. Apart from a few 263967_212679558767998_100000778674119_528729_4990410_nbumps on my shins from the super hard kicks i was blocking i was feeling good no injuries it was great! Now straight back to the gym to train for my next fight 🙂 loving it!

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