Summer Bronco, Jr Muay Thai fighter

Summer Broncoelbow2

Name: Summer Bronco, Age: 9, Weight: 75lbs, Gym: Hybrid Training Center/Linxx Academy of Martial Arts, Virginia Beach, Virginia,  Fight record: 9-1   Titles: None (Yet)

1. How long have you been training Muay Thai and what made you want to fight?
I have been training for 3 ½ years, A friend of mine was training and it looked like something I wanted to try. I fell in love with the sport right after my first training session.

block2. What’s your Favourite part of training and fighting?
My favourite part of training is sparring and getting to know girls with similar interest. My favourite part of Fighting is that first punch and getting the butterfly’s out. And of course having my hand raised in victory!

3. What do your family, friends, school teachers think of what you do? 
My family is very supportive of me. On top of my regular classes at linxx my dad trains me at home a few times a week. My dad tells me I have enough potential to be a professional fighter one day. I would love to be a professional Muay Thai or MMA fighter. My friends and teacher thinks it’s really awesome and cool that I’m a fighter.

4. Some people say that young girls shouldn’t fight Muay Thai, What do you think about that?
I think that’s silly. If a girl wants to fight she should be allowed to fight. Girls should be allowed to try whatever they like. That’s not a problem in my life, I’m allowed to try whatever I want to, as long as I look2give it my best and never quit.

5. Your best weapon?
spinning fist, they never see it coming!

6. Who are your favourite fighters?
Buakaw Banchamek (Por Pramuk) – Aurore Lz – (Junior fighter) Monique Scriberras – MMA fighter Ronda Rousey – MMA fighter George St-Pierre and my new favorite Natasha Sky!!

DSC_37597. What are your goals in Muay Thai? 
I want to win the TBA Classic in June and eventually become a World Champion, I would like to become a Professional fighter –

8. What do you do on fight day before you fight? do you have any special things to eat or things that you do?
I put on some music and go sit by myself. I like to think about the fight and what I’m going to do to my opponent. The calm before my storm (well, that’s what my dad says – funny)

 9. Do you even get scared you might get hurt?
No – Never, I’m not scared of anything or anyone.

pose2 (1)
10. What advice would you give to other young girls wanting to train Muay Thai or have a fight? Train hard and never quite or you will never reach your goals. In the fight, hit first and hit hard and make sure you hit last! Make sure she never forgets you; And have fun!!

Anyone you would like to thank?’I would like to thank my gym Hybrid Training Center/Linxx Academy and my coach Kru Frank Cucci Jr., My Mom and Dad and Jimmy and Ashley for supporting me, and my teammates for training with me – thanks  Also a hello to my new friends from Sitan Gym, Arizona and Thiago Azeredo – You guys Rock!


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Interview By Natasha Sky Photos supplied.

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