My First fight in Thailand vs Girl from Holland

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It had been nearly 6 months since my last fight ( READ HERE) i had been through a lot in that time with heath issues and i had put on a lot of weight. My husband and i were invited to come train in Thailand at a gym under a sponsorship where we get free training, accommodation and food. We thought it was a great opportunity and couldn’t say no but it didn’t turn out very good ( a whole other blog) We left for Thailand at the end of feb 2011 only a few days after i had a cervical operation. The docs told me i wasnt to train let alone fight but me being stubborn i didn’t listen. I was determined to make the most out of my time in Thailand & i didn’t want to let the camp down. I started training 2 times a day as soon as i got there which was stupid now i think about it since i hadn’t even been training at home and i had just had the operation. It was so hard training with the extra weight I had put on too 😦 I never realised how hard it was going to be. Even stretching was hard I couldn’t twist because of my fat rolls. It OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAkilled me, both Dane and i were so exhausted we were unable to even eat properly everytime we would eat we were sick. After about 4 days we were both doubting we had made the right decision about coming to the camp, it was a mixture of things that led us to this. Then i started to having trouble from my operation so Dane and i went and stayed away from the gym for a few days to rest and stay out of everyone’s hair, we didn’t want to be eating the free food at the gym if we were not training. We had a hard think about if we wanted to stay training there or not because it was a really terrible gym, nothing like how they had made it out to be before we arrived. We decided that because it was free we would give it another go. We both went back to train for the next 2 weeks untill i was matched to fight. This was my 16th fight and my first fight in Thailand so it was really exciting. We all went to the fight in the back of the truck, it was so laid back no pressure like at home, it was just another day to the Thai’s. I was OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAfighting at Patong stadium against a girl from Tiger Muay Thai who was from Holland. We went to the back of the stadium to get ready, it was strange that my opponent was getting ready next to me. I started getting my hands wrapped by Odd who used to be Baukaws trainer which was super cool! Everyone was just chilled out and relaxed just plugging along with all the fight prep. They rubbed me down with Vas and Thai oil then told me to shadow box to warm up. I was so used to all the fuss out the back making sure everything was perfect and kicking pads to warm up it was just so different, i wasnt sure if it was good or bad but i definitely felt way less stress and pressure. We head out to the ring, i sit down on the seats waiting for the fight before me to end which was also weird for me as at home you wait out the back untill your entrance music comes on then you make a big entrance. The fight finishes, i stand up and walk to the ring where one of the trainers holds the bottom rope up for me to go under. I had never gone under before, in Australia we always go over. Everything was good untill i started to do my Wai kru and i got it all messed up but It was ok, the trainers said it was fine and not to worry. The trainers had been telling me for weeks that you don’t start fast in Thailand, the first 2 rounds don’t count so you only go 50%. I have always started fast so i wasnt sure how i was going to be able to do this. The first bell went and we started off slowly, it was good, she was going slower to! Pheww!. nothing really happened in the first round just a few kicks and punches that didn’t really have much power. I think it was the first time i had ever gone back to the 555corner after round one not even puffed. The second round was pretty slow just a few exchanges. In the corner i was feeling great, i was actually having fun in my fight like i had never had before. The third round is where the Thais tell you to step it up so i tried to work a bit more that round. Then in round four i do a few punch leg kick combos and a spinning elbow to start the round. She came out bombing with wild hands i managed to get her in the clinch and land a few elbows to the top of the head before the ref broke it. A few more kicks from me and she came in again with wild hands when i caught her with a straight right and dropped her for the 8 count. She was tough she got back up, i flurried her with hands and dropped her again for another 8 count. she got back up again, i threw a few kicks and the Tash vs Pui-nam-wan 28.3.11 Patong st phuket (1)bell went. I knew i had won the fight by now, the Trainers were telling me to just jab and teep the last round. I came out and threw a few kicks when she just went totally wild with hands again just throwing huge bombs. I got hit in the side of the ear and it started to ring really loud. I didn’t know what was happening i thought i was getting knocked out but i was still standing so i didn’t know what was going on. My balance went all funny and my ear was ringing so loud. I continued to fight hoping she would just stay away from me but she didn’t! oh man! she pushed forward and i tried to just teep and jab her off. She came in again with big hands and i tried to punch toe to toe with her which i did, i came out on top with better technique. She continued to chase me with big hands, i was just going back hoping for the bell to ring so we could finish. I was just thinking stay away from me you crazy bi**h! she wouldnt give Tash vs Pui-nam-wan 28.3.11 Patong st phuket (1)up! it seemed like forever. I went back into the corner where the mat was slippery, i lost my balance and she jumped on me and punched me in the ear again a few times, now it was really spinning me out! I got my footing and i fought back then the bell went. Thank god for that! I won the fight on points the ref held up my hand then i crawled back out under the ropes. There was no fuss over the win no trophy just a pat on the back and good job from my trainers. I get out the back and i cant hear out of my ear and the ringing was still really loud. I wont get into it because ive already written about it in a blog (HERE) I was happy i won my first fight in Thailand. I went to say thank you to the girl i fought and she must have had concussion because she didn’t know who i was and she asked me if she had won the fight. She couldn’t remember anything about who i was or the fight. I was so happy it was the first time i had ever dropped someone with punches yay how exciting I didn’t think I had the hand power Tash vs Pui-nam-wan 28.3.11 Patong st phuket (1)to even do that. Fighting in Thailand was not as scary as i thought it would be and i felt way less pressure fighting there than I did at home. It felt like this was where i was supposed to be fighting. The feeling of no hype for the fight and no pressure made the fight feel more clear and fun. This is what it was supposed to feel like, i really enjoyed it apart from having a busted ear drum of course. I couldn’t wait for the next one I was so excited about being so relaxed tasbefore this fight it was something i hadn’t experienced before.

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