My First Time Fighting A Thai, 2nd rd KO

Before you read my blogs and get offended (READ HERE)

It had been about 6 weeks since my last fight, I had even been training because of my busted ear drum from my last fight (READ HERE). I just started training at Sinbi Muay Thai after changing gyms from the one we first come to in Thailand because it was just no good. As soon as I arrived at Sinbi they were asking me when I wanted to fight. I wasn’t to sure because of my ear still not healed up properly but me being so keen to just fight I said yes to 2 weeks ekkk!  My husband was also asked to fight that same night, we had fought on the same night before in Australia and we didn’t like it but for some silly reason we both said yes again. I just hoped that I didn’t get hit in the ear again now that would suck! I got right into training and everything was going great. I was loving Sinbi it was awesome training great people and just all round great atmosphere, nothing like the other gym that was like prison OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAcamp. As the fight got closer I still didn’t know who I was fighting but the trainers were telling me she would most likely be a Thai girl. I was excited and at the same time nervous about fighting a Thai girl but that’s what I came here for and I couldn’t wait. I trained up until 2 days before the fight with a few different trainers doing bag work, pads, clinching, sparing, lots of sit up and push ups. I had started to lose some weight by now which was helping a lot with training as it was getting easier. The day before the fight I just chilled out as there is no weigh ins to worry about which is such a huge relief but at the same time you don’t know if you will be fighting someone way bigger than you. Off with my hubby to get an oil massage the night before and then a relaxing night of movies then bed. Fight day is here and im super pumped for my fight everything had been going really well with training in the new gym and I was confident that I was going to have a good fight. I can’t ever eat much on fight day, I don’t know why but I can’t ever seem to get much down so I just have some fruit through the day. Dane and I both relax, have a sleep in the afternoon both trying not to stress the other one out. We head to the gym then catch the bus to the stadium with a group of people from the gym. We were fighting at a new CIMG3944stadium this time we hadn’t been there before, it was called Bangla stadium. We drive for about 30min to the stadium through the streets of Patong that look like a mini las vegas with all the lights and people. The front of the stadium is awesome all lit up with bright colours and big Muay Thai fighter statues along the front. It is a really amazing sight not to mention the Thai music and announcement  that gets played continuously really loud “tonight tonight, big fight, big fight, the biggest of the month, thai boxing, real fight, Bangla  boxing stadium, tonight tonight” you gotta see it to believe it. We get in side and walk to the top of the stadium where the change rooms are. Its an amazing stadium much nicer and open not like the last stadium. We start to get ready out the back wrapping my hands when all the Thais stand up for the kings anthem which they play before every fight show. I’m looking around for the girl im fighting but still have no idea. I finish getting my hands wrapped then I get a massage with vas and thai oli until im burning hot. In comes a girl with a basketball lakers singlet on which had my last name on the back strangely enough haha and some daggy old muay thai shorts on with really short hair, she looked like a boy. She was with what looks like to be her Mother, Father and 3 little sisters. They sit down and the father starts to wrap her hands. It started to sink in now that I was OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAgoing to really be fighting a Thai girl that has probably been fighting since she was 6yr old. The girl and her family were looking at me and giggling, I don’t know why im guessing they thought I was a silly falang girl. I shadow box for a while then head down to the side of the ring where I wait on the chair we named “The lonely chair” it’s where you sit and fester in all your fears before your about to fight and its lonely because your on your own with your thoughts. They start playing some random “star wars” music for us to enter the ring haha. My trainer pulls up the ropes and I slide under and bow to the judges. I decided not to do the full wai kru this fight after I mucked it up my last fight, so I just sealed the ropes and went back to my corner to wait for my opponent to finish hers. The fight starts of slow both of us just testing each other with some light shots. She was very technical and evasive but about 30 sec in I hit her with a right hand, I seen her hers water up and I knew at that moment that I was going to be able to stop her. Through out the rest of the round she kept teeping me every time I tried to come in. I 225583_2054392724553_1386612116_2441847_3596880_nfelt great when I went back to my corner not puffing at all but it wasnt like I did much in that first round it was pretty slow. The second round we started off by exchanging kicks both landing a few. Then the ref told us off for going to slow so I thought I better turn it up. Once again she teeped me off every time I tried to come in until I landed a right hand that sent her back, I just jumped on her with a rush of straight punches and a few kicks ending in the clinch with a few knees. The ref breaks it and I head straight back to her with another right hand that drops her on her bum and she gets an 8 count. As soon as the ref says fight I jump back on her with another rush of punches until I knock her to the ground again and the ref calls it off. I won by TKO in the 2nd round in my 2nd fight ever in Thailand and my first ever fight with a Thai girl while I still had a busted ear drum from my last fight, I was over the moon I couldn’t get much better than that! I came out of the fight fine 226558_2054398244691_1386612116_2441854_7272356_nwithout a bump on me which was a totally awesome bonus because I wanted to fight again as soon as they would let me! The really sad part was I went up to the change rooms to say thank you to my opponent and here dad was going off his head at her and slapping her in the face for loosing 😦 it was horrible the poor girl just got ko’d im sure she already felt bad enough. Was a good fight a good win and my trainers were happy and I wasn’t hurt so it was a very good night in the office 🙂 NEXT! Dane also won his fight by ko in the 4th round with body shots vs a Russian Champion so we were one happy couple 🙂 I also made it into the Muay Siam 249356_10150189236626205_554626204_7441800_845129_nMagazine Thailands famous Muay Thai Magazine so I was even more stoked!


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