My 15th Fight vs World Champ, Blood bath

Before you read my blogs and get offended (READ HERE)

It was August 2010 i had only fought 2 weeks before down in Adelaide in a hard fight against one of the most experienced girls in Australia where i got schooled for 5 rounds and cut with an elbow (READ HERE). I still had a a cut on my head that was healing up but apart from that i was feeling pretty good for this fight. It was weird being matched with Sarah O’Connell (now Hannay) because she had been one of my idols the whole time i had been fighting. I had always looked up to her and i really respected her as a fighter. She would just fight anyone anytime, she was always busy and that’s why i liked her so much. She won some and lost some but she always came to fight and that’s how i wanted to be. This was going to be my 15th fight my 3rd FTR fight and i think it was Sarah’s 28th fight she was also Australian and World title holder. We were set to be the main even at the J.W.P fight show on the gold coast. I knew this was going to be a fast fight, Sarah was a real worker and good straight puncher. So i was prepared to get my nosed boxed in once again. The fight was at 55kg so i didnt have to struggle to make weight. We had to weigh in at the front of the Boonchu restaurant on a busy road down on the gold coast. Always fun times getting your gear off down to you undies while strangers walk past staring at 231032_227288653954144_227137563969253_1065553_5841536_nyour boobies and your bum. We both weigh in all good so that was a relief. I had a hair cut really short that day too and Sarah commented on how nice it looked, it was nice no trash talking she was all total respect. I didn’t seem to freak out as much for the lead up to this fight, i think having only fought 2 weeks before made it a bit better. I did do my normal freak out and start to cry just before i was about to walk out to the ring. I couldn’t believe i was fighting Sarah it was so strange, i didn’t feel like i was worthy to fight her. I had her so high in my books as not only a fighter but just a really nice person and someone who was great for the sport. I never expected i would actually fight her! not little old me. We get to the ring and they call out our records, once again i just feel like a total knob because i had nothing on her especially after how many loses i had this year, my record was shot. We get to the middle and she is so much taller than me im starting to get a complex from all these tall girls haha. Round 1 starts fast both just straight punching and low kicks the whole round up untill the last few seconds where we clinch and trade a few knees. Sarah kept me on the ropes cutting off the ring but in a way i think it was a good thing because it kept me from moving around and back 41239_438835600896_313541_ntoo much like i had done in my previous fights, i had to throw more. It was hard because Sarah had so much length on me, when we would exchange she would hit me and i would come short. The 2nd round started the same with straight punches and low kicks then a bit of a clinch which i was doing ok in i think it was pretty even. I tried for a punch to the body and got hit with a step up elbow on the forehead but it didn’t cut me. I then went for a spinning elbow which seemed to land right in the middle of Sarah’s face, it looked like it made her mad. I was super excited i landed a good elbow because i had never really landed one like that before i tried a lot but didn’t have much luck till now yay! She continued to cut the ring off and keep me in the corner but i was still fighting back, i felt pretty good. At this stage i think the fight was pretty close, when i was in my corner i herd the judges on my side say that if i pushed up i could possibly take the fight. In the 3 rd round we have a good even clinch for a while at the start then back to trading punches and low kicks but now every time i come in Sarah trys with that step up elbow and she hits me a few times. At the end of the round she hits me with a good right hand and busts my nose then the bell goes. I still feel like im doing pretty good a lot better than i had fought in a long time. The 4th round Sarah gets me in the corner for a bit and we trade punches and low kicks again, she lands a few good punches. My nose is bleeding pretty bad now, i have blood smudged 224905_10150905686020897_1782704570_nover my face and a huge egg on my forehead from blocking elbows with my head . The ref calls time to wipe the blood off my face then we continue the fight. We exchange and i land 2 really good jabs that snap her head back and then we go toe to toe for the last few seconds of the round. Last round and i come in to punch the body, she hits me with another step up elbow splitting me down my forehead. I sort of have a delayed reaction then freeze( hmmm i can feel something warm squirting out of my face i wonder what it is?) the ref breaks us and sends me to the side. Spainy tells me its bad, the doc has to look at it. I had blood everywhere it was spurting out of the cut and out of my nose all over the ring, the ref and the judges on my side. The funny thing was that before the fight i was freaking out saying that if i get cut on the face that i wanted it stopped because i didn’t want to have a big cut on my face but then when i got one i didn’t care i wanted to fight haha. I was cracking it i didn’t want them to stop the fight i wanted to keep fighting. The doc didn’t really want to let me keep going but i was swearing and 46889_436497740896_4322679_ncarrying on ( not good i know) i didn’t want it to stop even though i was losing i thought i was having a good fight. They decide to let me keep fighting and they pack the cut with vas. I go back out thinking “oh well im already cut now may as well just bang on”. So i just throw and we go toe to toe for a bit she punches me straight in the cut and it splits even more. The ref stops it again and sends me to the doc im trying to say im ok but they wave it off 😦 i was devo!!! i really wanted to finish the fight, i wasn’t hurt it was just the cut. It was really frustrating getting stopped buy the cut. The ref was Thai and even he said he had never seen a cut that nasty on a female fighter before. So Sarah takes the win by TKO in the 5th round, she was such a good fighter to fight i really enjoyed our fight i don’t know what it was but i think our styles went together well. She 76617_475998605896_567280896_5551584_3695311_nhad some hard punches on her too and very smart with those elbows. After the fight i had to wait right up untill the end of the show to see the doctor to get my head fixed up. We were the main even but we were put in the middle of the show because there were so many fights. So here i am walking around the fights with a huge cut in my forehead and blood dripping out of my head, my nose and huge eggs on my face. I even scared some little kids with it. I went to see the doc and i was expecting him to stitch it Ekkkkk! I had worked my self up for it i knew i couldnt run away from this one (i hate stitches (READ HERE). Then he pulls out the medical glue and i was like “Hell yeah! thank you god”! it took like 2 seconds to glue it up and i was all good. The glue was on for about a week then it fell off and it healed up good. I have a nice scar there now but as time has gone by its faded a lot so you cant really notice it as much. I had only just started a new job the week before this fight at an explosives plant. That monday when i went to work, i had a forehead that stuck out further than my nose and a big cut with purple glue on it, all the old ladies that worked 44862_432418230896_165544_nthere freaked out. When i told them what had happened i got sent to the work nurse and councilor and she checked me out and asked me so many questions like i was a crazy person haha They were really fussy about the people they had work there and you had to be really responsible and sane because you were building explosives for the mines. After they found out i was a fighter they thought i had something wrong with me haha. This was the last fight that i had in Australia. It was definitely my best fight i had all year and prob one of my best fights so far even though i lost. I felt the best in the ring i had felt in a long time. Then about a month after this fight i also found out that i was nearly 3 months pregnant! so i had been training and had 2 fights while pregnant and i didn’t even know!

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