My 14th Fight Back on home Turf, Fighter of the night.

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I had finally won a fight this year (READ HERE) and it gave me a small bit of confidents back after losing 4 fights in a row. It was July 2010 and my next fight was in Adelaide near where i grew up. I thought it would be cool to finally be able to fight back home where my family and friends could come see me 40659_425832565896_6255973_nfight. I had 11 fights since the last time they got to see me fight. There were no girls in Adelaide for me to fight so the promoter flew over a girl from Perth W.A. Tiana Caverly who had around 40 fights and many titles. I didn’t know much about her only that she had fought in the 8 woman that i had fought in the month before, she got to the final but lost on points (READ HERE). The fight was at 54kg FTR (my 2nd FTR fight), I knew she was taller than me, i knew she was going to be super hard fight as she had made it to the final of the 8 woman and she had trained and fought in Thailand a lot. About 3 weeks out from this fight i tore my ham string while doing sprints. I thought it was just a strained muscle, i had never torn a muscle before but this one felt different, it was like a knife cutting into my leg the pain was so sharp. I went and had it checked out but they said there was nothing they could do about it and that i have to rest it. I was like “um no can do” I explained i had a fight coming up, 39116_425824420896_4327788_ni needed to train. He told me i was stupid, if i wasnt going to rest then to try riding the excersise bike but as soon as i felt pain to stop. I tried to do what i could to train around it for the next few weeks man it was hard. I was always one to tease the foot ball players when they said they pulled or torn a hammy. I thought they were just soft, making it to be worse than it was. Never again would i do that because this was they most painful thing OMG it bloody hurt! (I apologise to any one i gave crap to about it, I now know how they felt). By the time it was fight time i think it was sort of getting better, it was still really sore but i could move around on it and kick ok. I had to sauna off some weight the night before and woke up on weight at 54kgs so it was all good. It was just myself and my trainer going to Adelaide for the fight, i had to leave Dane at home because we didn’t have enough money to pay for his ticket to come down 😦  Which i didnt like as he always knows how to calm me down when i start to freak out. Its about 6am when we leave Brisbane airport, my trainer told me to eat some fruit and yoghurt for breakfast “it will be ok you will burn it off through the day”  he says. On the plane he tells me to eat a small bowl of cereal too.

38650_425850145896_3632085_nI knew i shouldnt have eatten it but i was starving and he said i would be ok  so i just ate it. When we get to the hotel in Adelaide it’s a fancy 5 star with a huge bed and a swimming pool on the roof!  It felt like i was a super star or someone famous, it was so cool. It was the best place any promoter had ever put us up in. He really looked after us, it made it worth the trip just to get treated so good (Thanks John Leondaris). I jump on the scales and im back up to 56kg! i was so mad! i had already sat in the sauna the night before to lose weight and if i didn’t eat i would have been fine. Spainy couldn’t understand why, i guess it was because he was so used to training boys that 47278_435747550896_2464054_ncan lose weight so easy that he didn’t realise that girls are different. Didnt help that i don’t lose weight very easy in the first place. It was my fault too because i should have known better not to eat that food. When you really want to eat and your trainer says it will be ok you secretly just hope he is right when u know he is not 😦 So off to the sauna i go! Again! instead of relaxing for the day untill the weigh in im sitting in a tiny sauna with about 5 other fighters trying to lose weight. They weight wasnt coming off like it had the night before, my body was like hell no not this again!. Then we get a phone call from the promoter that Tiana was still in Perth and that he had forgotten to book her ticket, she wasnt going to be getting to Adelaide untill 11pm that night. She had trouble making weight so we agreed to make it 55kg. I was like hell yeah!! thank god, i didn’t want to sauna anymore. I weighed in at 54.8kg, then we went to eat but we had to wait for Tiana to get to the hotel and weigh in before i could sleep. Tiana 47278_435747510896_1061025_nweighed in at 54.8kg also. The poor girl i felt so sorry for her having to sit in the airport all day staving and dehydrated then flying all that way not getting to eat untill about midnight that night. As much i felt sorry for her i was still hoping it would be to my advantage, that she might have no energy for the fight. Then next day it all started to sink in who i was fighting, i started to freak right out. I rang Dane crying having a massive anxiety attack telling him i didn’t want to do it, i wanted to just run away. Dane was that worried about me, he was going to tell Spainy to pull me out of the fight, he didn’t think i could fight in that mental state. After several phone calls to Dane that day of me in hysterics bawling my eyes out Dane managed to calm me down. Even though i didn’t want to do it, i knew that i really did want to do it and that it was just my anxiety trying to take over. I got my self together and headed to the venue, it was so good to see all my family and friends i hadnt seen a long time. 47453_435747910896_4482563_nI asked 2 trainers from south Australian gyms Justine from Whyalla and Jay from Barossa to help out in the corner. Im getting ready and Spainy pulls out my ankle guards from my fight bag, oppsy fairy haha  i forgot to wash them hahaha they were so stinky, they stunk out the whole change rooms. Spainy was dry reaching when he was trying to put them on, saying that ill be able to KO her just with the stink from my ankle guards haha. I start to freak out again right before im about to walk out. Spainy is telling me to snap out of it and why do i always freak out about 20 sec before i walk out, im about to fight! Get with it! I walk out and jump in the ring, they call out my 13 fight record and my 2 Queensland titles. Out comes Tiana they start calling out her fight record and titles that seems like it goes for 5 mins, i was like DOH! The fight starts fast with me jumping around like a lot. Tiana was just so calm and relaxed her timing was so much better than mine, i was just getting my self tangled up. We had a few exchanges, i got a bit elbow happy as some people do when they are new to elbows but i wasnt picking my shots. I land a few good leg kicks and we clinch for a bit where i felt Tiana was going to have the better of me. Round 2 we both come out exchanging then back into the clinch where Tiana lands some good knees. I land a few good leg kicks and try for a step up 38218_425265610896_7591227_nelbow which barely lands. We clinch some more, i get dominated again and cut with an elbow to the top of my head. I felt the elbow but i didn’t realise i was cut untill the hot blood started running down the side of my head onto my white fight out fit, turning it red. Spainy is trys to stop the bleeding in the corner with adrenalin. It was stinging like hell, it felt like Spainy was sticking his whole finger in my head! I was telling him to get his finger out of my head, he was telling me to shut up it’s not his finger it’s the cotton bud with the adrenalin and vas( im so difficult in the corner).  The 3rd round starts fast with me trying to come out more aggressive but it not really working. Tiana was just to calm and experienced, she just pushed forward stalking me the whole round while i was trying to circle. Near the end of the round she got me in the corner and let go with a flurry of punches and elbows to my head which over whelmed me, as i was going down she kneed me in the face. I got an 8 count just as the bell went. The 4th 46129_435748190896_4041427_nround i got a few good one two leg kick combos on untill about 20 sec in when Spainy realised that one of the corner men still had my mouth guard, we had to stop to put it back in. I get a good one two left body rip low kick combo then Tiana gets me with a good punch that makes me stumble over my own feet and fall down. The ref gives me another 8 count, im devo i got another count but im ok. I keep fighting and end up in the clinch again where im getting bashed but i managed to pull off a spinning elbow that lands on her head( my first one ever i was excited). The last round i tried to do what i could, i wasnt giving up but i wasnt really doing very well either. I tried my best but Tiana was just way to experienced for me. I couldn’t do anything to her that she hadn’t seen before, she had an answer for everything i tried. Tiana wins the fight easy, i was honored to have even fought her and gone the 5 rounds. She was really nice after the fight and so were her trainers we had a bit of a chat after and some 39035_425824540896_1123428_nphotos. I told them i was fighting Sarah O’Connell in the next few weeks. They told me to leg kick because my leg kicks were good so i was happy i might have done one thing right it the fight. Tiana was icing her cheek and her leg so maybe i landed something in the mix of getting totally bashed for 5 rounds. I had to go see the doctor about the cut on my head 😦 he said it was like a flap, i would have to get it stitched. I’m to scared to get stitches, he didn’t have any glue so i told him ill just go have a shower and come back, i was too scared (you can Read another funny story about stitches here). The flap never healed properly, now i have a lumpy scar that gets sore and itchy on to the top of my head, it never lets me forget that fight. I even named it Tiana haha. After the fight i had to throw away my fight outfit it was so stained from all the blood. Even though i got bashed and cut i still won fighter of the night! 🙂 i guess because i kept getting back up, i didnt give up and showed heart. I fought someone way above my level and i lasted the 5 rounds, anyone would have to be happy with that. I got 38863_425850440896_3123810_ncalled up on to the ring to collect my prize for fighter of the night which was some Boon shorts and shirt, it was cool. My nephew who would have been about 6 or 7yr old came up with me, he tried to show of by doing a big kick and on his back in front of thousands of people, they all cracked up laughing haha poor little guy. I also picked up a sponsor from Vengeance fight wear, who gave me a heap of t-shirts and shorts. This was one of those fights it didnt matter that i lost atleast i had a crack.


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