2 fights, 2 states, under 24hrs! The first 8 women eliminator & Master toddy Tuff girls show.

Before you read my blogs and get offended (READ HERE)

It was now June 2010 i had my Last fight the month before for the 53kg ISKA Australian Title (READ HERE). I was asked if i wanted to fight in the first ever 8 woman eliminator at 55kg at Warriors At War in Brisbane. This would be my 12th fight, I thought it was an awesome opportunity to be apart of something so cool so i said yes. The 8 woman would consist of the most experienced and best girls in Australia, Nicole Brolan 30+ fights, Tiana Caverley about 40 37292_412510465896_7829732_nfights, Sarah O’connell (Hannay) 20+ fights, Joanna Maceachern about 20 fights, Jags Rana about 20 fights, Corina ? about 20 fights and then there was Sarah Morrison who had only around 10 fights and myself who had 11 fights. Even though i knew i had no chance to win the eliminator, i still thought if i got matched with Sarah Morrison to start, i might have a chance as she was the only one that had the same fight experience, she was also smaller like me as i had been fighting 51-53kg. I didn’t really care though, i was just super excited about being in the 8 woman with all these amazing fighters. The 8 woman was on a Saturday night, then i find out that i also had the opportunity to fight on the Master Toddy “Tuff Girls” show that next day in Bathurst in N.S.W.  I was matched with Jenny Lau a girl i had never heard of or knew anything about i was just told that she had a few less Muay Thai fights than me but was a really good Karate fighter. It was also at 55kg so i wasn’t sure if she was massive or not. I had tried out for the Master Toddy “Tuff Girls” show earlier (READ HERE) and i didn’t make the cut but 37292_412510455896_4921252_nthey said that if i fought on this show they were having in Bathurst i could go onto the “Tuff Girls” show as a wild card if i won. They also said that my fight would be shown on the first episode of the show. I didn’t want to miss out on getting on tv so i agreed to fight. Well i never thought of how hard it was going to be, im just one of those people who think “shel be right” and do anything. So i had 2 fights planed in under 24 hours in 2 different states, i was crazy. Making weight was easy for the 8 women, i didn’t even have to sauna, i even done my hair and make up before i went to the weigh in which never happens, normally  i go looking like a cracked out scare crow. Now it was just all the other girls that had sunken in cheeks and black circles around their eyes, i felt like a little midget with all these girls, they were all so tall. We all had our names in a bucket, we had to pull out a name to see who we would fight first. I went up and i pulled out Nicole Brolan who i thought was def the hardest person out of all of the fighters. I thought that i would be freaked out but i didn’t get as nervous as i thought i would. Only a bit worried about my elbow that i had over extended in training the week before and it was still really painful but apart from that i was feeling good for once. Nicole was a lot bigger than me and after the weigh in ive never seen someone eat and drink so fast so i knew she must have had to drop a lot of weight. I was hoping it would make her tired and weak but i don’t think it did haha. That night i hardly slept at all, i couldn’t stop 37292_412510525896_302439_nthinking about the fights and how i was going to deal with fighting the next day if i was injured badly. What had i gotten my self into! but its too late now. I couldn’t pull out because i had already paid over $1000 for my trainers and my flights and car hire. Night of the 8 woman all 8 of us girls get called out into center ring at the start of the show, it was pretty cool but it was a bit scary at the same time. It was really happening i was fighting the best girl in Australia or even one of the best in the world with 20+ more fights than me and at a weight class up. After what had been happening my last few fights you would have thought i would have learnt my lesson on fighting girls way outta my league, but no i was still set on the fact i would fight anyone even if i get bashed. It was funny walking out to the ring and them calling out my record and my 2x Queensland titles then Nicole walking out and them calling out here record and titles it was like we should have never been fighting each other. It was only 3 rounds so i knew i could hang 3 rounds even if i was getting bashed, ive done it before. I look over at Nicole and she has doubled in size since the weigh in i knew i was gonna be in for a hard night. 45236_430643655896_3578636_nThe fight starts fast with both of us throwing. I felt like i was working more in the kickboxing and i was doing really well untill about half way through the round when Nicole got me in the clinch. She was so much bigger and it felt like she was just draining me as soon as she got hold of me she was kneeing and before i could take a breath she would knee again. It wasnt really hurting me it was just totally draining me i couldn’t breath. She had total control over me. I went back to the corner, i was gassed already just from the clinching i had never fought anyone that clinched like that before. The 2nd round i tried to come out kickboxing again, it was ok again untill Nicole got me in the clinch then it was all over. I was so tired from taking all the knees i could hardly do anything i was like a rag doll getting thrown around. I managed to make it through the 2nd round just and i remember thinking to my self while im getting kneed the crap out of “oh this is what it feels like to get bashed in the clinch this sux”. The last round i had about 10 sec of clinching where i did ok then back to getting bashed. Through out the fight i think my overall kickboxing was not to bad but the clinch was shocking i think im lucky it was only 3 rounds cause if it was 5 rounds i think i would have been given an 8 count or even possibly even got stopped. Then i don’t know, im one of those ones that just takes the punishment and keeps coming back for more im to stubborn to stay 45236_430643660896_1293656_ndown. Nicole wins our fight then goes on to win the whole eliminator. Even though i lost i didn’t feel that bad about it and i managed to go the distance with Australia’s best. I came out of the fight ok only a bit of a banged shin and my elbow was still sore from before the fight so it was all good. Nicole came out with a broken toe from my face so even though i lost i still broke her toe with my face (well i gotta think i did something outta the whole fight apart from get bashed). We stay at the show to watch the rest of the fights untill about 1am. Ok now time to focus on the next fight i was having at 12pm the next day! We go back to our hotel and i try to get some sleep as we had to leave for the airport at about 5am. I can’t sleep im so hyped up still about the fight i just had, i can never sleep after a fight. I really try to sleep but Spainy is snoring his head off that loud i don’t even think the people in the room next door would even be able to sleep. I know i have to fight again and i start to stress out i try everything to block out the sound. I put my Ipod ear phones in but that didn’t work, i put the blanket and pillows over my head but no that didn’t work, i even got toilet paper and shoved it in my ears but that didn’t work either. I just lay in the bed watching the time tick by Listening to Spainy snore like a fricking chainsaw!. Hours later Spainy wakes up and asked me if i slept!! i was like NO! you bloody snoring all night ! But of course he said “i dont snore”. I had to leave Dane because we didn’t have enough money for both of us to fly to N.S.W which was hard because Dane was 37292_412514800896_6234051_nalways my rock and he had always been in my corner. It was Spainy, his son Dynamite who was about 9yr old and I just going. We drive for about an hour to the airport and get on a plane to Sydney. It’s about a 2 & half hr trip i thought i would be able to get some sleep but no still no sleep 😦 Just some more snoring from Spainy! Then when we get to Sydney, hire a car and we have to drive for 3 hrs to Bathurst. By now im feeling really stiff and sore from my fight the night before and im all light headed and delirious from having no sleep at all. I try to eat as much energy food and drink on the way but it doesn’t seem to be working i was just so over tired but i just couldn’t go to sleep. We get to Bathurst just before 12pm right when the show is starting and even Spainy is tired by now as he only had a few hour sleep as well and all the flying and driving takes it out of you. People are talking to me and im saying really stupid stuff because im not with it, they must have thought i was a total spazo. I see a few other fighters i know and they all said i was crazy fighting after fighting last night! they couldn’t believe that i fought Nicole for starters because of the size and experience. I see the girl im fighting, Jenny and she was about the same size as me so that was a relief. I get ready in my super girl outfit i made for the show and try to fix my hair that i had left in from my fight the night before. My hair is all greasy still full of vas and sweat and half coming out. It feels like im not even there, like it’s a dream like im not 34153_414226955896_1949837_nreally fighting i had no adrenalin i just felt sick and weird. It was like i had been out clubbing all night and had a hangover or something. Before the fight i thought it was a full thai rules fight so i was ready to elbow untill i was told by another fighter before that it wasnt elbows. No one told me anything it was so un organised. I walk to the ring thinking to my self i cant believe im doing this what is wrong with me im so stupid!. The announcer tells everyone that this is my 2nd fight in less than 24 hours and in a different state. It felt kind of cool that everyone one thought i was crazy and i was actually going through with it. The fight is only 3 rounds thank god because i don’t know if im even going to be able to last or how im going to fight at all. The fight starts fast and i get some good punch low kick combos on, i get into the clinch where i dominate. It was crazy the night before im getting smashed in the clinch and now im beating someone else in the clinch I 37300_414226700896_654709_nwas so excited. I also managed to dump her in the clinch in the first round. I won the first round but i was so surprised. I didn’t even know how i was fighting but i was and i was doing good, its amazing what the body can push through. In the corner after the first round i sit down and say to Spainy “im F***D” he just kept yelling at me “Do you want this”. I had lost a few fights in a row and i needed to win so i just pushed on as much as i could. The 2nd round starts fast we both come out throwing but im still getting the better of her, we clinch and i manage to dump her to the ground again. We get back in to the clinch and i roll her head over and land a few knees to the side of the face. I was so excited i had never landed knees like that to the face before. I continue to try to clinch her when the ref breaks us and then says that Master Toddy just changed the rules and there is no knees to the head! I felt really bad i thought that i had broken the rules and i didn’t know it was no knees to the head. I found out after that Master Toddy didn’t want any KO’S and i was looking for that KO so he put a stop to it. The last round Spainy is yelling at me to go forward but i was just thinking to my self “I’m winning why do i need to keep going forward, im to tired” It was the first time i had thought that in a fight and it was a strange feeling. The last round was slower both of us exchanging but once again i dominate in the clinch landing lots of knees. The fight ends and all i can think is “Thank god that is over” i didn’t even care if i had won or lost i was just glad it was over. They call my name 37300_414226695896_3477917_nas the winner and the mayor of Bathurst come and places a metal around my neck. Now time to head on the long journey home back to Toowoomba. Spainy is really tired now too so while Dynamite sleeps in the back seat i have to stay away to talk to Spainy to keep him awake to drive for the 3 hr back to Sydney. We jump on the plane and fly the 2 & half hr back to Brisbane still with no sleep. Then get the car and drive again for 2 hr back to Toowoomba. The drive back to Toowoomba was horrible we were so tired and i was trying so hard to keep Spainy from falling asleep as i could see his eyes slowly closing and blinking. It was prob not the smartest thing driving while we were that tired but we just wanted to get home, we were over it! We had to stop a few times to get Coffee and food to keep us awake. We even got lost at one part that made our trip even longer 😦 We didn’t get back to Toowoomba untill about 1am Monday morning. I had to get up to go to work at 5am that morning. It was a massive adventure!! One we probably wouldn’t do again, it was one of the hardest things i have had to do in Muay Thai. So after leaving Toowoomba on the Saturday at about 3pm driving to 37300_414226690896_754660_nBrisbane having a fight vs the best in Australia and losing then having no sleep flying 2 & half hr to Sydney, Driving 3 hr to Bathurst having another fight and winning, then driving back to Sydney 3hr, flying back to Brisbane 2 & half hr then driving back to Toowoomba about 2 & Half hrs all with no sleep, getting home at 1am Monday then getting up and going to work at 5am We were buggered and Spainy and i decided we not gonna do that again haha but that’s what we say now i bet we would prob do it again because we are crazy always saying yes to things without thinking about it first.


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