Fight For ISKA Australian Title & The killer weight cut

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Its was May 2010 and i was about to have my 11th fight. After what happened in my last fight (READ HERE) i 28583_401875210896_1030117_ndecided to go off those pills the doctor gave me for my Anxiety. I decided to just try to deal with it some other way. This fight was for the 51.7kg ISKA Australian Title Vs Sarah George at the Rumble at Redcliff fights in Brisbane. I had a bit over a month to lose the weight for this fight, i had fought at this weight once before so thought if i tried i could make it again. I was on a striked diet of just greens and lean protein for weeks. I came down in weight to about 55kg but then it just wasnt coming off any more. I really had no idea about dieting and stuff so i just tried to do what i thought would work. The last week before the fight i lived off egg whites and lettuce it was so hard i was so tired and just felt horrible at at work and  training. The last week of training i trained and ran every night in a garbage bag and sweat suit with track pants and jumper over  the top. I was unlucky enough for the fight to land on the same week as my period 😦 (which made it hard to lose weight)(Read HERE about fighting at the time of the month) Then weigh in day i woke up at 6am and went in to 28983_405053975896_4083948_nthe sauna with Dane who was also fighting on the same show in an 8 man eliminator. The weight was coming off so slowly it was so horrible. I would sit in the sauna for 40min come out and i only lose 200g. I had a few kgs to lose and it would not budge even though i felt like i was sweating. I would sit in for 40min then come out and have a cold shower or jump in the cold swimming pool for 5min (which i find out later that you shouldnt do because your body re absorbs the water?) so im in and out of the sauna untill 3pm. I still had weight to lose but we had to leave to drive 2 hr to Brisbane. I sat in the car with the garbage bag and sweat suit on with the heaters up as high as they can go with Dane and Spainy sweating their bums off. We get to Brisbane, i check my weight and im still about 1kg over weight. I try to go running around the park in my sweat suit but i  just break down in tears, im so exhausted and i can hardly even stand. I decide to try to sauna again so we find a sauna at a gym up the road from the hotel and i go and sit in there untill we have to leave for the weigh in at about 6pm. Im sitting in the sauna crying but no tears would even come out, i had a bucket of water to try to put my face it while i sat in there to keep my brain cool as it felt like my organs were cooking from the inside out like i was in a slow cooker. All up i spent 10hrs in the sauna and i only lost about 3kg in 28983_405049960896_3858534_nthat whole time. When i got out i had a red rash over my body and my face, i could hardly open and shut my eyes they were so dry felt like i had sand in them. I could hardly even stand up i was shaking i felt so dizzy, i didn’t even really know where i was, i could hardly even talk. The only good thing about that day was that my friends Big Mick & his wife Rachael had come up from South Australia to watch me fight, i was excited about that because Mick was with me from the very start, if it wasnt for him i would have never kept going with Muay Thai after all the bad stuff that happened to me at the start (READ HERE). So i was so happy they came up to see where i had come with my fighting.  I knew i was still a few 100g over weight but it was too late we had to go to the weigh in. My trainer is telling me try to look like i didn’t struggle yeah righ! i had to hold on to Danes arm to keep my self up as i walk in to the weigh in with a big rash over my face staring in to space. I get to the weigh in, Sarah is there telling me how she didn’t have to drop any weight and she weighed in just under the weight. I step on the scales and im 52.4kg, i was supposed to be 51.7kg. I don’t know what was happening but they were all talking to my trainer and the ISKA rep, I didn’t think 28983_405049895896_1571610_nSarah was going to fight me. I told them i would try to go back in the sauna because i had spent so long in there already i didn’t want it to be for nothing and i really wanted to fight for the Australian title. I felt so bad that i couldn’t make weight i know it was because i had my period and my body was not having a bar of it, it was like “hell no sister this fluid is staying here you will die before i let this go”. The ISKA rep took one look at me and said no way that he was not sending me back to the sauna its to dangerous, i was already looking way to bad. They ended up saying yes to the fight because they could see i tried and they knew that i had made that weight before and Sarah could totally understand about me having my period. I was so relived because i swear if i had to sauna anymore i would have died, i have never felt so horrible in my life and i never want to feel like that again. After that i could see how people die trying to drop weight because i felt like i was so close it really scared me. That night i stayed up late trying so hard to re-hydrate and eat but i just felt so sick, i could hardly drink or eat anything after what i had put my body through that day :(. The next day the rash was mostly gone and i was feeling a little bit better but i still just had no energy i felt so vague and my arms and legs felt so heavy. I continued to try to eat and drink but it still wasnt enough to fully restore what i had lost. My body hated me 28983_405050080896_5557961_nthat’s for sure! We get to the fights and Dane has to fight before me in his first fight of the 8 man, i go and watch but im to scared to even cheer because i didn’t want to waste any energy i needed every bit i had. Dane won his first fight and then there was a gap before he was to fight again. Dane has his next fight and wins that one also which puts him in the final of the 8 man. It was hard because i was the fight just before his final so he couldn’t come in my corner or even watch me because he was out the back getting ready. We come out the ring and i can see Big Mick, Rachael and Danes family sitting ring side, it was good but it put pressure on me to win. I didn’t want everyone to have traveled so far to see me lose. The fight starts fast like really fast way to fast! i think i panicked i thought i wasnt going to have the energy to go the 5 rounds. I had some idea that Sarah was a bit smaller than me so i would be able to maybe KO her like i did in one of my earlier fights when i was sick (READ HERE). I was soooo wrong!! Sarah was way stronger than i ever expected and she went at the same pace as me the whole round. So after the 1st round i was totally gassed and i was like “oh well that didnt work im EFFED now”. All we did was clinch the whole round and it was terrible and messy. Spainy was GOING OFF!!! at me in the corner saying “what the F*** are you doing? Why are you going so fast slow 28983_405050085896_449799_ndown” . The next round was the same the most shocking clinching pretty much the whole round, i don’t even know what the hell i was doing i was just kneeing the legs the whole time. I know Sarah didn’t want knees to the head or elbows so i couldn’t do the only trick i knew in the clinch which was to roll the head down and knee.  My one move was taken away from me so i was stuffed haha  i didn’t know what i was doing just going crazy. I thought that maybe if i kneed a lot to the legs like my opponent did to me in my last fight i would score more but it showed how little i knew. In the corner Spainy is trying to talk to me and i have my eyes closed just day dreaming he is yelling at me to wake up and listen to him but i just couldn’t i was just to gassed. The 3rd round started off with some kick boxing both of us landing some shots but it was just too fast it was so messy and just looked totally scrappy. Then back in to the messy clinch where both of us just looked like we didn’t really know what we were doing just trying to knee as quick as we could. The 4th round and Sarah trys for a spinning kick but i see it coming move and come back with a leg kick then Sarah stumbles backwards i run at her with a jumping knee and we end up back in the clinch. We get a few more kick boxing exchanges but Sarah hits me with some good strong punches which surprise me because out of all the girls i had fought she was the smallest 28983_404139495896_7535608_nand she hit the hardest. She had massive guns on her for a girl that size and really good punching technique, really stepping in with her punches and very accurate. The fight was pretty close. Then the 5th round i have nothing left, Sarah has way more gas in the tank than me and gets me with some better cleaner shots but we end up in the clinch again. In the end Sarah takes the win.  I learnt that kneeing lots of times to the legs didn’t score as much as i thought. I also learnt my lesson to never try to drop down to that weight again from the weight i was walking around at because it just about killed me. Oh well that’s how it goes you fight and you learn. Sarah was a much tougher opponent that i ever expected and i was happy and respected that even though i didn’t make the cut off weight that she still took the fight with me. She even gave me my first bruised cheek bone which i thought was cool as i have never really had any bruises on my face before. Dane lost his fight in the final fight of the 8 man he was caught with a rib kick and winded in the first round which got him an 8 count. He came back strong but because it was only 3 round fight he couldn’t win 😦 Dane thought it was funny to make jokes when we were 28983_405050035896_1943818_nout saying ” if you get lippy ill give you another one” when people would walk past us in the street. They would look at my bruised face and then give Dane the most dirty looks! it was so embarrassing but he thought it was funny! I was just wondering when someone was going to stop and try to fight with him haha


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