Master Toddy “Tuff Girls” Audition Feb 2010

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I was really excited when i found out that Master Toddy was going to do a new version of fight girls called 25125_343158840896_3011757_n“Tuff Girls” and he was going to choose some female fighters from Australia. I had watched fight girls when i first started training back in 2008 and it really inspired me. I thought it would be awesome to be able to be on to the show my self. Auditions were being held down at Hammers Gym in Melbourne so i was going to have to drive 2 hr from Toowoomba and then fly down from Brisbane. The only thing was i would have to go by my self because my husband Dane was fighting in Brisbane that night for an ISKA Australian title. Lucky i had an Aunty and cousin that lived in Melbourne that i hadn’t seen for years and they were going to pick me up from the airport and take me to the audition and back again. I didn’t really know what to expect or what Master Toddy was looking for so i didn’t know if i should get dressed up or if i should just wear my normal training gear or what. I decided to just get a spray tan because i knew they were going to do some photos and i was super white like Casper the ghost. I thought i would just wear my trusty old Muay Thai shorts and sports top i wear for training. So i had my stuff packed and we head down to Brisbane the night before so Dane could weigh in for his fight. Dane makes weight and everything is good so it takes a bit of the stress off maybe because i 24141_390267150896_2492900_nwanted to make sure Dane was ok with me leaving him on fight day. I get up about 5am and drive an hour to the airport to fly down to Melbourne which is only a short flight maybe 2 hrs. My Aunty Annie and My cousin Nicolas Pick me up from the airport. It was crazy seeing them, i had not seen them for prob about 10 years or more. We decide to go eat before heading to the audition and catch up for a bit down at the beach. I think i ate way more than i should have before the audition because now i was nervous and feeling really full and a bit sick. We get to the audition and i see a few girls i knew from Queensland there also. It was good to know someone there because there were so many girls there i had never heard of or seen before as well. It was a strange feeling having so many girls there all staring at each other whispering and pointing. I guess all wondering who each other is or who was going to be the competition. We all got ready in our gear, i did some shadow boxing around to warm up and some stretching. Then i was interviewed by Hammer just asking general questions about Muay Thai and my life. I was so nervous having the big camera in my face i had no idea what to say( strange for me because im always getting told i talk to much) i think i said “um” about 500 times. Then we were paired up with another girl around the same weight and experience. I got paired with Sarah George which was good because we knew each other already from Queensland so we had a bit of a chat as we worked together. We had to take turns in working the heavy bag 24141_390268765896_411683_nwhile Hammer took notes. We done some shadow boxing for about 2 or 3 min, we also done a 2 or 3 min round on the pads. It was hard to do pads with someone who i had never done pads with before as he held them totally different to my trainer. I got through all that but i didn’t feel like i did a very good job i was having one of those off days i don’t know if it was just nerves or it was because i was tired from travel and full of food or what but i felt really off. Then we had to do some sparring i had to spar with Sarah i just expected it to be a bit of light work nothing flash. It was definitely nothing flash from my side of it haha Sarah was all over me before i even really knew what was going on. Then i realised that the audition had gone longer than i thought and i was about to miss my plane back home! i had to leave in a rush didn’t get a chance to get changed or anything i just grabbed my gear and did the bolt for the airport. I get to the airport and im running in still dressed in my Muay Thai shorts and half my gear still hanging out of my bag. I get to the plane just on time and i sit down next to some guy who is looking at me funny. I’m still dressed in my Muay Thai shorts and im covered in sweat my hair is a mess ,it would have been a site! I just hope i didn’t smell too which i prob did because my carry on bag had sweaty gloves shin pads and wraps in 24141_390267225896_6794980_nit oopsy haha! I get back to Brisbane and its pouring rain that heavy i could hardly see out of the front window of my car. I’m trying to drive to a place i had never been before to watch Dane fight for his Australian title and im in a mad panic because i didn’t want to miss it. It takes me 2 hr of driving to finally get to the venue and just in the nick of time. Dane was out the back getting ready to go out for his fight, i was so glad i made it back on time, but man was i tired. Dane won his ISKA Australian title by TKO in the 4th round and it was an absolute blood bath. It was a huge day for me traveling to another state doing the audition and then coming home to corner for Danes fight all in one day, i didn’t get a break but i did sleep well that night. I never made it in to the Master Toddy “Tuff girls” show but Sarah George did the girl i was paired with. I still don’t know what Master Toddy was looking for because he chose girls that had never even fought before over girls that had. A few months later i was asked to compete on the “Tuff Girls” fight show in Bathurst in N.S.W and was told that my fight would be on the first episode of the show and that if i won my fight i would be put on the show as a wild card. I fought and won on the show but never heard anything back from them. I was peed off cause it was a huge mission to go fight on this show and i fought the 25125_343158615896_4132444_nnight before in Brisbane in an 8 woman eliminator. It cost me about a $1000 to travel and fight on the master toddy show and it was all for nothing. It even took 2 years for me to get a copy of my fight. Then after all of the stories i heard about what had happened and what went on with the show and then it taking years to even get finished. I was glad that i never made it on there because i stayed home and i had hard fights with legit opponents which i think i definitely learnt and gained more from.


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