My 10th fight ISKA Queensland Title

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This was my 10th fight, i couldn’t believe i made it to 10 fights! never in my dreams did i think i would come this 31211_398402160896_6075676_nfar especially after all the negative and nasty things i went through at the start (READ HERE). I had just come off about a 3 month break since my last fight (READ HERE). I had to let my cracked shin bone, my broken nose and my cut on my head heal up. It was March 2010 and i was matched to fight Amy Dutton on the Warriors at war show in Brisbane for a ISKA 53kg Queensland Title. I had been to doctors a few weeks earlier about my anxiety because it had been getting really bad. After what happened in my last fight the anxiety was really taking over and i wasnt sure if i was going to be able to fight. The doctor put me on these pills like Valium that they use for depression. The pills made me really relaxed and off with the fairy’s that much that i didn’t feel nervous about my fight at all. Amy had been around for a long time but she had not been very active, she had 8 more fights than i did but i thought that i would be in with a chance. The fight was at 53kg and after having a break over christmas i put on a bit of weight so i had to sauna off a few kgs for this fight. We both made weight and it was all good. 31211_398402030896_4930986_nWhen it came to fight night i was so relaxed from the Valium i was sleeping on the ground in the middle of the change rooms. People were stepping over me, kicking pads right next me and i didn’t even care. Dane started to freak out, he was worried that i was way to calm and it wasnt good. I was the semi main event, my fight wasnt untill about 12.30 at night, it really sucked! I was so tired and zoned out by the time my fight came. I got ready still day dreaming away, kicked pads and then went to stand behind the curtains to go out to the ring. I suddenly just burst into tears hysterically i didn’t even know why, i guess it all just hit me in one go and i was about to walk out in about 20sec. Dane and Spainy were trying to calm me down as my music starts playing to walk out. I get my self together and walk out, the crowd is cheering, i try to hide the fact im spinning out. I’m in my corner freaking out hyperventilating before the fight even starts. I manage to get it together but im off with the fairy’s again. The first round starts fast straight into the clinch both trading knees. I landed some good punches and low kicks then back into the clinch which was just so messy my clinching was terrible i can’t even watch the video 31211_398402125896_6915023_nit’s so frustrating. I felt i won the first round, i landed better shots. My corner is yelling at me, all i here is a muffled sound everything is a big blur it felt like it was all in slow motion. I get back to the corner, spainy is yelling at me but all i hear is blah blah blah nothing makes sence. I think the valium was totally messing with me, it was like i wasnt even in the fight. I come out strong in the 2nd round dominating the first half with boxing and a few low kicks untill she catches a teep and pushes me back over on to the ground. We get into the clinch and trade knees its pretty even untill she pulls my head down for a second, i get out of it then land some good punch and kicks. I feel i won that round also. In the corner i kept getting a wedgie from my bike shorts i had under my fight skirt, i had to get my trainer to pull it out, he wasnt happy. Round 3 starts fast, i box and kick her to the corner then try for a jumping knee wich ends up in the clinch. She lands a few more knees than me, the ref breaks it then i come back to land 2 really good punch kick combos. She Teeps me back into the ropes, try’s to run at me but i teep her back, we end up back in the clinch. Then the worst thing ever happens!  i just zoned out for about 10 sec, it was all in slow motion, she pulls my head down and starts kneeing me in the face. I had my hands covering my face so nothing was conecting but i wasnt doing anything! I remember just sitting there thinking “oh this is not hurting me ill just chill here for a bit she’s 31211_398401935896_4810175_nnot connecting”. I even looked over at my corner while i was just chilling, i could see them going absolutely crazy. I didn’t even think of how bad it would have looked. I snapped out of it and thought “what the hell am i doing”! i wrapped my arms around her waist and the ref broke it. I came back with some boxing then some more clinching. I think because of that 10 sec outta space mission i went on to another planet she won that round even though i out kicked and punched her. The 4th round started with both of us doing a few step up knees. I was still landing the better punches and kicks, the clinch was pretty even so i thought i won that round also. At the start of the 5th round i got a big kick straight into the girl bits that pulled me up. The ref gave me a time out, i went back to my corner where spainy didn’t really know what to do so he pulled out my shorts and cold water down my front!. I came back out strong, we ended back in the clinch again. I think this round was pretty even. I thought that i had done enough to win the fight even though i had that moment in the 3rd round where i went off to another planet. The ring announcer who was a very experienced fighter him self said congrats to me for wining before the called out the winner. We were standing in the middle i was waiting for them to call my name31211_398401945896_3192457_n. I was surprised when they called her name. Oh well what can you do i guess its the fight game. This was my 2nd loss in a row after being on a good winning streak for so long so it was hard. So many people came up to me after and said that i won the fight so i was devo. I found out later that apparently i lost by half a point whatever that is! I have always wanted a rematch because i know that i can fight a lot better than i did. I learnt a lesson from that fight, Never take valium if your fighting it makes you way to slow and unable to perform at your best. Spainy said i have to buy new shorts too because he wont be pulling any more wedgies out in between rounds. This fight was prob one of my worst most embarrassing fights ever! i cant even watch it on the video it makes me so frustrated and mad 😦 I always wanted a rematch but i think im way past that stage now and i just have to cop it on the chin.


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