My 9th fight 1st FTR & i get TKO’d

Before you read my blogs and get offended (READ HERE)

It was November 2009 I was still in a lot of pain from my fight I had just had 2 weeks ago (READ HERE). I had a broken nose and a cracked shin bone(which i didn’t find out untill after this fight). Being stubborn I was on a mission and I wasn’t going to pull out. The fight was in Armadale in N.S.W, it was against ISKA world Champion Serin Murray, who had over 20+ fights and a great record. This fight would also be my first fight with elbows. By this time I had been on a really good winning streak, I had just won two Queensland titles so 13538_199826325896_1330843_nI was doing pretty good, I had not lost a fight all year. I had been following Serin on Facebook and seen how successful she had been, I also watched 1 or 2 of her fights so I knew she was going to be really good. I was really nervous because I was fighting a world champ but I had under 10 fights, I didn’t know anyone who had done that. Everyone kept telling me that they had never heard of her and she must have won a KFC title( That’s what they call dodgy world titles) They were trying to convince me that she wasn’t very good but I wasn’t convinced. I think they were just saying that so i wouldnt freak out about who she was. I knew I was going to lose but I didn’t care I just wanted to be able to say I fought a world champ, I wanted people to know that I don’t back down from a fight even if I know im going to lose i will still have a crack. The fight was at 53kg so i had to cut some weight. The worst part of it was we had to drive for 6hr to get there. We had about 4 guys fighting on the show so we got a mini bus to drive down. We had a few people from the gym come that weren’t fighting, they decided to bring all sorts of drinks and food to eat on the way. It was torcher sitting on the bus for 6hr dehydrated and so thirsty watching the others eat and drink. I could have strangled all of them and thrown them off the bus! When we get to Armadale we go to the place the promoter put us up in to stay it happened to be a noisy pub in the middle of the main street of town. We drop of our stuff and head down to weigh in which is also so at a pub. The weigh in was out side in a beer garden in front of all the other gyms as well as all the drunks and people who were at the pub. Serin weighs in and she is 53kg spot on. Then I get down to my undies and sports bra and stand on. I was 53.1kg, I was 100g over which is nothing but they wanted me to go run it off.  I was hungry thirsty and peed off, 100g is nothing it’s not a title, im fighting a world champ with over double my fight experience with 63813_442060480896_7016180_nelbows for the first time. I wasnt running no way, I pulled my bra off and stood back on the scales, my trainer had to hold a towel up to cover me. Everyone in the beer garden was cheering haha. I weight 53kg on the dot! no one expected me to just take off my bra. Then we were told that we were fighting 5×3 min rounds with only 1 min break! Spainy wasnt having a bar of that, he said no one fights 5x3min rounds with 1 min break anywhere. So it was sorted that it would be 5×2 with 1 min break like a normal fight. Thank god for that cause i was only a beginner i had never fought 3 min rounds before. That night was the worst night for trying to sleep, the place we stayed at had a live band playing untill about 1am then didn’t close untill about 2am. All the drunks decided to hang around at the front yelling and fighting up and down the street at out window untill about 4am. I don’t think any of us fighters got much more than 2 or 3 hr sleep that night.

63813_442060500896_2130998_nWe had a few guys fight before i went up and one of them came back with a busted up nose. I started freaking out because i still had a broken nose from my fight only 2 weeks before and it was still so sore i couldn’t touch it. My shin was also still really sore but i knew that wouldn’t be as bad a problem in the fight as my nose if i get hit in it. Its my turn to go out and im freaking out so much i just feel numb, i just keep telling my self whats the worst that can happen i will lose big deal ive been winning a lot so im bound to lose some time. We get in the ring and she just looks super mean and very intimidating, she had big muscles and super ripped abs. The 1st round she hit my with a head kick straight up which made me think i had to bounce around and move around the ring to stay away from her. I was moving too much which wasnt giving me any power, she just stalked me around the ring landing a few teeps and a few punches. The 2nd round i was still jumping around too much i managed to land one good leg kick and we clinched for a bit where i felt like i was doing ok for a bit. Then BAM she hits me 13538_199826320896_490002_nwith this Teep right in the face her heel straight into my broken nose. It knocked me down to the ground i didn’t even know what hit me at first i was like What The EFF was that. I look up and the ref is giving me an 8 count. My nose started to bleed it was so painful i felt sick. Thats where it all went down hill, i had never had an 8 count ever before and i knew now i was really in trouble. I came back throwing but she was just to smart for me, my brawling style wasnt working on her like it did with the other girls i had been fighting, she was just to experienced. I tried to come out brawling again in round 3 because i didn’t know what else to do. Everything i tried wasnt working when she hit me with another Teep to the face and rocked me then pulled me head down and kneed me into the corner. The ref gave me another 8 count but i got back up. I continued to try to fight her the only way i knew how and i continued to fail. By this time after the 2nd 8 count i was so over it i just thought hurry up and bash me or knock me out so i can go home this sux, i don’t want to be here anymore. In the corner i was having the biggest anxiety attack my trainer was telling me he was going to throw in the towel but i said no i want to keep fighting. Even though i was getting bashed i didn’t want to give up. In the 4th round we get in the clinch both trading elbows and knees. Then I get hit with another teep to the face but this time her 18077_281380545896_6298489_nfoot gets hooked in my bra and nearly pulls it down so i had to go down with it so my boobs didn’t come out. I get another 8 count for that which just done it for me i just didn’t care anymore, nothing i was doing was working and i just kept getting 8 counts. After that i landed a few good leg kicks then she pushed me on to the ropes and just started elbowing me in the head. I put my hands over me head and my head down and then she started kneeing and elbowing me in the head. At the same time the ref called it off Spainy threw in the towel. She was just to experienced for me and to smart and calm it was like she could read everything i was trying to do and i was way to panicked the whole fight jumping around getting tangled up having an anxiety attack. I got beaten by Tko in the 4th round, i also got my first ever cut from an elbow on the top of my head. My nose was smashed again, my shin was the size of a foot ball. The doc said i had to go get stitches, i freaked out but i was lucky to get some medical glue from Serin after the fight which turned out a funny story  (READ HERE). I was devo  about my loss but i was proud that i gave it a go with a world champ with more than double my fights when i had under 10 fights and i also did it with a broken nose and cracked shin bone. It was def one of the fights i will never forget, i think if we ever had a rematch now that i have had around the same amount of fights i would prob give her a better fight (well i would hope so because this one was pathetic). I look back now and i can see how she beat me, now that im as experienced now as she was then i would easy bash my self when i had only 8 fights. I never had a chance in this fight, i never should have been put in there in the first place it was a total miss match in every way. This taught me a lesson that when i have my own fighters even though they may want to fight anyone, i need to be responsible, look after their safety and say no. Also when someone tells you someone has KFC titles don’t believe it! You can’t judge a fighter from facebook or few fights you my have seen.

This was the start of my bad run of fights, this fight did something to my already bad confidents, my anxiety became that bad i had to get medication to help me to be able to step in the ring again.

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