Natasha sky 5 years of Fighting Muay Thai

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Today April 25th its ANZAC day but it’s also the day I had my first fight back in 2008. I was thinking about this and about how much things have changed in that time. Five years ago on this day I didn’t know what I was getting my self into, I just wanted to fight. I had no idea what it was going to be like, how I was going to feel or what it was going to lead to. Now im just about to step in the ring in a few days to fight my 27th fight and for my first world title. There are so many differences now after five years of training and fighting in the way I see the sport, my attitude towards training, fighting and just all the little things like painting my nails before a fight. The first thing that’s comes to mind is my fight out fit. I used to spend hours making my fight outfit, choosing what I was going to wear for each fight weeks or even months before the fight. Everything had to be perfect! it had to match with my ankle supports, hair bands 6211_129356775896_8048820_nand nail polish. Now five years on I don’t even know what shorts im wearing until im about to leave for the stadium, I just take the first pair from the pile even if they are crappy old training shorts. I once never dare wear crappy training shorts to fight, I thought it was bad luck but now I don’t even care. My top doesnt have to match I just wear whatever I have on hand or whatever has a sponsor name on it.

I used to paint my nails all pretty before the fight and make sure it matched what I was wearing or the corner I was in, now I have old nail polish from weeks ago half scratched off for my fights. I would plan how I was having my hair, I would get up early and do it so it was all done perfect way before I had to leave to go to the fights, it was sort of my thing I liked to do to just sit and focus for a bit on something apart 184969_102592186486378_2852987_nfrom the fight. Now all I do is pull it back enough not get in my eye,s I don’t even care if its messy as long as it is outta the way. I normally do it just before I leave to the stadium really quickly. Everything had to be perfect, I had a routine I followed every fight day with food, rest, showering, hair but now I get up when I feel like it, eat when I feel like it, sleep when I feel like it, nothing is planed i just do it when I feel like it. Fight prep was always crazy everything had to be perfect even though it hardly ever was! Now hand wraps can get done by two different random Thais I don’t even know! they can wrap my hands two totally different ways and they feel horrible! but I don’t even worry about it. I used to have massage, hit pads, stretch getting ready out the back, make sure I had time before every fight to do all of this. Living and fighting in Thailand you don’t really ever get a good fight warm up or prep before you go out, sometime you just get your hands wrapped gloves on and out you go no warm up, stretching or anything. A big difference compared to the way it was all those years ago. It doesn’t make me panic like I would have back then. I used to have a walk out song I never changed because I was scared to, when they played the wrong song I would have freaked out. Now there is no music, no walk out. I just sit and watch the fight before mine then climb up on to the ring and under the ropes. Things are just more simple now, to me it’s just another fight iv done it 184098_261587280524281_227137563969253_1238766_1291008_nso many times now, ive had good ones and bad ones but that’s just how it goes no amount of glittering outfit or nail polish is going to change it. I sometimes think is it beacuse I have lost the passion? I don’t really care about any of it like I did before. I dont think its that, I think that it’s just become that normal to me to have so much go wrong I know that it can never be perfect, so I just stopped worrying about it and have fun. I have become so much more relaxed about everything, that’s just from being in Thailand for so long now as well. No one cares here you just fight! who cares what you look like, no one is judging you like they do at home, no one cares if u win or lose you fight again in a week or two. I like it a lot more now this way, so relaxed and not so much pressure but I still get nervous sometimes. My opponents are always hard but I know they are only human, they have the same weapons as me, they dont have super powers. I don’t feel the pressure of losing in front of everyone I know and have the whole Muay Thai community talking about me. I see the whole sport in a totally different light compared to the way I did 5 years ago. It’s not that big of a deal to have a fight now its just a normal every day thing like going to work. As much as everything has changed I still love training, I love Muay Thai and im still learning new things everyday. I wonder if I will still be doing it in another 5 years and how much it would have changed for me by then.

Heres to the next chapter of Muay Thai

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6 thoughts on “Natasha sky 5 years of Fighting Muay Thai

  1. Funny how things change! I dont know if its losing interest rather than being more comfortable with what you are doing! Good luck with the fight can’t wait to read the results!

    • yeah things change a lot thats for sure! i guess i just feel more comfy about it all and i found the true meaning of being a fighter and i dont worry about what everyone else says now its just about how i feel.

      • Thats great to just fight selfishly then you have nothing to lose!
        Im on a bit of a low the now with training, got my nose broken badly in the clinch last week and it’s knocked my confidence a lot – had to pull out of my fight next month 😦
        Nic x

      • Oh that sux 😦 broken noses hurt. I had a broken nose from a fight and i fought 2 weeks later and got teeped straight in it OMG it hurt! Hope you heal up fast and dont let it get you down you can still work on other stuff while it heals just gotta think of the positives xx

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