Natasha Sky Q&A’s from Facebook April 2013

Natasha Sky Q&A’s April 2013

Before you read my blogs and get offended (READ HERE)

These are some Questions from some of the wonderful amazing fans I have on my fight page 🙂 xo185208_10150256586775897_1720801_n

1. What do you do to keep your fitness up while you are fighting?

I try to mix things up as much as I can because I get bad shin splints, I can’t run like most fighters do. I normally try to mix shorter runs no longer than 6km at a time with rowing, Oval Sprints, Hill sprints and all so high intensity circuit training. I try not to do the same thing more that 3 or 4 times a week. In Thailand its a bit harder because they want you to do the big runs all the time, its hard to fit your own style of training in with all the other stuff they want you to do. I just have to try to work as much as I can in to get where I need to be fitness wise and its hard! Im very lucky that im at Sinbi Gym which is more up to date with training than the old style Thai gyms.

2. What is a routine i can do at home on the heavy bag to get fit? No training partner.Just me and my willpower?

Ok you got the will power that’s a start!! 🙂  ok if it was me i would do a bit of a circuit routine as well as the DSC_0070bag. How about try some high intensity interval stuff like burpees and mountain climbers running on the spot knees to chest ect. Depending on how long u have to work out im no pro PT or anything but ill tell you what i would do. I would do at least 20min to start and work my way up adding things in depending how fit you are. There are lots of high intensity work out routines on you tube you should check them out.

This is what i would do.10min skipping-jogging-Light bag work to warm up, then make up a routine that will last say 15min and reapeat it x2.  1min x burpees then rest you do something light like jogging slowly on the spot for recovery depending on how fit you are start with 1 min recovery then work your way down when u feel fitter. Then 1min x mountain climbers then the light recovery again. Then 1 min x sprinting on the spot knees to chest, light recovery, Then 1min x knees on the bag, light recovery, 1min x nonstop fast bag work, light recovery. You can do what ever you like really as long as it gets your heart rate up 🙂 you can make it short and fun and change it up so its not just boring old bag work all the time. Hope that helps 🙂

DSC_03303. What inspired you to start fighting? 

I grew up pretty rough and i was a bit of a tom boy to start. It was a few things that inspired me to fight. One was that i was in a very abusive relationship with a guy that was not one of the anti hit women type of guys. I got out of it just in the nick of time but i never wanted to ever be in a situation like that again, i wanted to be able to make sure that i could stick up for my self if any man tried to lay a hand on me again. I went to watch some fights and i saw a girl who i knew have a fight. I thought it was awesome and if she could do it, i could do it too.

4. If you could have one fight with any female Muay Thai fighter from around the world who would you want it to be?

184098_261587280524281_227137563969253_1238766_1291008_nI have never actually thought of this, there are a few male fighters i would like to give a punch to the face if i could haha. Im not really sure i just want to fight whoever is in my weight. Ive never been a picker or chooser of who i fight, I guess that’s why i have a pretty average record, i just fight who ever even if i know im gonna get bashed. I would love to rematch a girl or 2 that i have already fought and lost too as i think ive improved so much since the last time we fought  🙂

 5. Who is your favourite fighter? 

Male- easy Aurtur Kyshenko!  Franki Gorgie from Aus is wicked love his style def the best Aus fighter for sure. I also say my husband Dane sky i know he’s my husband but he really is a skilled fighter, he inspires me a lot and without him i wouldn’t be where i am today. He’s so down to earth humble and you would never think he is a fighter but when he gets in that ring he has the biggest smile on his face the whole fight and it’s just great to watch. He is very under rated.


Female- Eilleen Forest from Aus has always been my fav Female fighter even though she hasn’t been busy but when she fights she FIGHTS! cool as crazy chick outside of the ring too. But also Been watching Iman Barlow from the UK now she is a beast for 53-54kg girl i think even the guys would be scared to fight her!

269151_10150241379315897_567280896_7189646_6135693_n6. What is your greatest victory so far & what makes it the greatest?

For me every fight is a great victory because i suffer from really bad anxiety and its a huge fight with my self every time i jump over those ropes. It doesnt matter if i win or lose when i get out of that ring i feel so proud of my self for getting in there and not letting the anxiety beat me. It’s a big thing for me as i cant even go to the shops to get food sometimes or drive a car or even do the most simple things like sleep because of anxiety, so for me to fight is a huge victory every time.

7. Would you ever consider wmma ? 

I’m not a big fan of MMA but i have been following a few of Australia’s WMMA fighters to support them. I have thought about it but im getting old and it takes a long time to learn the ground game. If i was to fight i would want to be able to be good at it which takes time. You never know though im always keen to try different things so i might have a MMA fight one day to see how i go 🙂 Would be nice to get the pay checks though!!

8. What is the day to day reality of living training fighting full time in Thailand? 

Its hard!! When we first were coming we thought we would be hanging out at the beach and going to the islands snorkeling, shopping and doing all the cool fun stuff as well as training and fighting but it’s not like DSC_0132that at all. I think in nearly a year we have been to the beach maybe 3 times and its only a 2min drive from our house. If you are serious you don’t have time for any of that stuff maybe once in a while if u have a break after a fight but while your fight training all you do is train eat and sleep unless u are super human!. My day is wake up 6am go running come home shower then go to training at 7.30am train for about 2-3hrs come home shower & eat then maybe watch a tv show then sleep for about 2-3hrs then get up eat and maybe watch another show if i have time. If it’s not to hot to run ill run before training but most of the time its way to hot so i run after training. Afternoon training starts at 4pm for about 3hrs then home shower eat and watch a movie/facebook or blog and then bed. This is from monday to saturday and then sunday i have off but im so tired that most the time i just sleep in and watch movies all day. If i have a fight coming up ill go running in the afternoon. After fights you can take some time to go to the beach or whatever but im normally that stuffed from the lead up to the fight because i get insomnia when i train really hard 48156_491457960907392_1158792255_nthat i just sit home, sleep and veg out for a few days before i go back to training. Because we live in a thai house and we are on a budget we have to hand wash all of our clothes and do all of our own cleaning and cooking stuff we are not lucky enough to stay at a resort where they have people to do it for you. If you’re not so serious there are lots of things to do because u don’t have to train as hard as i do which makes it easier to do things. But its def not all sun shine and rainbows, the Thai ways can be really hard to deal with sometimes. I do love it even though its hard and some days it really tests me but i wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I’m just very lucky that i have found an awesome Gym At SINBI Muay Thai who really look after me.

9. What’s your biggest challenge training in Thailand?  

The heat is a killer for me training 2x a day in the heat is really really hard.  I don’t really agree with some of the things the Thais do in training and its really hard some times to try to do what is best for your body when they are trying to make you do some old school training method. I think sometimes the Thais forget that we havent been training since we were 4yr old and our bodies can’t handle the things that theirs can. Im always getting sick it’s really easy to wear your body down with all the training and its hard to keep your immune system up so im always getting infections and things that make it really hard to train and fight.

10. Is it worth the money to take a trip to Thailand to train? DSC_0346

For sure!! It’s a totally different world over here!! i think every fighter or anyone wanting to have a fight should come to Thailand and train. The things that they can teach you are just amazing. I have learnt so much here not only with fighting but the art of Muay Thai just makes more sence to me now. You think you know things untill you come and spend time in Thailand and what you think you knew was nothing to what you will learn here if you find the right gym. You will never want to go home!

11. Do you have a special diet before your up coming fights? 

2013-04-01 15.27.11I just try to eat clean if i have to make weight i try to stick to fruit and veg and protein like tuna,chicken and eggs. I’m not good at cutting water weight at all i don’t really sweat so i have to make sure i eat right to keep my weight down. I love chocolate though its my weak point and i try to stay away but i cant its like being addicted to ciggarets but its chocolate so its hard for me to cut it out. Lately i have been eating a lot of fruit and veg shakes which have been great they are tasty and they fill me up, if i put some berries and sweet fruit in it sort of helps me with the chocolate cravings. I think clean eating is the new big thing so lots of recipes floating around to make nice yummy clean food that’s good for you which i think is great. I also take lots of vitamins to help because of the amount of training i do.

12.  I have started sparring and I get quite anxious and scared about getting hit in the head and as a result am too scared to move/dodge – does this fear go away? And hows the best way to manage it?

Dont worry it happens to most people when they first start. I used to turn my head and shut my eyes every time i got punched when i first started. The one thing you need to do is trust your guard! if your hands are up where they are ment to be you wont get hit in the head you will only get hit on the gloves. One drill i do for this 12445_184253325896_4253704_nis get a partner and you hold your hands up where they are ment to block and get the other person to start throwing straight punches at you. Start of slowly not hard punches just soft so you can get the hang of them hitting your gloves. Make sure you don’t close your eyes and keep looking at the other person when they punch you. Do this everyday for a few min even just b4 you spar. Eventually you will get used to the punches coming at you and then you can start changing it up they can start throwing hooks aswell and also faster and harder punches. If you practice this it will help you to trust your guard and know that you can get punched and you will be ok. Getting hit in the head isn’t as bad as you think i think yeah it hurts if you get hit right on the nose but that rarely happens. Sometimes when i fight i say to my hubby “i didn’t even get punched in the head at all” he laughs at me and when i watch the video im getting pounded in the head a lot but i didn’t even notice cause it’s not that bad.

Thank you too all the people that asked some interesting questions i hope some of the things will help you 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Natasha Sky Q&A’s from Facebook April 2013

  1. Hey this is a great blog, its good to see what other people are doing! I get shin splints all the time, my last interclub i was fighting I got them just from being on the treadmill then going to skipping in bare feet…They gave me grief for weeks and weeks but it was never the shin it was always the inside of my leg where the muscle meets the shin. I an’t run L/D – If I do it aggravates it and also if I run a short distance too often like every second day – that will do it as well.
    I was also in an abusive relationship and it pushed me to start Thai, he would always say to me that I would get my face punched in and I was no good and never would be etc, leaving him has really been a massive driving force in training. I train as hard as I can so I can be at my best and at my last interclub I went in with anger and heard his words all morning – by the time it came for me to fight I was in a bit of a bad mood lol it turned out well for me but it also gave me a lot of confidence.
    I’ll have my first fight in October so it’s really good to read this and see what kind of thing I’ll be doing and getting idea’s on training / diet. Hope to speak to you soon 🙂 xxx

    • Hey! Shin splints are nasty thing and some people can get rid of them easy as just changing their shoes. Ive tried everything! ive been to padiatrist I have $400 carbon fiber aurthotics in my $300 Asics I have to change every 3 months. That helped a bit but then they came back 😦 I have Tired rest, ice, strapping, massage, stretching, heat, acupuncture, Taping, running on tredmill, sand and grass, doing strengthening work you name it I tried it and had no relief 😦 I thought there was no hope so I have just pushed on trying to do what I can to get fit and not have so much pain. Skipping is a big no no!! that makes them bad! I thought I had good running technique until I recently watched some running videos. I found out that my technique was not very good so I focused on trying to change it by going on short runs of only about 1km each day and slowly went up more each few days until I got the proper technique sorted out. My shin splints still were hurting for a bit so I didn’t think it was working but I stuck with it. Was hard to change the way I ran because as soon as I get tired I go back to what I was doing. But I really have been focusing on the right technique and the shin splints have not been playing up for nearly a month now and that’s the longest ever! So im hoping that with my shoes( as I have over pronation, my feet roll in, so without the shoes im stuffed) and the correct running technique they will stay away fingers crossed!

      Hopfully you can sort your out because they are hell to live with and its taken me 5 years of pain even keeping me awake at night to get a month of no pain.

      As for the abusive relationship guys I always think I would love to see that guy now haha I would love to see him try to hit me now! I would love to spinning back elbow his face in hahaha

      Good luck with your fight! make sure you train hard and hopfully you can get some usefull info from my blog. I have to post some more stuff up but its hard to get the time when I train 2x a day im just so tired. anyway thanks for your feedback xo

      • 🙂 That is awesome that you are finally starting to get some relief from the splints and are starting to be able to run but of course as soon as we all get tired muscles get lazy and revert back to improper tech (blah!).
        I had just started Thai when my ex had tried to pin me and I ended up remembering something my coach had taught me the night before – basically dirty clinch techniques – and I used that to break free and took a step forward and looked him in the eyes and told him if he was going to hit me I was going to stand back up and I was going to keep standing back up. His eyes were total deer in the headlight and he walked away not knowing what to do. I managed to call the police a week later after he smashed the flat up when i wasn’t home but I knew if i had been it would have been me he had turned too. I always said that Thai had something to do with me getting the confidence to break free and its been a Godsend. Im sure your ex has probably heard of your achievements but it would be so so satisfying just to land one hit…just one..:P
        Thanks for the luck, I think fight camp is starting in August so that should be fun 🙂 I will be posting stuff too but it will be good to read some of your new posts 😀 xx

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