Hayley Marshall Jr Fighter from Australia

Hayley Marshall20121208_191239


Hayley Marshall, 11yr old, 33Kgs, 4 fights 1 win, Angel Gym in Queensland, No current titles YET!

1. How long have you been doing Muay Thai and what made you want to fight? 4years

2. Some people say that young girls should not fight, what do you think about that? I think it’s a shame… everyone should be able to give it ago

3. What is your favorite part of training or fighting? Learning new techniques,and the Adrenalin before i get i the ring.. I love it!!


4. Who was your hardest fight and why? My last fight with Alma… because i wasnt on my game and let her intimidate me.
5. Whats your favorite weapon in Muay Thai? My push kicks and my body Kicks.
6. Do you find it hard training with boys or do you think it makes you stronger? Makes me stronger, i can train harder, and teaches me to cop it sweet in the ring.
7. Do you think more girls should learn Muay Thai to help them stick up for them selves against bully’s at school? Have you ever had any problems with bully’s? I dont think Muay Thai should be used at school… only in the ring or at training….And yes i have had the occasional bully… Of course more girls should learn Muay Thai…. would give me more opponents.

860107_3753714380139_1864824970_o 8. Who are your favorite female fighters? Natasha Sky, Kimberley Law, Lauren SHORTY Williams and Angie Parr & Sarah O’connell

9. What would you say to a young girl wanting to have a fight? Thats awesome! “Train hard to fight easy”


10. Any people you would like to thank for helping you along the way? Mum and Dad, Nan’s and Pop’s, Russ, Frosty, Uncle Paul, Marc, Sarah Oconnell, Kimy Law, Scott Moss, Chris Johnstone, Daniel Bell And Rhys Lightning,My Brothers and My sister and everyone that comes to watch me fight. I have forgotten heaps but they no who they are.

Interview By Natasha Sky, April 2013 Photos supplied.

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4 thoughts on “Hayley Marshall Jr Fighter from Australia

  1. Hayley you do your family and club very proud. Keep doing what you love and enjoy your a little trooper and great Ambassador for the sport.

  2. I am chasing. A fighter for my girl Charlie, 34 kgs, 3f,3w, for this Saturday in Hervey Bay, expenses paid. Let me know if you’re keen-0413107323

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