Jen Cavanagh 2x Queensland champ, Australia

Jen Cavanagh561898_607542262607318_455434331_n


Jen Cavanagh, Fighting Dragons, 12 Fights 6w 6l 1 Ko, Current WMC Qld Jnr featherweight FTR , Current ISKA Qld Bantamweight MTR

1. How long have you been training Muay Thai and what made you want to fight? I started training for fun at Black Dragon Muay Thai with Kru Blocker and Bullet about 15 years ago but have had few long periods off in between then and now. I have been back training consistently for about 3 years now though.

2. You just won a WMC Qld title in a rematch fight how did that feel? It was a great feeling to win, but it was a close fight. Just like the first fight I knew I had done that little bit extra.

6677_607539535940924_1055288038_n3. What has been your biggest challenge as a female fighter? My biggest challenge as a fighter/ female fighter would definitely have to be my age. I need to train twice as hard as the younger guys and gals at the gym.

4. Do you have a pre fight routine you like to stick too? Yes I have a certain little routine on the day to keep me focused and calm, I like to have a certain breakfast with my daughter (she keeps me grounded) and I also use meditation that my Thai teacher has taught me. I must have Kru Bullet with me and one of my friends who is just a very funny lady and keeps things relaxed and fun and my padholder “C4”

5. What has been your proudest moment? When my daughter told me that I have inspired her to want to train  and fight too.524091_607542072607337_217927759_n

6. Any embarrassing moments? Hahaha my list is long…. You name it, I have done it or had it happen to me. From getting a boob out to slipping over the ropes, its kind of running joke as to what will be the next embarrassing thing to happen. You just gotta laugh and not take yourself too seriously

7. What do you think is your strong point as a fighter? My determination.

8. What are your plans for 2013? My next fight is against Dina Sokol on Epic 8. I am fighting much higher in weight but I really want to fight on Caley and Darren Reece’s Epic Show. It will be a hard fight for sure. Then I am off to Thailand again to train for a short period and fight in Patong in July. In August I am matched to fight Kellie Newport for the WBC Qld Title at Battle by the Bay. I think it will be a tuff fight as I have lost to Kellie before when I just started back into fighting again.

529214_607528052608739_1154230909_n9. What do you think is the most important thing to remember as a fighter? Respect! Respect your trainer and teacher, respect your gym and family, respect your opponents, respect the fans that pay the money to see you fight, respect the promoter and the event, respect your sponsors and the people who help you everyday. Respect Muay Thai!

10. Any advise for anyone wanting to train or fight Muay Thai? Its addictive, not only to you become fitter, stronger and healthier both physically and mentally but you learn to fight as well. Fighting in the ring becomes a natural progression, plus you get to punch people for freeeee!!

I would just like to thanks my Sponsors – Trevor from Mass Nutrition Arana Hills and Matts Performance 543135_607542162607328_1282489322_nPaint Shop for looking after me. My biggest thanks goes to Kru Bullet for all of the time and effort she has put in over the years. She is not only my trainer but my best mate and sister as well!!

Interview By Natasha Sky, March 2013 Photos supplied.

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