Natasha Sky 8th fight, 2nd WKBF Title

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It was November 2009, i was getting ready to fight my 8th fight and for my for my 2nd WKBF Queensland 12445_182607225896_4570227_ntitle on the Rumble at the ridge show in Brisbane. This title was at a higher weight 54.5kg, Thank god after last time (READ HERE). I was matched to fight Hanna Reed from Corporate box gym in Brisbane her trainer was the Famous Bruce “The Preacher” Mc fie. It was a nerve racking fighting someone that’s trainer was and still is one of my all time favorite fighters. I knew Hanna had some boxing experience aswell as Muay Thai and she had alot of length on me so i knew i was in for a hard fight. The lead up to the fight was ok apart from my right shin still being sore from the last 2 fights. I didn’t have any trouble making the weight for this fight either since it was about 3 kg heavier than the last one. At the weight in we both made the weight then had to 12445_182611810896_5084939_ndo a stand off photo. It was then i realise how much bigger she was than me not only taller but just overall bigger and longer limbs. I was excited about this fight as my Mum, step dad and my two little brothers 3&4yr old had driven 18hr up from South Australia to watch me fight. It was the first time since my 2nd fight back in 2008 that any of my Family had been at my fights. I also had an old school friend that i had not seen in over 10 years come with her 2 children and husband. After the weight in we all went to Sizzler MMMMM! the best part about fighting haha (Oh except all the ripped guys in their undies at weigh ins haha).  Fight day came and i was really nervous like always, having an anxiety attack about fighting. My mum was even that nervous for me she chewed all her finger nails off to the skin, gave her self a headache and was sick in the belly haha. We got to the venue and my little brothers were amazed because they had never seen anything like it. I wasnt on untill over half way through the card so i got to sit out and watch a few of the early fights. Was funny to watch the looks on my little brothers faces when the kids were fighting and My 4yr old brother was asking my mum why those kids are hitting each other cause your not allowed to hit other people haha.13538_190838430896_1427561_n

Fight time!! Spainy and my corner had me all ready to go out when i realised that they were playing some other music, not my walk out song that i had always used. It put me off for a sec then i just thought who cares and i made my way out to the ring as if the song that was playing was mine. I performed the Wai Kru and went back to my corner. We get called to the middle, i feel my self looking up at Hanna like i was a midget while the ref gave us the talk. The first bell goes and it’s off to a fast start both of us throwing lots kicks and punches. I remember throwing 2 inside kicks in a row and Hanna blocking both, the pain just rushing through my shin. The first round was that fast that i was already gassing coming into the 2nd round. I threw 2 big right hands landing them both and continued to punch to the corner untill I fell over my self (got to excited). Hanna then hit me with a big right hand and busted my nose, i panicked a bit as it was the first time i had even had a busted nose in my life and it hurt like hell. I moved around and kept fight as 12445_184253325896_4253704_nmy mouth and nose filled with blood. I hit Hanna with another good right hand that seemed to have rocked her a bit then tried a jumping knee which didn’t really work. I seemed to be landing my leg kicks alright and her leg was getting really red so i thought i will just stick to the good old one , two leg kick combo. Hanna had been throwing alot but missing with most of her shots so by this time i was winning the fight. Things changed in the 3rd round i came out ok at the start but soon gassed, i spent all my energy in the first 2 rounds now i was stuffed. Hanna pushed forward tagging me with some good combos. I continued to just try to leg kick and keep her away from me so i could get my second wind. Hanna pushed up the whole round but was still missing alot of shots she was throwing, while i looked like i had not even run to the letter box and back in training haha. It was difficult to breathe my nose was full of blood. Hanna took the 3rd round pretty easy so i had to step it up in the next round. I could see her leg was starting to go purple and her corner 13538_190838375896_4853318_nworking on it in the break with ice, so i though maybe if i just keep leg kicking i might be able to stop her. I continued to throw straight one, two and leg kick pretty much the whole round landing just about every one. Her leg was now purple and she seemed to be favoring it a bit. I managed to land a superman punch towards the end of the round which was exciting for me as i had never done one before. It was now the 5th round and i was so happy it was nearly over my shins were killing me, all i wanted to do was sit down and make love to and ice pack. We both came out fast throwing everything we had messy with no technique just pushing with what we had left. I just kept chopping that leg hoping i could stop her but she was tough and she wouldn’t go down. I landed a nice superman punch again at the end of the round. The final bell rings and its a massive relief for me i was glad that was over it was a super hard fight, i was in quite a bit of pain from my nose and my 13538_190838395896_7066380_nshins. I knew the fight was going to be close but i felt i had done enough to take the win. We are waiting in the middle for the decision, i can hear my friends and Family yelling out my name it was an awesome feeling. Then they raise my hand as the new WKBF Queensland title holder i started to jump for joy when i realised my shin was that sore i had to stop haha I look up and see my Mum standing by the ring i was so proud to have won the title with my Mum watching me. Spainy puts the awesome big gold plated belt on me and i look around at all my friends, family,gym mates and for a second all the pain goes away, i think to my self that this was all worth it. Then the pain kicks back in and i have to try to get out of the ring haha. My Little brothers were spinning out about the whole thing but they liked my cool new belt. It was cool to have my family come out the back after the fight and get some photos. After this fight my right shin was so swollen and black i 12445_182625340896_7238179_ncouldn’t even walk. I tried to go to work but i couldn’t even fit my gum boots on over the swelling, i got sent home by the nurse, she said i was crazy trying to work with it. I had to sit with my leg in a bin full of ice for about 3 days and i was about a week before i could walk on it. My nose was so sore i couldn’t even touch it 😦 all the cartilage inside my nose was shattered even my front teeth had constant pins and needles, it really hurt. I also had pins and needles all around my face near my nose. I had to try heal up as quick as i could because I had another fight lined up about 2 weeks after this one against a world champ with tripple my fights. This fight with Hanna was def my toughest fight so far and she punched really hard but it was also one of my best fights so far aswell cause i felt like i steped up another level in my fighting here.

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