Nadine Allshorn from Australia

Nadine Allshorn554887_545108285520485_1376117658_n


Fight name: Nadine ‘All Power’ Allshorn
Age: 26
Fights: 8 fights 6W.2L
Height: 168cm
Fight Weight: 63-66kg

1. How long have you been doing Muay Thai and what made you want to fight?
I started May Thai in Thailand actually, I did some self-defense /MMA fitness classes and thought of nothing better than to go on a training holiday on a tropical island. So in September 2008 I went to Koh Samui for a 6 week training holiday and absolutely fell in LOVE with the sport.
I wanted to fight to test myself; there is no better way to learn than fighting.
Then fighting became more of a lifestyle when I was living in Thailand, you wanted to have a fight lined up so your training was harder. Fight training is SO much better/harder/challenging = fun.


2. Biggest Challenge as a fighter?
Finding fights, especially while living in Thailand, because I am bigger, fight between 63-66kgs. I’m pretty easy going so not much bothers me, except injuries, they are mentally and emotionally draining… not being able to train is torcher.


3. Favourite weapon?
Right body Kick.
I dislocated my left wrist, and broke a finger on my left hand at the same time so I couldn’t punch for a month. So I did ALOT of kicking and kicking and kicking…. and now they’re pretty good. haha

4. What do you think is the most important thing to remember as a fighter?  To respect and obey your trainer, do what they tell you to and don’t answer back.

Ok, you’re tired, but so are they, they get up early to train you, every minute you’re training so are they.
Always thank your training partners, be humble, and make sure you Enjoy every minute of it. The training, sparring and most importantly the fight itself. Win lose or draw you got in there, gave your heart and enjoy your moment.

19972_297694483941_5661469_n5. Any Embarrassing moments
Um not really, sadly sorry.

6. You have trained and fought in Thailand, Is there any advice to females wanting to go train and fight in Thailand?
Do it… I love it when a trainer thinks they will have an easy round of pads because you’re a girl, then they soon find out you kick harder than half the boys HA haha…. Thailand and the Thai people are fabulous, be realistic with you training expectations… if you push yourself too hard too early you will burn out because of the heat. Enjoy the culture, talk to the trainers, and the local Thai boys fighters, and learn the art of Muay Thai.
I trained at WMC on Koh Samui, very first timer friendly, the island is beautiful and the training was good. I’ve also been to Sinbi in Rawai Phuket! WOW, good facility and nice and quiet part of Phuket. I recommend both places to people at every stage of their training.

7. What do your family and friends think of what you do?
Um… My mother HATES it, but just stays quiet because she knows I love it. Dad’s always there watching19972_297700388941_1508558_n
My friends that don’t train support me and are proud of me when I fight but don’t understand why I would WANT to.
My friends that train/fight see how much I love the sport, and enjoy it with me.
8. What are you plans for 2013?
Love and enjoy every minute of my training and fighting.
After being out injured for over a year I am so happy just to be training again, and was stoked to be back in the ring earlier this month.

196840_10150469810550054_703759_n9. Whats your favorite part of training and fighting?
Kicking pads, sparring and grappling. Training with other people who truly love the sport, it’s not a 2 min bashing round, it should be technical, skillful, almost like a game. That’s when it’s fun
Oh and running, I love running!!
I LOVE fight day, I don’t get nervous so it’s a really good time for me, I hope to always smile going in and out of the ring, no matter of the result. Of Corse we all want to win, but shit happens, and someone has to lose so just accept it, don’t sulk!! Looks bad, haha

10. Any advice for any females wanting to start Muay Thai or have their first fight?
It’s not as scary as it looks, there is so much to learn it can be overwhelming, but that motivates you to stick at it. Great fitness, awesome workouts find a gym that keeps it fun, as well as technical. Muay thai is addictive it’s that enjoyable.
Any last words? people you would like to thank?
I’d like to thank Carl Drapper My trainer at Hangar 4, he is amazing, was a new thing to him training female 541612_516524145055525_527745164_nfighters when I came along, now he has a few and I must say he does a fabulous job with all his fighters.
He is firm but encouraging, pushes you to your limits but doesn’t break your spirit!! Haha
Training partners @ hangar 4, Ben Ackroyd, Sylvia Sharper, Ash Powel, Phil Advoski, Dave Lawton and sharbel sukkar that without fail come to support each other prepping for fights. always appreciated.

Interview By Natasha Sky March 2013, Photos from Facebook.

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