Daniela Esther Callejas WMF world Champion

Daniela Esther Callejas

From Chile


Gym: Kaimuay Chile
Now I fight at 60 kilos

I have 12 fights, 3 kickboxing 3 Boxing and 6 Muay Thai full rules. I won silver medal in the WMF world amateur Muay Thai championship. And Im the WMF pro-am Female light weight world champion 2013. I’m National Boxing Champion in Chile

1. How long have you been doing Muay Thai and what made you want to fight?
I’ve been training since 2007. Since I first started training I always assumed that if I trained hard enough, I could eventually fight. It think maybe it’s because I’m so competitive, I never gave it much thought, I just wanted to fight, right from the start. That’s what fueled my passion for training.

59523_326556350782207_936633049_n2. Biggest Challenge as a fighter?
It’s a challenge, but also something I love about Muay Thai, that you never stop learning and there’s always something that you can improve. Every day brings a new challenge, because every minute of every day there’s a chance to improve. I do my best to keep this always in mind, and be always pushing, giving my all. As my boyfriend and trainer Huracan says, “There are no days off for a warrior”, everything you do can affect your performance.

3. Favorite weapon?
Elbows! I love elbows, a good elbow can turn around a fight so fast, and you never see them coming!

4. What do you think is the most important thing to remember as a fighter?73354_326235337480975_475132894_n

That the biggest fight is against your own ego. The whole point of training and fighting is to become not a better fighter, but a better person. Never make a fight something personal, you have an opponent when you are on the ring, but they don’t need to become an enemy when you are not on the ring. Respect, to teacher and opponent, always.

5. Any embarrassing moments?
My first video interview was terrible, it was right after my first fight ever, which was in kickboxing and I won on points. They turned on the camera and started asking me questions the second I got off the ring, so I was still short of breath, and kept saying that fighting was very tiring every 2 seconds jajaja

296499_352958478141994_2080878638_n6. You have trained and fought in Thailand, Is there any advise to females wanting to go train and fight in Thailand?
Believe in yourself, and give it your all. Fighting in Thailand is so different from fighting anywhere else, and if you have trained hard and think you can do it, try! Fighting for the first time in Thailand in 2010 was a stressful situation, but I had so much fun on that fight, even though it’s the only one I’ve ever lost. So many people said to me that night, that they could see all throughout the fight how much I enjoyed fighting. It changed the way I thought of myself as a fighter, because I realized just how much I loved Muay Thai, and that it was clear for everyone around me that I had a true calling for fighting.

7. What do your family and friends think of what you do?375940_290656911038818_1419732746_n
Well, my boyfriend, Huracan, is my trainer and he introduced me to Muay Thai, so of course he loves that I do this, and that we share our passion for Muay Thai. My friends are really supportive. Only my family worries that it’s too dangerous, but they are recently starting to like it better.

8. What are you plans for 2013?
I won the WMF world championship just two days ago, and that was all I had in mind up to now, really. Now, get some rest and start all over again! I want to have a few more fights here in Thailand before I have to go back home to Chile. I have to see what comes up! The possibilities are endless, I feel.

9. Whats your favorite part of training and fighting?
I really enjoy getting to know other people who are also passionate about Muay Thai, listen to their stories and seeing similarities with my own. I’ve met and keep meeting so many inspiring people from all over the world. That’s priceless, really. I’ve realized that Muay Thai can bring out the best in people.

391025_156150121156165_1248859675_n10. Any advise for any females wanting to start Muay Thai or have their first fight?
Yeah, just do it! You won’t know what it’s like if you don’t try… You might find out that you have such a passion and capacities, that you never dreamt of before. Then, if it turns out you don’t like it, do look for something else that you enjoy doing. Life is about finding out what you love to do, and do it as much as you can, because it is what you are meant to be doing.

Any last words? people you would like to thank? 

Yes, always and above all my boyfriend, trainer and life partner Huracan Coria. Sharing our journey, and doing things together to make this world a better place, is the biggest blessing in my life.24456_355311407906701_530115008_n

Also my teachers from the Kabbalah Centre, whose support and advise have helped me to get to this point in my life. All that I have ever achieved is thanks to them, and to constantly trying to apply the teachings and wisdom of Kabbalah to my life.
As my role model, the spiritual director of The Kabbalah Centre, Karen Berg says: “If your dream involves sharing your Light and gifts with the world, success is sure to follow”
Feel free to add any links to fan page, twitter, gym page ect
My fight page is www.facebook.com/danimuaythai
Twitter www.twitter.com/danicallejas
Website www.huracancoria.com


Interview By Natasha Sky March 2013, Photos from Facebook

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