Getting Kicked or Kneed in the Girl Bits!!!!

Before you read my blogs and get offended (READ HERE)

Ok so i know this is a bit of a strange topic but im guessing it’s happened to most girls out there at least one time in training/ fighting. Most people would be too embarrassed to talk about it but not me 🙂

I know that your suposed to wear protection down there but i never have and pretty much most of the girls i know don’t either ( except Thai girls But that’s another story ). The thought of it being so uncomfy puts a lot of girls off wearing it.


So i have been kicked and kneed there quite a few times in fights and training. In one fight In Australia i was kicked really hard, it pulled me up. I’m standing in the middle of the ring holding my bits in so much pain. It was sort of funny because the ref didn’t know what to do, he was looking around like oh shit is it the same rules for girls as the boys (Boys get a time out if they get kicked in the knackers). He ended up giving me a time out and sent me back to my corner. My corner didn’t know what to do either, they all looking at each other with confusion untill Spainy just pulled my shorts out and tipped cold water down my front. I sucked it up and continued to fight. After the fight it was a bit bruised and sore but i was ok i thought that’s as bad as it could get. Untill One day i was sparring in Thailand with another girl i wont name any names (Gerri) haha! She kneed me there as we both went for a kick at the same time. OH MY GOD did it hurt!! it dropped me on the ground in so much pain i couldn’t hardly even breath. I feel like i was going to throw up it was that bad. I’m 28983_405049920896_7114090_nrolling around on the ground with both hands on my crouch, the trainers are all looking at me like what the hell happened. When they realised my trainer Baov came over and started to pour a full bottle of ice-cold water on my crouch as i roll around in pain trying to hold back the tears. I reckon i was down for a good 5 or 10 min before i could even stand. I had to check down my pants for blood i was sure i had been disfigured! I again sucked it up and continued to spar because i didn’t want my trainers to think i had no heart. After training i struggled to even walk it was so painful. When i got home i checked it out, i had a lump the size of a golf ball right in the crease of my groin where my leg attached. It was like a cork you get in your thigh after being leg kicked. It was all purple and black. I couldn’t believe how painful it was, i couldn’t even touch it. I had to have a few days off training before i could even walk properly and it took about a month to go completely down. There wasnt even really anything i could do about it but try to rub it without any oil of course!

After this a friend of mine also got kicked there in her fight, hers was bad!  she was badly cut down there and had to go to hospital. 😦 I always thought that i would be ok, it would only hurt a bit because you don’t feel much in a fight but after this ive been thinking twice!.

When i have fought the Thai girls in Thailand i have accidentally kneed them in the bits a few times but noticed imagesCAP15S2Wthat they wear a steel cup! a male steel cup. I was interested to see if this was true, so i watched in the change rooms, yep it was they were putting the same ones the guys use on. I guess after having 80+ fights as most of the Thai girls i have fought have had they have learnt the lesson. Plus in Thailand the men don’t even get a time out for getting kicked in the nuts they just tell them keep fighting! i have seen quite a few ko’s because of guys getting kicked in the nuts. So if the men don’t get it then the girls would definitely not! So i tried on a boys cup the other day, i think im going to try to wear one and see how i go. I will follow up and let you know how it went 🙂

So just because we are girls it doesnt mean that we can’t get some bad damage down in the nether regions so just be careful! if it hasn’t yet happened to you be prepared because it will!! So maybe think about wearing a cup too 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Getting Kicked or Kneed in the Girl Bits!!!!

  1. So, so true! Still trying to find a cup I can stand to wear, but I know I have to – been kneed viciously there (by accident!) twice already and I haven’t even been in a real fight yet!

    • Also, in grappling one time a guy did crazy knee slice and I thought one of my labia (sorry for the TMI!) was going to get pulled off!

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