Natasha Sky, Cut, Stitches “Ekkkk Hell No” Glue :)

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I was looking at a picture on Facebook today of another female fighter getting stitched up after being cut in one of her fights. The thought of stitches creeps me out! But it made me remember a funny story about my first ever cut in a Muay Thai fight. It was my 9th fight and my first fight with elbows, I was fighting a world champ with over double my fight experience. Anyway I was cut on top of my head  in the 4th round just 45085_432415010896_3853301_nbefore the fight was stopped and i lost by TKO. I had White Blonde hair at the time which was now red with blood running all through it on one side. I didn’t even know i was cut untill the ref told me just after he stopped the fight. I got checked by the doctor who told me that i had to go to the hospital to get stitched. I was Like “Hell no” i started to freak out and say im ok its ok i don’t need stitches. The doctor looked at me funny, he said “yes you need stitches”. I was like “no way im not getting stitches just leave it”. The doctor was looking at me like i was crazy he said to me “are you serious? you just fought in the ring and your scared to get a few stitches”.  I told the doctor i would go to hospital but i didn’t i ran away haha. I ended up getting some glue from the girl that i fought and she told 12345Lme to just glue it up.

I was like “Ohhhhhh yeahhhh thats sounds like a wicked idea” haha. So anyway we get back to the hotel, i have a shower to wash some of the blood out of my hair because id been cruising around with my head covered in blood half the night, even went to the shop like it haha 🙂 it was kinda cool but ewww. Spainy my trainer said he would glue it up for me, so i thought we had it all sussed. Well for start he couldn’t even open the bloody thing haha we were trying to work it out for ages untill he broke it and glue went every where all over his hands. Then he tried to apply it to my cut, we had no idea what we were doing! Then i hear “oh no” i was freaking out thinking something was wrong with my cut then Doctor Spainy expalined that Doctor Spainy glued his fingers in my hair, to my head!! Oh no what do we do now! After Doctor Spainy un glued his fingers from my hair and my head with some hair pulling and skin ripping he managed to get the cut covered, as well as a big blob that ran down the side of my head to my ear! Now i had white blonde hair, the glue was purple so you could really notice it. I had a birds 190679_397400663678777_1938951327_nnest of glued hair over my cut and a big blob stuck all down the side of my head with hair all notted up and stuck in it. The glue worked, i had no trouble with the cut, it healed fine. After about a week the glue went like chewing gum! it was like i had big heaps of chewing gum stuck in my hair it was so bad it took me about 2 months to fully get it all out, it really stood out too!! The purple soon turned to dirty browny poo colour! I think back now, it was pretty funny! Doctor Spainy did a number on my hair with glue and we were nearly stuck together haha. Nothing has changed though ive been cut 3 times and managed to avoid stitches each time 🙂 Oh and evil Doctor Spainy!

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