7th Fight for WKBF 51.8kg QLD title!

Before you read my blogs and get offended (READ HERE)

This fight was a rematch fight with Lucy Shewell who i had fought (HERE) in May. It was now August 6211_129356700896_6586100_n2009,  we were to fight for the 51.8kg WKBF Queensland Title on Rumble on the Ridge fight show in Brisbane.  This was the lowest weight i had ever fought at, i really struggled to make the weight. I was on a stricked diet for about a month out, i lived off nothing but salad and tuna. I managed to diet down to about 54kg as i was walking around at about 57kg now. For some reason after each fight i put on a bit of extra weight so it was making it harder each time to drop down and 51.8kg was a weight i had not been before. Weigh in day came and i was still over so i sat in the sauna most of the morning, it still wasnt coming down. I got a bright idea to go running in my sweat suit, to wrap my body in cling wrap under the suit. Well i was so exhausted i ran 3km and had to stop. I sat in a bus stop, took off the sweat suit and was crying my eyes out. People were driving past looking at me funny like “why the hell is that girl doing sitting in the bus stop wrapped in cling wrap crying?” it would have looked funny. Dane ended up having to come get me in the car because i just couldn’t run anymore. I then sat in the sauna again, i just stuck it out for the rest of the day untill about 3pm when my trainer came to pick us up. I was still about 500g over weight. We had 2 hr to drive to Brisbane for weigh in, so on with the sweat suit, Spainy had the heaters turned right up in the car on the way there. It was so funny Spainy and Dane were dripping with 6211_129356775896_8048820_nsweat in the front and i wasnt even sweating at all. They were turning around to me asking me if i was sweating yet with sweat running down their faces, i kept telling them no. I swapped seats 6211_129356800896_3717770_nto the front, i had to do shadow boxing for about 30-40min in the front seat right in front of the heater. We got to weigh in and i was exactly on weight on my scales so i was hoping to god that the scales for the show didn’t weigh heavy. I got inside, jumped on the scale and they weighed about 300g lighter than mine so i was soooooo happy! i didn’t have to try to lose any more weight i would have died! I looked so ripped it was awesome but i felt like total crap!. after the weigh in i drank 2lt of blue powerade drink (which i know now is bad but at the time i didn’t care i could have murdered my own grandma for a drink) but after i drank it i went to the toilet everything was blue ooops hahaha. The next day i still felt drained from the weight cut, i was suffering from an injurie in my calf i had for a few weeks now which prevented me from doing much runing so i was really stressing out about the fight. I was used to pushing my self in my fights because my fitness was not always 100% because of my shin splints but it still always played on my mind. This was the biggest fight of my life so far it was for the WKBF Queensland title and i really wanted to win. Everything went well out the back my prep was good and no rushing thank god after the last few times. I went to the toilet a million times like normal and complained about my wraps being to tight or my tape on m6211_129356815896_6779481_nfeet feeling funny, Spainy had to fix it a thousand times like always because im such a pain in the bum out the back haha. I came out to the ring and i 6211_133387740896_3769284_nperformed the wai kru for the first time which was not as bad as i thought it would be. I went back to my corner, i thought this is it, this is my chance to win a belt, this is what iv been waiting for!. The first round was super fast right from the bell exchanging everything we had. Lucy really wanted to win this one, she came out swinging a lot more aggressive than our last fight. I get back to the corner, i cant even catch my breath i was so stuffed. Spainy is yelling at me telling me to breathe and all i kept saying was “im EFFed”. Second round was a little bit slower both exchanging but i was landing the cleaner shots lots of one two punches finishing with low kicks and some step up knees. Lucy was throwing but not really landing any scoring shots. Third round i start off with some really good punch kick combos and pick my shots a bit better, Lucy moves forward but doesnt throw as much so she is getting caught. I’m winning the fight on points by this round but i dont know it. In 12745_181201845896_1307035_nthe fourth round i get 2 dumps and a jumping knee, Lucy starts to push up a bit more in this round and starts to throw more towards the end when im getting tired. At this stage i just couldn’t wait for it to end i was running on nothing but pure push! It was horrible i was hating it i just wanted it to be over. Fifth round we both come out swinging, we were so tired our hands were down both taking punches to the face that didn’t do anything because we had no power left. It was sloppy and all over the place just 6211_133387710896_4538233_nthrowing what every we could to score. When the final bell went we both slumped in each others arms holding our selves up for a second. I went back to my corner and lent back over the ropes to hold my self up spainy had to hold my head up to get my mouth guard out. I stay there for a moment fearing i cant even make it to the middle. We both went to the middle to hear the decision. I had no idea if i had won or not it was such a hard fight, way harder than our last fight. I was so buggered i still couldn’t slow my breathing down as i stand in the middle. The ref 6211_133387670896_3407399_ntook my arm i had no idea at all if i was going to be raised. Then they Called out my name the new WKBF Queensland champion!!! I couldn’t believe it i was like “OH MY GOD” and i put my hands on my head and was nearly crying! it was such a hard fight and such a hard time dropping the weight and not being 100% but i won!! It was my first belt i was so happy. The look on my face on the video is so funny!! That night i wouldn’t take the belt off, i wore it for the rest of the night around the fight show and i even took it to bed with me that night. I drove around with it in the car with me for weeks showing everyone i seen i was so proud of it haha.

You can watch the fight (HERE)

227120_227294613953548_227137563969253_1065629_4774476_n6211_133387690896_5256882_nFOLLOW MY JOURNEY Natasha Sky Fight Page (HERE) 6211_129356865896_6498734_n


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