How Muay Thai Changed my life!

Before you read my blogs and get offended (READ HERE) This is a bit of a personal blog about how Muay Thai changed my life. This is just a basic overall of the story but you can see how much it has helped me and changed my life. I was born in a place called Murray Bridge In South Australia. My parents were only teenagers 15 4491_1082233853855_3449432_n& 16 years old when i was born. They were still kids themselves which ment that they were still partying and doing things teenagers did. I probably only remember back till i was about 4yr old, but i remember seeing a lot of things a kid should not see. My Mum and Dad split up when i was about 6yr old which was very messy and violent. My brother, sister and i lived with Mum. Dad was an alcoholic and partied all the time, we got to stay with him every second weekend. He was always good to us even though he was pretty much always drunk but he would have his drunken psycho attacks, smash up the house and go crazy in the cars which scared us. He would never do anything to hurt us but we were always scared of what he would do to himself. By the time i was about 13yr old mum and i didn’t get along we continued to fight all the time. My brother had become to much of a handful as well so he went to live with dad. I was getting into a lot of trouble at school constantly in detention and getting suspended. The only thing at school that interested me was running and sports. I was always the fastest sprinter at school and i loved sports day it was my favorite day of the year. All of my 4491_1082233893856_5894683_nfriends would skip school and i would be the only one there. I would always win in the sprints and running, i would also get places in most other events. I won the most athletic female trophy for each year. Even though i was very good at sport i still failed Physical Education because i didn’t do any of the written work. We didn’t have much money growing up so i couldn’t afford to buy the shoes and stuff i needed for my running so it made it hard. I felt like the Jamaican bobsled team on the movie cool running 😦 A teacher ended up giving me a pair of old running sprigs and I went to Adelaide to represent the school in the big competitions. I was ranked number 4 for my 100m sprint out of all the schools in South Australia. When i turned 14 I started to hang out with some wrong people who were into drugs and drinking. Things were still bad between my mum and i, we were always fighting and i hated school. I started to skip school a lot for a week or more at a time and started to take drugs with these people id met who didn’t go to school. I had no idea what i wanted to do with my life, i knew that i would never have the money to be able to do sports so i just didn’t care. I spent most of grade 10 wagging school taking drugs and the days i did go to school i would take alcohol, i would get drunk and end up in detention for fighting. I was always fighting at school even through primary school i remember even having a gang. I was a bully to some people but i was also the one people came to when they were getting bullied and i would go sort it out. I don’t know what it was i was always looking for some excuse to fight. I even got suspended from school in first grade for jumping off of a desk and kicking a window because another kid was out there giving me the rude finger. My dad always encouraged me to look after my self and don’t 4491_1082233733852_6656082_ntake shit from anyone but it got me in  to a lot of trouble. I think growing up with red hair and freckles had a big part to do with it because i was constantly teased by everyone at school and people in my family. By acting tough all the time and fighting i guess i thought it would make people scared to tease me or start trouble. Anyway when i was about 15 I ended up running away from home because i had a boyfriend that my mum didn’t like, she would call the police on him when he would come to our house( i can’t blame her now he was bad news) i was staying with these druggys i had met, i just partied and took drugs for a week or more. Mum called the police to come and get me but i hid from them each time they came. Eventually they found me and made me go home. I ended up Failing year 10 as i never really even went, the school refused to have me back unless i went to anger management classes, i wasnt having a bar of that. I started to go to Tafe instead which was alot better than school because they didn’t treat me like a kid. We had a few older people like in their 50s in our class which was cool but the main reason i went was so i could get paid from centerlink. After about 4 months of Tafe i got a job at the local abbitors in the beef boning room. It was hard work and long hours but it was really good money for a 15year old. 25777_352148290896_6211718_nI seemed to be doing ok, not really hanging out with the bad people i was before because i was working and didn’t have time. After a while i met up with some old friends and they asked me if i knew where to get some drugs. I knew a few people so i went and got it for them and they sold it to these other guys from alot more than they paid. I did this a few times then i thought it seemed like a good idea, i would make some money from it. Well it didn’t work out that way though. I was getting it selling it, but i was taking all the drugs i was suposed to make the profit from my self. I would get paid on a Wednesday and my pay would be all gone then from thursday i would get on the drugs untill sunday with my friends. After a while it became Acid trips, Speed and Extacy every weekend without fail. I started to take a lot of days off work because i was coming down off drugs and just couldn’t handle working. I was getting a lot of warnings, i was close to getting the sack before i just left. I was still fighting with my mum after all this time, i remember her saying that she couldn’t even say she is proud of me (which hurt). I went to another Abbitors in a different town where it was just as bad but the people there were more into drugs there than the people in the last town. I don’t know how i kept 25125_347662725896_4342897_na job there for 3 years when every weekend i was taking 10 extacy pills and speed, dressing up in stupid clothes and going to Raves all over the place. When i was 18 i got a personal loan to buy a car, a credit card which soon ended up maxed out from me buying things on impulse, buying drugs with it thinking i would make the money back and pay it off, but i never did i just took them all. I had to get more credit cards to pay the other credit card and soon i ended up in about $40,000 in debut with nothing to show for it. I couldn’t keep up with payments and i got taken to the debt collectors wich ruined my credit rating. I didn’t know what to do, i was so depressed but i found a bank to consolidate it after years of struggling to even pay the minimum payment. When i was 20 i started to realise what i had done to my life it was crap. I was so over taking drugs all the time, i could feel the damage they had done to me. I was forgetting things, doing weird stuff all the time. I started going out with a guy who i thought was great untill about 3 months into the relationship. This guy became very violent, controlling and things went really bad. He constantly hit me and mentally abused me for about a year. I was too proud to ask for help but it got to the point where i thought he was going to kill me as he had broken my nose, had knives to my throat. In the end i was sitting there with a pieces of broken glass in my hand thinking about all the dept i had and how he wouldn’t let me work, the only way to get away was to kill myself before he kills me. That moment i thought No! this is not me im not letting this happen anymore, i snuck away and left all of my things behind. I was living in fear of this person for a long time and this is partly why i wanted to learn Muay Thai, so something like that would never happen to me again. In 2006 i moved to New Zealand to start fresh but working at a bar on a party island didn’t help me as everyone wanted to drink all the time. I ended up becoming a bit of an alcoholic drinking for over a week at a time sometimes,  parting for days on end even working while i had been drinking. I met a guy there and he ended up cheating on me so i was devastated and came back to Australia. I train3 007continued to just drink and party every weekend and even during the day before i started work on afternoon shift. I was lost in life i still had no idea what i wanted to do so i just partied. My whole life I had never found anything i really loved or was passionate about, i was sick of doing what i was doing i was going nowhere. Then in 2007 i found Muay Thai!!! from the first time i watched it to my first ever lesson i was in love with it. It made me want to become a better person the best person i could be. I stopped drinking because i wanted to feel good for training and wanted to be able to give 100% in all of my lessons. All my friends gave me grief because i didn’t want to go out and party anymore, i was in bed early and excited about what i would be learning at training the next day. I couldn’t sleep properly because all i could think OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAabout was training. All i could talk about was Muay Thai and how great it was people got sick of hearing it. I started to go to work everyday so i could save money to buy all the gear i needed. I felt good having a goal and something to look forward to. Eventually i got all the gear and then i started saving money to make my first trip to Thailand. By this time i was eating healthy food instead of mc Donalds and just take away crap i had been living off. I became interested in nutrition, health and spent hours studying it on the internet. I had lost weight, started to tone up! it was awesome, i felt great and i looked good too. I started to meet new friends that were positive, that wanted to be healthy and better people too. It started to make me a stronger person, give me confidants in life in general. Training all the time and not going out helped me to be able to start paying my debt off easier, it slowly came down and felt manageable for once in about 6 years. I was getting along with my mum a lot better now, she was very supportive of what i was doing and i know now she says she is proud of me now :). After training Muay Thai for about 9 months i met Dane through the sport. I had some bad experiences with men so i was hesitant at first but 40044_429781080896_697826_ni thought if he is a fighter and apart of this sport then he has to be a positive person that trains and lives a good life style, so i gave him a go. He motivated me to move away from Murray Bridge to Toowoomba in Queensland to further my Muay Thai Training and Fighting, so i did, winning 2x Queensland titles in my first year of training and fighting out of Spain’s Gym, only losing 1 out of 7 fights to a world champion with double my fight experience. Dane turned out to be the most amazing caring person i have ever met. Now its been nearly 5 years and we are married, if it wasnt for Muay Thai we would have never met. We saved up and travelled to Thailand in 2011 where we trained and fought for 6 months & it was amazing. We then started our own Muay Thai gym Back down in Murray Bridge hoping to help other people who had been on the wrong path as i was. Our gym was very successful, we made some very good friends and defiantly changed some lives. We then saved over $20,000 in a few months time to come back to Thailand for 1 year. Now im currently living in Thailand for the 2nd time, im about to fight for my first world title. I have travelled all over Australia for fights, travelling i would have 480769_10150925666035897_1837387362_nnever done if i wasnt a fighter. I have had my own gym, helped & inspired a lot of people. I have met people from all over the world and made friends for life. I have achieved more in this sport than i ever dreamed off.  Been on TV in Magazines and news papers. Met the man of my dreams & partner in team extreme :). I no longer drink or take drugs or have anything to do with any bad people. I live healthy and positive life with a great group of people around me. I also no longer have any debt at all as i paid it all off. I’m now a role model for other young fighters and kids in general, i enjoy helping and teaching people the right way, how not to fall into the traps that i did. I have such a passion for Muay Thai that i could never live with out it. I couldn’t thank the sport enough for what it has given to me and how it has changed my life, its made me someone and given me a purpose in this world. Without Muay Thai i don’t know what i would be doing. I would probably still be lost in the world just doing the same old stuff everyday in the same old place. People think its all about fighting and violence but that its only 10% of it, the rest of it is lifestyle and its the most awesome lifestyle you could get. I’m glad i was lucky enough to have found Muay Thai but i wish that i could have found it earlier in life, then my life would have been a lot different. But i guess i wouldn’t appreciate what i have, i would be the person i am today if i didn’t experience the things i did throughout life, i wouldn’t be able to help others to change their ways either. I’m a stronger person now and i have so many more goals in life now. I was inspired to start this blog which i have had so much positive feed back from and its great! Muay Thai is not what i do it’s who i am, it will 523871_10150925662845897_355682797_nget me through anything life throws at me. P.S Gotta love the old photos hahaha just a bit embarrassing!! Please LIKE my Facebook Fight page (HERE) to follow my journey


11 thoughts on “How Muay Thai Changed my life!

  1. great you turn things round… and found sg you enjoy as well your life partner.. on old picies you baby piccie is just sooo adorable..

    • Hey, Yep I was lost in life i had no idea what to do! Im so lucky i found Muay Thai it has given me the best life ever 🙂 haha had to add the old pics they are funny

  2. What an intense and amazing story and I’m so happy you wound up where you are now! I think a lot of folks are saved by Muay Thai for different reasons or in different ways and it means a lot when you can write about it and share it with others who might be at a different point in that path. Encouraging young women to try Muay Thai can change their lives in so many ways (actually: young and old, male and female) – I hope you do go back and talk to your old high school, show how much you’ve accomplished and how much happier you are. You’re an inspiration.
    And that wedding picture of you and Dane is incredible. I hope you have that framed somewhere.

    • This is why i wanted to go talk to the schools because ive been down that bad road and i know where it leads 😦 Hopfully coming from me they might listen more than from a teacher or a nagging mum or dad. I have a few of those photos of Dane and I in our muay thai gear on our wedding day they in an album on my fight page they pretty cool haha

  3. I must commend you for the life-changing decision you made and for making it through hurricanes and heavy rains. Sometimes, we need to experience uneventful or painful occurrences in our lives to be able to stand stronger than ever. From there, we change the way we see life and all we wanted to do is to share the experience, tell the lessons we’ve learned and bring about change to people who are in vain. I am glad that Muay Thai is your life-changer and you could not imagine life without it. I guess, that’s how we really feel about Muay Thai, it becomes our being. Only Muay Thai aficionados and the super passionate about this sport can relate to this. I think, if you have not come to the pinnacle of it, you won’t be able to tell your story this great. Congratulations for having the courage to make that change and for sharing your story, which I know will bring about change. There’s always hope for the hopefuls.

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  5. My life felt a bit empty. Never really had any talents. An old friend suggested Muay Thai. I gave it a go without even knowing what it was! I have been training for 3 months now. I now train 5/6 days a week including condition classes. Muay Thai is all I think about. My friends are sick of me talking about it. I am very proud of myself for what I am doing. I look forward to each class even though I swear they get harder each time. Pushing myself to limits I never knew I could reach. I can see myself improving every week and losing more weight and toning up just motivates me more. I may not have much of a social life but I have made so many new friends at the gym and it is our own little family. Muay Thai life ❤

    • Wow good on you that awesome! it really is amazing how something can change your life this way. Haha do you wake up doing moves in your sleep? haha i always did that at the beginning because i couldnt get Muay Thai out of my brain 🙂

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