Jenny Lau ISKA East Coast Champion Australia

Jenny Lau538095_10151508668072489_1325821868_n


Jenny Lau – 15 fights (8W 7L), 52 kg ISKA East Coast champion. Bulldog Gym Manly. Also, 3 x Australian Kyokushin Karate Champion.

1. You do a few different martial arts, tell us what ones and how long you have been doing them and also what got you started? I started in Kyokushin karate 13 yrs ago, and I run my own kids’ dojo.  Around 2004 I was getting a bit bored doing the same type of training. At the time, Louise O’Donnell from Bulldog Gym had just won a Thai Boxing World Title and so was in the local paper, I thought they must know what they are doing there! I went to a class the following week and have been there since.

318707_441758229192864_1012577984_n2. How do you find being a female in martial arts? In training we don’t get treated any differently from the boys, in fact I think we train harder than them! but there are much less fight opportunities, especially in NSW.

3. Proudest moment? Winning 52kg title, I had trained my ass off, easily made weight weeks out then about a week before the fight I received some bad news and didn’t think I would be able to fight. I just had to pull together and get on with it. It wasn’t until the next day when I could relax and I actually felt good about it.

4. Favourite Muay Thai weapon? Teep

5. What do you think is the most important thing to remember as a fighter? Keep it respectful. I don’t like seeing all the fighter call outs and arguments over Facebook and fight forums.

6. What are your goals as a fighter? I’d like to win an Australian Muay Thai title, I had a chance last year on a few weeks notice v Jodi Palozzi at 53.5 but lost.

7. Anyone you would like to fight? Anyone 50-52kg837_397182727033904_244117685_n

8. How do people react when you tell them you are a fighter? They are usually surprised, people think female fighters are going to be big and rough looking. The general public are still a bit old fashioned – we need more features in the mainstream media.

9. Any advise for females wanting to fight? Do it! Enjoy the training and fight at a weight you can comfortably get to

576969_10151247360857489_1691602642_n10. Any last words? People you would like to thank? Thanks to Nick Stone and Lara Ahola from Bulldog Gym, and Sensei Daniel Trifu from Shinkyokushin.

Interview By Natasha Sky Feb 2013 Photos from Facebook


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