My First 5 Round War.

Before you read my blogs and get offended (READ HERE)

It was about a month since my last fight (Read Here) where i thought i was going to die 4548_98145635896_3899964_nafter 3 rounds! Now i was about to fight my first 5 round fight! This was my 6th fight, It was May 2009, i was fighting Lucy Shewell on the JWP show on the Gold Coast in Queensland. After what had happened in my last fight i was so nervous. We were fighting at 54kg, i had to weigh in at the front of the Boonchu restaurant on one of the main roads. It was strange getting down to my undies out in the street in front of so many people just walking past looking. We both made weight ok which was good, it always takes a bit of the pressure off. The promoter told us that we would be on the 2nd half of the show so to come a bit later in the afternoon as the show started really early. The next day we were out getting some food for dinner when my trainer gets a call from promoter asking where we are. Well apparently we were not on the 2nd half of the show and we were totally 4548_98145690896_8225428_nLATE eeekkk!!!! I had not eaten for hours & now i couldn’t eat because it was too close to my fight (READ HERE) so had to go with out food, BOO!. We rush back to our hotel, get our stuff and race to the venue. I walk in and my opponent is standing at the door of the change rooms rubbed down gloved up and ready to come out! I was like what the hell! now i really was shitting my pants!! i thought i got rushed last fight, why oh why is it happening again! we get to the change rooms i get my fight clothes on and Spainy quickly does a 2 min dodgy hand wrap and puts my gloves on. I didn’t even get to stretch or even get a rub down just a quick splash of Thai oil and vas. I got to do a quick one two punch on spainy’s hands then out i went. I had no idea where i was suposed to go, my music had been playing for ages and i was getting over whelmed by the rush. I ended up just walking 4548_98145625896_4980349_nthrough the crowd getting a chair from the front row and using it to get up on the ring haha. People were looking at me like what the? haha. The bell went and we started off the round slower than normal, i remember thinking to my self thank god for that! I landed a few good combos, leg chops and we clinched for a bit. I felt way stronger than her in the clinch which i used to my advantage. Second round was faster paced, I caught a kick early in the round, as she fell I had a delayed reaction and kicked her in the chest on the ground 😦 i felt so bad, i didn’t mean to do it, and it looked so bad! She was ok and we kept fighting, we clinched and i landed some good knees. I dumped her twice in the clinch but she just kept coming. She was tough she got me with a few 4548_98145620896_2342625_ngood punches. Third round a lot of punches exchanged at the start of the round, i got a few good step up knees on, even a jumping knee. Lucy continued to rib kick throughout the whole round even with me pushing up on her. The fourth round was messy punches and kicks from both sides, low kicks with terrible technique from me. I got one sweep on in the round it was about the only good thing. Fifth and final round, Yay i made it!!! Lots more punches and low kicks with no technique from me and Lucy hit me with a nice rib kick that made me realise that rib kicks hurt a lot, i didn’t want to get hit with to many of them. I got another sweep on and a lot more punches right to the end of the fight. After the fight i could feel my shin was so smashed! it must have been the 50 or so bad leg kicks i threw. I headed to the corner, slumped on the ropes in total exhaustion and pain. I felt like my shin had been bashed in with a baseball 4548_98145655896_6130892_nbat it was throbbing so bad. I was so happy when we got to the middle and they called my name, I couldn’t believe i dominated the fight and won after the big rush at the start. I finally fought and made it through my first 5 round war. After this fight and previous experiences i thought that i had such bad luck with fight prep, but even though i might not have the best prep i can still win my fights 🙂 Lucy was a tough opponent! but i was not to know she was going to come back even tougher in our next encounter!

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