Casey Walters Queensland Champion

Casey WaltersFFC_10-02-2010_SPORT_04_10kickboxer2_fct500x308x22_t460

Casey Walters im 29yr old and train at Street Smart Thai boxing centre in Hervey bay Queensland. I have had 13 fights.

1. How long have you been training Muay Thai and what made you want to fight? Training 4 years, I believe i was born to be a fighter so that’s what I do.

2. Whats been your biggest challenge as a female fighter? Male or female it’s a tough sport!

khjg3. What motivates you and drives you to fight? Baby I like it 😉

4. Hardest fight and why? All girls I fought are tough, I enjoyed every one

5. Proudest moment? winning my first QLD strap love that I was working split shifts at the sheet factory which is hard dirty work in 40 degree heat. Training on smoko and in the gym sparring and training every opportunity I could, Was a good rematch I felt like I’d earned it.


6. What do think will help to improve and promote Female Muay Thai in Australia?  I’m not about encouraging women to get into a physically demanding sport. You gotta have it in you! For the one who do, work hard, sell tickets a ‘rip it up’   

7. Do you find it hard Training with so many males?  I always played with boys in the play imagesground at school ‘ninja turtles’ & mucked around on  the wynnum footy fields with my bro’s & mates , so I’m used to blokes.

8. Any embarrassing moments? How longs a piece of string

9. Whats next for you in 2013? My trainer sets up fights and I turn up

10. Any advise for any females wanting to start training or fighting? The only advice I can offer, is get into it for right reasons. Just start

Any last words or people you would like to thank? Lastly I count my blessings and give 247167_1975385816981_2349559_nthanks to my team mates ‘i hate the mushy stuff’
But they’re the ones who put up with me every day in the gym. They are a good reason to turn up everyday for. The best thing a fighter can do is supporting others when your times passed I love seeing people ‘give back’ an pass down to the up coming talent. 

Interview By Natasha Sky feb 2013 Photos from Facebook


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