Lorryn Williams

Lorryn Williams


Lorryn ‘SHORTY’ Williams I am 19 just about to turn 20, My current fight record is 12 fights 6wins 1ko, 5 loss, 1 draw I currently hold the QLD Iska 52kg title and I train out of Fighting Dragons Muay Thai gym in Brendale QLD.

1. You have grown up in the gym and around Muay Thai your whole life with your Mother Being Karen “Bullet” Williams do you find that puts extra pressure on you as a fighter your self to perform? Yes i do feel as if there is that little bit of added pressure being who my mum is and what she had achieved in the sport, in a way I guess it pushes me harder because I aspire to be as successful as she was.

526448_10151301468841958_713167905_n2. Your about to fight your first Full Thai Rules Fights what are your thoughts on that? Trying not to really think about it being an elbow fight really, I’m just going to get in there and fight my fight and if the opportunity for an elbow is there I am going to take it,

3. What has been your biggest challenge as a fighter? I do have to admit my biggest challenge is getting up in the mornings to train, I really love my sleep ins, haha but having the most amazing people around me and at the gym makes it better because they push me, as they want to see me succeed

4. Hardest fight and why? Hardest fight I still would have to say would have been Steph Taylor as I found it hard to work out my reach because she was so much taller than me, but since then nearly every time I have fought they have all been taller than me so I think I’m pretty ok with it now haha

5. Proudest moment? Would definitely be when my hand was raised for the Qld Iska title, 404459_10151301467961958_807366998_ndon’t think anything or anyone wiped that smile off of my face for a while!

6. Any embarrassing moments? Haha embarrassing moments…
In Harvey bay against Courtney Rainbow, she threw a Teep and her foot got caught in my sports bra and out came the boobs, luckily it wasn’t too bad and my corner sorted it 149943_10151301467431958_1142305354_nout quick!

7. You have been very active lately is there someone out there you really want to fight? I would love to get back in there and rematch Stephanie Taylor or Ali Jensen as they are both tough girls

8. What are you goals as a fighter? I guess to just get as far as I can in the sport and be the best I can be.

9. Any advise for females wanting to fight? Honestly do it! It is such an amazing experience! Such good fitness too.

539392_10151301469391958_1243152999_n10. Any last words? or people you would like to thank? First of all I would like to thank my amazing mother for putting up with all of my shit over the years especially fight week hahaha! And everyone down at the gym for all of the support. Mass nutrition chermside, for all of the supplements and advice they give me! For the fighter Maroochydore for all the training gear I need! and Tash for the interview 😉 xo

Interview By Natasha Sky feb 2013 Photos from Facebook


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