Natasha Sky 5th Fight, Shin Splints & Gassing out

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I was training for my 5th fight and it was against Emma Mc Connell from Diablo Muay Thai at the Heat in the hills show April 2009. I had seen Emma fight before so i knew she was going to be a tough one very fast paced. It had been a bit over a month since my last fight that i won by ko in the first round (Read Here) so i had gotten over being sick. I started hard training about 3 weeks out from this fight. I was having a lot of trouble with my shin splints they were getting that bad that i couldn’t even walk sometimes after i images (2)ran , i would be in tears even if i touched them. It was horrible the pain was so bad that i would be awake all night with them throbbing. By half way through the 2nd week out i could hardly run at all the pain was unreal. At this time i had no idea what to do i had no exercise bike or rowing machine or any other idea what to do as far as cardio was concerned as i was still new to the sport. I worked a full time physically demanding job and i didn’t have time or money to be able to go to the gym to use the equipment there. It was horrible i ended up only being able to run about 3-4km every 2nd or 3rd day up untill the fight with alot of pain. I had to rely on pushing as hard as i could in the gym with everything i did 100% speed and power in every pad round. I was so nervous about this fight i knew she was going to be fitter than me, its hard going into a fight knowing that they have been running and sprinting and you have not, it really plays on your mind. Weigh in day and i had to drop a bit of weight in the sauna this time as i seemed to put on a bit of extra weight after the last fight. We get to the weigh in and everything is good we both weigh in at 54kg and seem to be about the same size so i was happy about that. After the weight in our Gyms favorite place to go is Sizzler for all you can eat yuuuuummmmoooo!!! I tried to eat and drink as much as i could thinking im gonna need everything i can get to get me through this fight. On fight 2727_85652195896_2680229_nday i was super nervous i was really stressing out about my fitness. we had another guy fighting as well so it took a bit of the pressure off me. We get to the fights, im about the 6th fight so we start to get ready slowly. Then the promoter comes in while i got one hand wrapped and says im now on after this fight! Well that just made me freak out!! my trainer is now rushing trying to wrap my hands flat out i could feel the difference in each hand when they were done. The fight before me is ending and i have not even been rubbed down. My corner men quickly rub me down, i can hear my entrance music on and my name being called. Spainy can see im really doing my head in by now so he keeps telling me “its ok we don’t have to rush they will wait for us don’t stress”. My music stops and they wait a second and then call my name and start playing it again. My gloves are put on, my mongkon and i walk to where we are ment to walk out, take a big breath,  think 2727_85652205896_4086454_nhere i go i cant back out now. I walk out trying to look confident and get in to the ring. The bell goes and we touch gloves then its on!! it was flat stick from the first bell both of us landing some good shots. She was throwing lost on hands walking forward and we would end up in the clinch which either one of us was very good at lol. I landed a really good one two step up left knee and to this day i still havent been able to do one that good again. After the first round i thought i was going to die! i was thinking to my self how the hell am i going to last this fight i feel like im going to have a stroke im that gassed! Round two there was a lot of clinching, it used so much energy and was not very affective at all. Emma was turning sideways and doing a lot of little knees which was tangling us up more than anything. Lots of wild hands were exchanged, i did a few jumping knees which 2727_85652200896_7674187_nwas a first for me. After the round im in the corner telling spainy how gassed i am and he’s telling me to shut up and breath haha. Third and final round is more wild hands ending up in the clinch and a few more aerial moves from me that don’t land haha. The whole 3rd round was fought on pure push, i had nothing else in the tank at all i don’t even know how i did it. Fight is over and i felt like i was going to pass out from exhaustion, i could hardly even stand or hold my hands up so spainy could take off my gloves. I get to the middle and im in a daze as to what is going on im breathing so heavy feeling like i was about to faint. I win by split points but i think the fight could have gone either way. Emma was such a 2727_85652215896_3323610_ntough opponent and now she is one of my good friends 🙂 The day after the fight i woke up with a knee the size of a rockmelon it was huge!! i couldn’t even bend my leg so i was hobbling around dragging my leg everywhere through Brisbane with people all staring at me funny. I had to get Dane to help me in and out of the car and up the stairs it sucked! I think it was from a knee clash in the fight. I was lucky to win that fight after not having the proper cardio and getting rushed but its all and experience and i knew it wouldn’t be the last 2727_79196625896_720850_ntime. I think the experience of this fight and the feeling of being totally gassed is what started my nerves about not being fit enough which i still have now even after 24 fights :(. Then see what happened to me my next fight (READ HERE)

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