What i do pre and post fight (prep)

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People often ask me if i do anything in particular before or after a fight so i thought id write a blog about what i do pre fight and post fight 🙂
Say im fighting on a saturday night. Five days out i stop sparring or clinching because 269876_212676842101603_100000778674119_528712_2408291_ni don’t want to have any stupid accidents happen. They always seem to happen right before a fight so i try to minimise this as much as possible. All the hard training should have already been done so im not going to learn anything else in the last five days that’s going to stick for the fight. I stop all weights so that my muscles have time to recover and repair. I stop doing sprints about four days out so my legs can recover. For the last five days i only do shadow, bag work, pad work and cardio. If im fighting on the Saturday then my last training session will be on Thursday. If im in Thailand i just chill out on the Friday, don’t do anything but watch some movies and go get a massage, as for most fights i don’t weigh in. If im in Australia im normally up at about 6am starting to drop weight either running in a sweat suit or going to the sauna. If the weight comes off early i normally have a sleep before weigh in to try to make the day go faster so i can hurry up and eat and drink. After weight in i normally go to the closest all you can eat place preferably Sizzler and spend a few hours there eating and drinking as much as i can. I continue to eat at home up untill i go to sleep. Fight day i always get a big breakfast then chill out untill about lunch time. I have a small lunch then i do my hair. After my hair is done i watch some of my old fights and study somethings i need to do or things i don’t want to do. Then about 3pm i have a sleep for a few hours. When i get up i have a cold shower and head to the fights. I go to the toilet a million times once i get to the venue haha so i try to keep sipping on water the whole time to keep my hydration up. My trainer gets me ready, wraps my hands rubs me down. I normally do a few stretches and some shadow to warm up and get my combos flowing, If im in Australia ill do a few small rounds on pads to warm up as they fight faster there so you don’t have the first 2 rounds of the fight to warm up like you do in Thailand. I fight and hopefully win!!531854_829360099758_1525709755_n

After the fight depending on how banged up i am as soon as i get back to the changeroom ill ice any sore spots for a while, i take a rols of cling wrap so i can wrap the ice bags to my shins then i can head out to watch the other fights. Sometimes i walk around with bags of ice strapped to my shins for a while after the fight depending on how bad they hurt. After the ice ill wrap them up with a compression bandage that i normally leave on over night. When we get back from the fights i always go get some yummy food. I can’t ever sleep after i fight, my body is on a high so i normally stay awake most of the night. When i go to sleep if i have a banged shin i try to 537836_397400660345444_2146284234_nkeep it compressed and elevated up on a pillow while i sleep. The next day i take of the bandage, if it’s still really sore i put a homemade remedy on, it’s a mix of ginger powder, salt and apple cider vinegar and wrap it up with cling wrap. Leave it on for about 1 hour then take it off. I will do this everyday for a few days and normally it heals it right up quick. If i have any corks in my thighs depending on how bad they are i will start to get them rubbed out the next day. If they are bad i will get them rubbed everyday untill they have gone but normally only takes a few days. Going back to training depends on how sore i am from the fight sometimes 2012-09-08 15.03.25i don’t have a mark on me and i feel like i didn’t even fight and sometimes i can hardly walk. Most the time i can go back after about 2-5days and if i have no pain then i can fight again in a week or when ever they will let me because they say im crazy for fighting so often.
So its pretty simple i don’t do anything to fancy i try to keep it real, smart and injurie free 🙂 In Thailand they don’t like the fact i wont spar or clinch the last week. They even try to make me do it the last day of training but i say no. I have seen way to many accidents happen from people doing this. Plus it gives your body no time to recover before you fight and you have no power and your muscles are weak.

Anyway that s pretty much all i do 🙂

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