kate Heuston Australia’s WPMF world champ

Kate Heuston533053_10151842725465691_1580375887_n

Name: Kate Heuston Age: 27 Weight: 57kg Fights: 42 Wins:29 Draw: 1 KO:5 Gym: WA Thai Boxing centre Titles: 55.3kg WMC state, 55kg WKA Aus, 57.1kg WMC Aus, 57.1kg WMC Oceania, 57.1kg Intercontinental, 57.1kg WPMF World Gold medal Arafura games, Bronze & Silver medal IFMA world championship.

1. How long have you been doing Muay Thai and what made you start to fight?
I am coming into my 8th year of doing Muay Thai, i started in 2006 to get fit and lose weight as i was 84kg (eeekkk) when i first started. Once my fitness increased and i dropped the kg i was in love with what the sport had done for me so far and wanted to challenge myself further and see if i had it in me to fight and turns out i do haha.

603200_10151397486738698_1269554402_n2. You recently won a WPMF world title Vs a very tough Thai how did that feel? It wasn’t a planned fight that i had really trained my butt off for specifically, i was thrown in the deep end but what a great opportunity so we took the fight and it had the best outcome i could hope for. Sometimes i think the less time you have to stress over a fight the better you can perform.

3. What is your Favourite after weigh in meal? Anything and everything LOL I like cereal eg.Nutrigrain it’s got carbs and sugar and isn’t harsh on an empty stomach also watermelon is a fav.

4. What has been your biggest challenge as a female fighter? I can’t really say there have been to many dramas for me as a female fighter i come from a great gym/family/friends/partner that are all very supportive and work hard to help me be the best that i can be in this sport but i guess you could say finding matches can be hard sometimes as some promoters don’t want to spend big bucks on girls fights.538136_10150968180048698_514275655_n

5. Your proudest moment? Obviously winning the world title on the Kings birthday but i would also have to say i get pretty chuffed when strangers come up and tell you they like your fight style or want a pic that always puts a smile on my face.

300576_268634826506158_934663238_n6. Hardest fight and why? I would have to say my Oceania fight against Joanne Maceachern it was a non stop banger of a fight she was cut i had a shiner it was good fun.

7. If you could rematch anyone you have fought who would it be and why? I would like to rematch Alena from Belarus we fought in the world championships but i had a pretty bad injury and she is a cagey fighter so i would like to rematch her with no pads and no injuries because i think i could win163677_10150106843538698_4039268_n

8. You have a world title now so whats next in your list of goals for fighting? I would love a WMC world title before i retire(who wouldn’t) but im happy just getting good fights at the moment, i love the sport with or without the titles. Just keeping busy is my main goal.

9. what advise would you give to any females wanting to start up Muay Thai or fighting? Just do it! Don’t listen to any negativity, make your own goals and reach them and most of all do it for the fun if it’s not fun it’s not worth it anymore. I did it and have never looked back.

10. Any last words or people you would like to thank?
I would like to thank my friends, family and fans of Muay Thai and all my training buddys at WA Thai Boxing Centre especially Millad Farzad(A name to look out for big things for this boy in Muay Thai) for all his help in the gym/classes ect but last and certainly not least my trainer and partner Peter Boyd without all your sacrifices for me 556287_10150998091188698_220094124_nand this sport we love, i and our gym would not be what it is today Thank You. Keep supporting Muay Thai and let’s have another great year of fights. Also thanks to Tash for this questionnaire and helping promote female fighters. :o)

Interview By Natasha Sky Jan 2013 Photos from Facebook


2 thoughts on “kate Heuston Australia’s WPMF world champ

    • Totaly agree 🙂 self promotion in Muay Thai can be seen as having a big head or being full of your self as most people think that its not humble to promote your self 😦 so im helping these girls get out there without having to get put down and picked on 🙂

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