Hannah Taufan From Australia

Hannah Taufan

166181_497618764010_7098149_nQueensland, Australia

Age: 23
Gym: Strikeforce
Weight: 53-57kg
Reccord: 8 wins (2tko) 5 losses

I live on the Gold Coast, originally from Sydney I study and work full time. I have been training with Strikeforce for 3 years under Mark Pease. I have fought at a variety of weights usually above my preferred weight of 54kgs. I have been lucky enough to fight in Hong Kong and China. This year I hope to win a title, as I have had two closely scored fights with Casey Walters (Aus. title) and Kellie Newport (WBC Qld title). I hope to get a rematch with both at some stage.

1. How long have you been training Muay Thai and what made you want to fight? 

I’ve been training for 3 years fighting for two. I originally tried boxing but i couldn’t punch to save my self and the Muay Thai gym was next door so i jumped ship and never looked back. I wanted to fight because i was told girls shouldnt fight from my first gym. So i thought F*** you and found a new gym and had my first fight a few months later.

166869_497619379010_4469469_n2. Hardest fight and why?

Hardest fight was probably against Junko Maski in Hong Kong she punched like a truck and i got pretty sick before and after. She is the most experienced fighter i have fought.

3. Whats been your biggest challenge as a fighter?

My hardest challenge is my nerves/ pressure and believing in my self, i have serious self confidence issues sometimes as a fighter. I can train the house down but if my heads not in the right place on the night its all over.

4. What drives you to fight?

I love the adrenalin you get when the first kick is thrown and you know it’s hurting but you can’t feel a thing. Also the feeling you get after a fight, you just cant help it, win lose or draw, all you want to do is get back in there as soon as you can. I love this sport, I 310381_2251401357197_1030349756_nlove the training, it is a mixture of physical and mental challenges that ive never got from any other sports. I fight not to please any one else, i do it because it makes me happy and i love it.

5. Embarrassing moments?

I’m always running into things or falling over when i go for runs and its usually on the main road so everyone can see…. its AWESOME!

6. Favourite weapon in Muay Thai?167188_497618929010_943719_n

The grapple and knees

7. If you could fight anyone who would it be?

Haha at the moment a rematch with Kellie Newport

8. What do you think is the most important thing to remember as a fighter?

Be humble, never bad mouth other fighters or gyms.

9. Any advise for other females wanting to have a fight?

Get in there and fight even if its only once! It’s the best fitness and you learn so much about who you are as a person. If you commit enough you will get so much more than just physical rewards. It’s so good to see so many girls out there fighting now.


10. Any last words or people you would like to thank?

I want to thank my trainer for putting up with my shit. And thanks Tash for making Facebook more interesting. YEWWWWW!

Interview By Natasha Sky Jan 2013 Photos from Facebook


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