2nd fight in 1 week, Tonsilitis & 1st Round KO!

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It was February 2009, I had just had my 1st fight in Queensland with Leon Spain & Spain’s Gym (Read Here) It had been on a friday night, i was scheduled to have my next fight only one week later on the Saturday night at Eruption 4 on the Gold Coast. This next fight would be my 4th fight. After my fight on friday i didn’t feel to bad, i had a few bangs on my left shin but apart from that i thought i was going to be ok. Well on monday i got really sick. I went to the doctor and he said i had tonsilitis 😦 😦 anyone that has had tonsilitis bad will know how horrible it makes you feel. My whole body was aching, all my joints were stiff, i had the cold sweats and my throat was killing 2380_65422230896_8104_nme. It was torcher trying to train for my fight but there was no way i was pulling out. I wanted to fight so bad, i thought i would feel better by fight day so i put on a brave face. It came to weigh in day, i was still so sick which sucked so bad but it made it really easy to make the weight of 54kg. I didn’t even have to try i couldn’t eat or drink much anyway so i made weight easy with no running or sauna. I didn’t get to see my opponent weigh in as she had weighed in earlier so i had no idea what she looked like. By this stage i didn’t care, all i wanted to do was get the fight over and done so i could just go to sleep. Fight day and i still felt so horrible 😦 i thought what the hell am i doing! but i was to stubborn to ever pull out of the fight. All i had wanted to do for the last year at my old gym (Read Here) was to fight all the time and now was my chance, i didn’t want to miss out. We get to the show and my opponent and her gym come sit right near us. They start wrapping her hands, i thought maybe they were trying to psych us out, they had the whole hall to sit in but they came to sit right next to us. She was so tall! she was a foot taller than me. I was trying to look like i was all happy and healthy but it was a struggle when i couldn’t barely keep my eyes open or my head up. My corner is trying to rub me down with Thai oil and every time they touched me i felt like i was going to throw up. I knew that if i had to last the whole fight i was gonna gas out for sure, i thought stuff it im gonna just go crazy. The bell went for round one and that’s what i did, i just went out as fast and as hard as i could. I threw everything at her,, she didn’t know what was going on. I was like a crazy little pitball! The ref kept telling her to fight 2380_65422240896_8340_nback or she would stop the fight. I continued to throw a lot of punches and kicks, then landed a step up knee pulled her down and continued to knee. She bent over and spat out her mouth guard, the ref gave her a count. She couldn’t breath, she was winded, over whelmed and couldn’t make the count. I won by TKO 1 min 43 sec into the first round. I couldn’t believe it! I was so happy it was my first KO! I knew that if i didn’t KO her i would have been stuffed. I was so sick, no way i could have kept that pace up for more than one round. I was so happy that it was over, now i could go home and sleep! It was crazy, i still can’t believe i fought when i was so sick. I think the fact i was fighting out of pure push and fear of not being able to last actually made me fight crazy like it was life or death. I got an ear bashing by my corner after the fight because they worked up more of a sweat getting me ready out the back than what i did in my entire fight hahaha! 🙂

Watch the Fight Video HERE!!! Natasha sky Vs Bianca Stilby Feb 2009

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