Interview with Eden NTG Australia

Eden NTG Australia29730_1385731275986_1169067_n

Hi my name is Eden & im 19 years old. My record stands at 12F 11W 1L 1KO & i have held The QLD super bantam weight title. Representing Nuggets Thai boxing gym. I started thai boxing at Vikings muay thai about 4 years ago & had my first fight at 16.

How long have you been doing Muay Thai and what made you first start?

I’ve been training for 4 years. When I living with my mum I saw fight girls & the contender & wanted to try a different sport.

You have changed Gyms to Nuggets Thai boxing how does that feel?

Feels great Tash, it was a big change for me & still is a challenge. But defiantly the style of training that works well for me.

37198_1536578247066_2184693_nYou have just come back from a year off, how has it been getting back into training and fighting? Training was difficult & frustrating. I was doing pad work with my brother & he was teaching me Nuggets way of training, it was & still is a battle for me to change my habits. But in saying that we’re seeing progress & to be back fighting again feels great.

What has been your biggest challenge as a fighter?

Since training for Nugget, biggest challenge would be changing my old habits.

How do you find training amongst so many men?

Training amongst them, no problem. Sparring them can be a different story haha but its all fun & games , defiantly toughens me up.


Who has been your hardest fight and why? I would have to say Chloe Natress. This was my 1st QLD title shot. It was hard because the whole 5 rounds Chloe wouldn’t stop applying pressure on me, kept me fighting on my back foot the whole time.

Proudest moment? Would be winning the QLD title at 17.208538_1838399992421_23898_n

What are your fighting goals?

To get stronger & better my technique in all fields.

Do you have any advise for girls wanting to start Muay Thai or fighting?

Go hard or go home.

Do you have anyone you would like to thank?

Would like to thank my old trainers from Vikings, a family that helped me in & out of the ring. Thanks for nugget for taking me in. Soren & my brother  Peter for training & guiding me.

Interview By Natasha Sky November 2012 Photos from Facebook


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