Courttney Richardson Interview

 Courtney Richardson59840_1336492467176_5308174_n

Im 17 years old. 2x 53kg Junior QLD title, 1x47kg Junior QLD title. My fight weight is 47kg but i always have to fight up a weight due to there not being enough girls in my weight division.

Fight Record ~

8W 4L 2KO

Born in Perth, grew up in QLD

1. How long have you been doing Muay Thai and how did you first start? – i have been training muay thai since i was 8 years old.. i am now 17 so thats 9 whole years! i had always wanted to play NRL like my brother, but my dad had said that it was a boys sport and i wasnt allowed, until one night he drove me to First Strik Muay Thai, where i fell in love.39038_1283186374557_3616785_n

2. How did it feel to win your first title? – it felt like all my hard work had finally paid off, i cried as i was only 15 years old and had already accomplished my life dream! my dad was over the moon.

61507_1336483226945_2647618_n3. Who was your hardest fight and why? – This is tricky because i have fought a lot of strong girls, but i would definately have to say Kimmy Law! she was really hard to get around and just a great fighter!

4. What has been your biggest challenge as a fighter? – i think my biggest challenge was believing in myself and learning that i CAN do it, its a mind over matter sort of thing really.

5. You have great support from your gym, how do you think that has helped you? – First Strike Muay Thai is my second family.. Grant is the only dad i have left and i love him to bits! Without First Strike i wouldnt have the discipline and courage i have today.190678_1536266141393_920388_n

6. What drives you to fight? – well i love that adrenaline rush you get, and how when you step those ropes everything is blocked out, and its just you and your opponent, that feel good moment when the referee raises your hand and hands you a title belt, it just goes to show anyone who ever puts their mind to it, can and will do it.

7. Who would you like to fight in the future if you had the chance? – DEFINATELY keen on rematching Hannah Taufan to take my win back!

31671_1220070036688_6139562_n8. Any embaressing moments? – Well…. i fought Jessica Levido on Rampage at Redcliffe when i was 15, i have always had mouthguard troubles (i gag on it) and just as the bell for the last round went, i ran to my corner to get Grant to take the mouth guard out, unfortunately he was too late and i spewed all over him! he caught it and yep… he chucked it back at me. hahaha on the plus side.. i won my fight?

9. Any advise for young females wanting to take up fighting? – Go for it! We need more girls in the sport! its also a great way to learn self defence and fitness!62319_1336492587179_3620339_n

10. Anything you would like to say or anyone you would like to thank? – i would love to thank Grant and Sandy Sellin for all their hard work and basically for being there for me, training me and kicking my ass! Everyone at First Strike for their support. ALSO my amazing dad who stood strong by my side, for every fight night.. every training session.. in my corner screaming my name, i know hes up there in the clouds watching over me.. love you my one man crowd ❤<3149564_1398527618016_4335835_n

Thanks Tash xx

Interview by Natasha sky Dec 2012 Photos from facebook


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