Cervical operation, Fight & Busted Ear Drum

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This was one of the scariest thing to happen to me 😦 Early in 2011 i found out that i had stage 3 cervical cancer cells on quite big area of my cervix. I had been planing to go to Thailand for some time now and had already paid for the tickets. We were offered a sponsorship at a Muay Thai camp and i didn’t want to let the manager down by not coming when we said we would. We we very excited that we had been offered the sponsorship and didn’t want the offer to be given to someone else. We were due to leave in 2 weeks so i decided to get a check up before we left not thinking they would actually find anything. The doctor called me a few days after, she told me to come back in, that i had stage three abnormal cells that were very advanced. I was so scared and devastated i didn’t know what to do. The doctor told me that i had to have an operation to remove part of my cervix, that if i left it much longer it would turn to full on cancer. There was along waiting list to get into the OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERApublic hospital, i didn’t have time to wait so i had to pay a lot of money to get into a private place. The appointment was only four days before we had to leave to Thailand. I had the operation done while i was awake in the chair, it was so scary. They removed a big piece of my cervix and told me i would be in quite a bit of pain for a few weeks and that i had to take it east for about 6 weeks. I wasnt having a bar of that, No way! i was going to Thailand, nothing was going to stop me. I had worked too hard to let it go to waste. The pain wasnt to bad, i thought i must have come out of it one of the lucky ones. Four days later we set off for Thailand. We started training 2x a day straight away, it was hard because i had not done any training at all for the past few months over xmas break, i was over weight :(. I wanted to make a good impression on the camp manager for letting us come, i didn’t want them to think i was weak or had no heart. I thought that doctor was just saying 6 weeks to be safe you know what they can be like! i felt ok just a bit of pain, i could handle it.  After about a week i started to get bad pain, then bleeding so i slowed down and didn’t train for a week untill it stopped. Then back into training because they had lined me up a fight in 2 weeks! I pushed OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthrough the pain even though now i think what an idiot i was, but oh well i wasnt letting anything get in the way of my dream of fighting in Thailand. Everyone was telling me i was crazy and they couldn’t believe i was training let alone going to have a fight after what i had been through only a few weeks before. I was hearing stories from people about how they couldn’t get out of bed for weeks because of the pain. So i don’t know if i was lucky or if i was that determined to fight that i just blocked it out and didn’t care. Fight night came around quick, i was fighting a girl from Holland. She was crazy she came out throwing huge bombs from all over the place all weird angles. She was so crazy that her hands were wide, so in the 4th round i dropped her with a right hand while she was trying to knock my head off. She got up from it to beat the count but i don’t know how, she was tough as nails then i dropped her again straight after, she got up again to be Tsaved by the bell. In the 5th round she came out even crazier! i tried to clinch her but she kept throwing hooks into the side of my head. Then BAM! all i could hear was this loud ringing noise in my head. I didn’t know what was going on i thought i was getting KOd but i was still up and awake. The ringing continued so loud, i couldn’t find my footing very well so i tried to stay away from her but she kept coming all crazy. I could hear my corner yelling at me to go forward but all i was thinking was stay the hell away from me you crazy bitch, i knew i had already won om points, i didn’t want to get caught while i had no balance. The final bell went, i won the fight by points yay! but my ear was still ringing for about 1hour after the fight. I went and said thank you to the girl i fought, she must Thave had concussion because she didn’t know who i was and then she asked me if she had won. The next day i couldn’t hear anything from my left ear but i didn’t know what was wrong. The manager from the gym told me not to go to the doctor, to get one of the trainers to blow in it. I thought that sounded stupid so i just waited to see if it would get better on its own.  About four days later i still couldn’t hear,  one of the trainers yelled in it, it hurt so bad it made me cry 😦 so i went to the doctor and found out i had a tasperforated ear drum. He said it was really bad, that i might need to get an operation to fix it. I was so happy that everything had gone ok with my cervical stuff, i had no prob there in my fight but now my ear drum was busted, doc said no training for 8 weeks. He put a piece of paper stuff over the hole which was the most horrible feeling ever! poking around in my ear, on my ear drum with this metal thing, it made me feel so sick. I’m so glad he did it because i could hear again, it helped my ear heal so that i didn’t have to get the operation. My ear is still very sensitive now, i get scared it could bust again really easy but what can you do hey that’s the risk we take 🙂 I think back now and i cant believe i had a fight that close after the operation it was stupid but when your addicted to Muay Thai and you have a dream you don’t let anything hold you back because you never know when u will get another chance.

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