My first fight for Spain’s Gym Feb 2009


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I first started training in Toowoomba Queensland at Spain’s Muay Thai under trainer Leon Spain in January 2009. This was after i made the move from Murray Bridge Muay Thai in South Australia after my second fight in 2008 (read here) . Spain’s Gym was where my boyfriend now husband Dane Sky had been training for about 2 years. Leon wasnt sure about having me train there as he thought it would make trouble with having a couple training together and he didn’t want Dane distracted. After i said i was going to go to another gym which wasnt very good he said that if i had any talent it would be wasted at this other gym and for me to come train with him. My first training was strange it was different to what i had been used to. I had done mainly one on one training and only trained with the same 3 or 4 people all the time.228632_227292920620384_6542273_n

Spain’s gym had about 10 people that day but i was the only girl. We did 2 rounds of an interval high intensity cardio and conditioning circuit with 10 different stations with a round of pads in the middle of each circuit. Then after that we worked on some kicking techniques then clinching and sparing. It was hard work, even harder for me to break the bad habits and wrong techniques i had learnt at my previous (Read more about them here) . Leon was very patient and really put the effort into showing me what i had to do. After only 2 days training he said i could fight in 3 weeks, also the week after that!! I couldn’t believe it!! At my old gym i would have to beg to fight and even then i would have to wait months. I had been at Spain’s for 2 days and already had 2 fights a week apart lined up, i was over the moon. Leon was so passionate about Muay Thai, having me there wanting to fight he wanted to get me as many fights as he could. I took the fight in 3 weeks it was at the Mansfield tavern in Brisbane against a girl from Newcastle Jodie Palozzi. I didn’t know what to expect from my new gym but it was great Leon really looked after me. I had to cut some weight for the first time ever and that was hard but Leon came to the weigh in, he stood by me when i had to do shadow and jogging in a sweat suit in the car park. Even though i complained and was a pain in the ass the whole time 😦 The prep for my fight was awesome everything was done perfectly out the back Leon made sure of that. 227926_227292953953714_2940549_nThe fight started and i felt like Leon was in the ring with me. I could hear instruction through the whole fight. I didn’t realise that the girl i was fighting was a south paw untill Leon called it out, he told me to move left and lead with the right hand. I did this and i dropped her for and 8 count. When i went back to my corner after every round i had a seat there i had a person each side of me icing my injuries, Leon in the ring giving me water and instructions.2197_63956610896_7288_n I won my fight by points it was a clinch war and very fast paced. I don’t think i could have done it with out such a great Gym and Trainer there to guide me and work my corner. I was so happy!! I loved my new gym and trainer i kept thinking to my self this is what its supposed to be like i wasted so much time at that old gym i wish i had moved here sooner. I never looked back this was the start of something awesome!! 228446_227292837287059_7553803_nAfter the fight i was a bit banged up but Leon was straight on to all my injuries and had me fixed up for my next fight in 6 days time (READ HERE). That year 2009 i had 7 fights for 6 wins 1 first round KO and won 2x WKBF Queensland Titles in 2 different weights and i fought my first world champion! I was loving it! Thanks to Leon spain and Spain’s gym.

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