Natasha Sky 2nd Fight 2008

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It was November 2008 when i had my second fight. It was my first Modified Muay Thai fight with no elbows as my first fight was only a padded kickboxing fight. I was living in south Australia so i didn’t have many girls to fight because there was only had a handful of female fighters. knees of fury 2088I ended up being matched with a girl called Adriana who had already had 7 or more kickboxing/Muay Thai fights and maybe a few other fights in other martial arts. The fight was to be at the Knees Of Fury show held in Adelaide. The fight was matched at 57kg which sucked for me because i was walking around at 54kg and she was cutting down to 57kg  because it was the lowest she could get. I didn’t really care i just wanted to fight, i had no one else so i didn’t want to miss out. I had the worst prep for this fight physically because of my shin splints and mentally because of the gym i was at and the things that had been going on (read here) . Anyway it was weight in day and my trainer his girlfriend, Big mick and i went down to Adelaide to weigh in. It was strange i wasnt nervous about the weigh in but i was nervous because Dane was fighting on the same show and it was only the second time i was going to meet him in person after a few months of talking on the phone and forming a relationship. It was great i ate all the way to the weigh in because my trainer didn’t want me to look too under weight for the fight which never happens now days!. We all sat down and they called our names to weigh in. Both my opponent and i got up, she looked nervous about making weight i knew i was going to be ok but i striped down anyway to 2008show off my 8pack abs haha. After we made weight my opponent quickly started shoveling her mouth full of food and water like she hadn’t eaten in days. I finally got to met up with Dane and was talking to him out in the hallway. I don’t think either of our trainers approved of this as they were giving us the death stare down. I think Danes trainer thought i was distracting him and well my trainer just called me a traitor for talking to someone from another gym haha i bet they never expected us to get married down the track.

It was fight day and i was super nervous for this fight, i didn’t want to gas out like it did in my first fight (Read Here) this next fight was on a huge show in front of thousands of people. We get to the venue and head to out change rooms where they have a pile of shin pads and head gear. My trainer said to me that i could where the shin pads if i wanted to but i thought to my self i wanna do this the real way and be taken seriously with no padding. We ended up moving to a private change room with some fighters from Flinders gym to get ready. I remember hitting pads and thinking i was feeling tired already how was i going to fight. I got covered in oil and gloved up and walked to the back of the stage. My opponent was dancing around shadow boxing in front of me. The security guard standing there said “don’t worry about her she just trying to freak you out”. My music came on, i walked out to a huge crowd going crazy. Was this really happening, am i really doing this. I seal the ring and i go back to my corner where my trainer makes a joke about my opponent having really bad B.O. he said “im glad your fighting her and not me she stinks”. The bell went for round one we exchanged a few punches then both went for an inside leg kick at the same time BAM!! shin clash!! i was like OMG that’s what it feels like!! they all lied to me when they said i wouldn’t feel it!! After that one shin clash early in the first round my left shin was smashed up. 602730_397174740368036_885794620_nI get back to my corner and they make me stand and my trainer just stood on the side of the ring. No one iced my shin or did anything to help me in any way. I didn’t even get any real instructions from my trainer. Why did i have 3 people in my corner if the 2 corner people were just going to sit on chairs away from the ring and the trainer not even to bother to sit me down or get in the ring. I went out for the 2nd round feeling alone i didn’t know what to do my corner wasnt telling me anything. She come forward with a lot of punches, i kicked back landing some good shots. At one stage i heard Big Mick yell “use your angels”  i did it and it worked. But that was the only instruction i really got, it wasnt enough. I worked the whole time but i was going back way to much. I went back to my corner and the same thing no ice or anything just my trainer standing on the side telling me im winning. It’s now the third and last round im not feeling gassed i was feeling fit but i needed some help from the corner as to what to do. We ended up in the clinch and i dumped her i was happy about that, it felt good. The fight was back and forward untill the end but i was still on the back foot. After the last bell i went back to my corner my trainer said to me “you have won go get your trophy”. I went to the middle and they called out that Adriana had beaten me by split points and raised her hand. I was upset because i know i could have won, i was let down by my trainer just not giving me any instruction. 196990_397174683701375_1281216142_nAfter the fight i had to ice my shin it was so black and swollen i could hardly walk on it. I sat down with my family to watch Dane fight. Dane got split with and Elbow in round two in the middle of his forehead. His trainer and corner looked after him so well it was amazing to watch. It was then i decided it was time to leave my gym for good. After seeing the difference if corner work and the way a good gym treats their fighters. Dane went the distance but lost on points because he spent the whole fight trying to cover his cut and didn’t work enough. After we had both fought I said i would drive Dane to the hospital to get stitched. It was quite funny i was limping, Dane had to help me walk and Dane had a huge split on his head, i had to keep wiping the blood off. We walked into the emergency room, they looked at us really strange. We told the we had been in fights haha they thought it being 2am that we were drunk and had fought each other haha. After we explained we were doing a sport they let us through and stitched Dane’s head up, gave me some stuff for my shin. As we were walking out of the hospital we see these drunk guys in the waiting room they start yelling at us. “you’re the fighters we seen” they started telling us that they loved the show so much they were trying to copy the moves on each other and one of them broke his thumb haha it was pretty funny but i did feel sorry for the guy. So we both hobbled off back to a hotel room where we spent the one night we got together all busted up and covered in blood haha true love ❤ I never went back to my gym after that and it was the best thing i ever did.

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