Natasha Sky Q & A’s from Facebook

Natasha Sky Q&A’s from Facebook309380_10150334885960897_567280896_7969328_1403031664_n

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Australian Muay Thai Fighter currently living and Training in Thailand

Hollie Carew whats the hardest part about being a female in a male dominated sport AND being a female training/fighting in Thailand? lol

I think the hardest part is getting recognised for the hard work you put in. Not being able to get into magazines or on tv like the men do, not getting paid as much either. I’ve always been a bit of a tom boy i raced moto x when i was younger and most of my friends are boys. I have spent about 9 years working in abbitors with all men aswell so im used to being around them. In Australia my gym  members and trainer Leon Spain never treated me any different i would still get bashed untill i cried, i would get no sympathy because i was a girl. My trainer even said he thinks girls train harder than the boys but they are just really emotional haha. My gym in Thailand Sinbi Muay Thai is great they treat women as equals i don’t get treated any differently, i think i actually surprised them with the things i can do because they didn’t think a women could do them.  I like training with all men because im very competitive with them and it makes me train harder haha i like making them look like pussys.

184845_102585599820370_100002067911774_23291_2820301_nJenny Lau you fought out of your depth a few times fighting world champs etc- now that you have had more experience,  which of those losses would you most like to rematch?

I would like to rematch all of them 🙂 They were all great fighters and it would be good to see how far i have come since fighting them earlier. I fought my first world champ when i had only 7fights and then went on to fight all the top ranked girls with more than 15-20+ more fights than me b4 i had even had 15fights. Now that im at that level i look back and i would absolutely bash my self back then so i know now that i never had a chance against those girls i shouldnt have even been matched with them but im proud that i fought them and gave it my all.

76617_475998605896_567280896_5551584_3695311_nBec Laurie What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned in your time of training/fighting?

To train smart! listen to your body when you are injured and get onto it asap. Train around injuries not through them! If i had done that with my shin splints at the start i prob would have never let them get so bad. I just tried to train through them and they have really made my fighting a real struggle. Also there are a lot of Knobs and wannabe nut huggers in this sport, so don’t take what people say to heart! dont let it get you down! people will always try to bring you down hatters gonna hate!!

Cale Humphreys Whats your planes for the future after fighting?

I wish i could fight forever but i cant 😦 i love the lifestyle here in Thailand and i never want it to end. I think Dane and i might travel a bit and then see what happens. I wanna start up our own gym and i also wanna promote shows and ref and judge and be apart of the sport as much as i can. I really wanna be able to promote big all female fight shows. I wanna do whatever i can to get the females out there!

Niina Pohjola Is there something you would do differently now that you look back your 31353_398747190896_2214565_ntraining/fighting history? Any advice you would give to ‘young Natasha’?

I started off training At Murray Bridge Muay Thai in south Australia if i could go back i would have left that gym after my first fight, moved to Queensland to Spain’s Gym way earlier than i did. I wasted a lot of time with very bad people in a negative environment.  I also probably would have maybe waited a bit longer and got a bit more experience b4 i fought so many top ranked girls it has made me a stronger fighter but i think it really made my confidents go down for a while.

Mae-Lin Leow You’ve managed to successfully have a relationship with a fellow fighter. I’ve seen (and experienced) this situation going disastrously wrong, what are your perspectives on the pros and cons of relationships during your fight career, whether with a fellow fighter or a “civilian”?

I started off with a Civilian boyfriend and it went bad!! they just don’t understand you. It’s hard to explain to someone who doesn’t do muay thai why you come home all busted up why your always tired and on a diet why you can go out to the pub with them and so on. When i met Dane we got each other we could relate to how we both felt and understood when one was sore or tired or cutting weight. There is no way that i would ever be able to do what i have today if i didn’t have Dane to support me and we do it all together its great! We train together everyday but when we train we are there to train we are training partners and what happens at home stays home and training stays at training!. We do get in a few fights when he holds pads for me too cause i don’t listen to him he makes me do stuff i don’t want to its easy to tell him to F off!13538_191825325896_5376472_n

Jake M. Lund What are the pros and cons you have found in fighting/competing in Thailand as to back home in Australia?

I love fighting in Thailand there is no pressure, weigh ins, walk out music no big fuss if u win or lose no one cares because u fight again in 2weeks. They fight slower so most the time you know your not going to get some crazy person trying to ko you in the first rd. The thing is that half the time u don’t know who your fighting untill you get to the stadium and they always lie about how many fights they have had so you could get some thai with 200fights. Some times you might get someone way bigger too but can work both ways sometimes you might get someone smaller. I’ve been pretty lucky i have been match pretty even for all my fights on weight and skill level. The scoring is different in Thailand though which has been hard for me to get used to and when i think i have it worked out it seems to change so i don’t know how they score it. Thats the one thing i like about Australia they score each round wich makes it easier to keep track of how you are doing. But really i prefer fighting in Thailand cause i don’t like cutting weight its unhealthy and bad for your body later cause makes u get even fatter in the end plus im no good at it 😦404688_10151043447501205_2091029702_n

Hugh Cameron What is it you most enjoy about training in Thailand & Thailand in general?

Not having to work!!! being able to focus on just muay thai, fighting and being only surrounded by people who are positive and are doing the same thing. Plus i love the respect you get here from random people you have never met. Old ladies will see you running in your shorts and pull up next to you and give you the thumbs up. People will come up to you in the street and shake your hand and ask you when you fight next. At home i go running in my muay thai shorts and some one will yell out slut as they drive past!  Thailand in general is so relaxed and stress free Plus they have the best Banana pancakes mmmmm!

Paulene Hampton Who got you into it in the first place?

It was my ex boyfriend that took me to a fight show and after that i was hooked. He became my ex boyfriend pretty quick after that when i started kicking his ass at training haha. I was always rough so it was a good sport for me to get into. I was lost b4 i found Muay Thai it changed my life so much made me a better person.224905_10150905686020897_1782704570_n

Thanks to everyone for your questions all really good ones too 🙂 I will do another one of these again one day 🙂

Tash xo December 2012

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2 thoughts on “Natasha Sky Q & A’s from Facebook

  1. “I started off with a Civilian boyfriend and it went bad!! they just don’t understand you. It’s hard to explain to someone who doesnt do muay thai why you come home all busted up why your always tired and on a diet why you can go out to the pub with them and so on. ”

    — This is also one reason why i also prefer dating a guy who boxes or does muay thai or at least sporty so that he’d know why you do and don’t do certain stuff. I don’t want to date or be in a relationship with someone who would taunt me “I pay to get hurt and who would want that” kind of shit.

    • Its hard for sure the last thing u need when your trying to train and fight is someone on your back all the time for things they dont understand. But i have seen some people date people that dont train and it works def not for me though im too intense and passionate about Muay thai that even gets a bit much for dane some times.

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