Why you should NOT eat so close to a fight!!!

WARNING = Do not read if you have a weak stomach or can’t handle vomit!

I’m always afraid of this before a fight but thank god it’s never happened to me!!

It was a normal night of fights at Bangla Stadium Phuket, my hubby and I were there to support a few Sinbi fighters. I was also trying to take lots of photos for my new photo page on Facebook.  I’m not sure what number fight it was but it was in the middle somewhere. These 2 really tall thai boys one in the red corner was 15 yr old and the one in the blue corner was 17yr old. They came out really strong and headed straight for the clinch both kneeing with such awesome technique and power. By the end of the 3rd round i thought the red corner was winning but it was a close fight.

In the 4th round they were clinching when the red corner stepped back from the clinch and power chucked all over the ring. The ref just waved his hand and said fight, the blue guy just jumped back on to the red guy and they continued fighting. I was surprised they didn’t call time as there was spew all over the ring. They continued to clinch for about 20 sec then the red guy spewed again but this time it was all down the shoulder and back of the blue guy. They stepped back from each other and the red guy spewed again on to the ring. This time the ref steps in and give the red guy an 8 count as he continues to throw up. The bell dings for the end of the 4th round and they go back to their corners. The red guy gets back to his corner sits down and spews again while the blue corner men are busy trying to wipe the spew off their fighter.

The stadium cleaners also jumped in the ring between the rounds to clean the spew up off the ring with brooms. The 5th round starts and the boys are straight back into it clinching and fighting like nothing ever happened. The fight went the whole 5 rounds and blue took the points win over red who i thought would have won if he didn’t get the 8 count from spewing up.

This was a crazy thing to see!! ive never seen anything like it before! These kids were that focused on the fight that it didn’t even worry them that they were fighting in spew or getting spewed on!! it was crazy for sure!  I so often see fighters eating a big bowl of rice before they fight. I always get told by my trainers to eat before i go to the fights  because i never do, i never eat anything about 4 or 5 hrs before i fight and if i do its only a banana. I guessing this kid has eaten a bit to close to the fight and getting kneed so many times in the stomach wasnt good. So the moral of the story is not to eat too close to your fight or you might end up like this poor boy in the red corner. Ekkkk!

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