Training at Sinbi Muay Thai 2011 & 2012

There is so much i could say about Sinbi Muay Thai Gym that i wouldn’t even fit it into one blog! But i will try to keep it short 🙂

I first came to SINBI in April 2011 after spending a month at another Phuket gym which was absolute hell. When we told Sing the owner of SINBI about what had happened at the previous gym he told us not to worry that we would get looked after at SINBI and he was so right. From the first day of training the trainers were so nice to us, all asking how we were going and introducing them selves. The gym had a great atmosphere, my husband and i felt so welcome and excited to train like we were beginners again. After a few weeks of training we both had found the pad holders that suited our styles, they took us under their wings. We found that if you show dedication the trainers will really go out of their way to help you and take extra time out to show you things. We became good friends with the trainers they were like our family.

The training at SINBI was smart and up to date, they would mix it up each day. They let you add your own personal things like weights or interval training in with your daily training not like some gyms that just want you to do the same old school boring training everyday. In the months we spent at SINBI the first time we had good even fights against hard opponents & no dodgy fights like some gyms will set up for you. They always looked after us before and after the fights and helped us with any injuries we had gotten from the fights. They never made us train through any injuries but they always had a way of training around them.

We loved SINBI Muay Thai so much that we went home saved for a year and came back in Aug 2012. We have been back at SINBI for just over 3 months now and it has been absolutely awesome! The trainers all remembered us and were happy to see us when we came back. Sing helped us find a place to live for a year or so and the trainers helped us with anything else we needed. There is a few new trainers who are amazing at what they do.

My hubby and i have both come back from a big break of not fighting or training so the training has been hard.  The trainers told us to take it slow the first few weeks to get back into it which was smart. We both have had 3 fights already only after being back training 3 months! i was supposed to have a 4th fight but it got cancelled on the night due to lack of opponents at this time. Having that amount of fights in such a short time was only possible because of the great training we have been getting at SINBI. Also the new equipment they have available , rowing machine, spin bikes, kettle bells, medicine balls and more. The training has been smart and intense with days off to recover and that has given us injurie free training aswell. So many great fighters visit SINBI during the year some stay for long periods of time so there is always people of all levels to spar with and swap advise and info with.

So i could go on about how awesome SINBI is for hours and i would recommend it to anyone that wants to train for fun, fitness or serious fighting. The atmosphere is great! The trainers are totally awesome! The location is beautiful! The training is smart! and the people you met are friends for life! I love SINBI MUAY THAI and you will too 🙂

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Nov 2012


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