Natasha Sky 1st Fight 2008

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It was April 2008 and i had just come back from my training trip in Thailand (read here) i had 4 days to prepare for my first fight. The fight show was being held at the Bridge Way hotel in Adelaide South Australia. I was super keen to fight and had no fear, i just wanted to get in there and give it all i got. After spending 2 days of travel to get home from Thailand i was so tired. My trainer then had me doing sprints and pad work to get my last bit of training in b4 my day off to rest and then my fight. I felt like i was as ready as i could be after all the hard training i had done.

It was weigh in day and i was on weight at 55kg. It was easy because didn’t have to diet or cut any weight for this fight it was my walking around weight. The weigh in was cool, i got to met a few different people from different gyms and see buff guys get down to their jocks haha. They called my name and my opponents name, Sky Hiscock we both walked up and one at a time we stepped on the scales. We both made our agreed weight of 55kg. The promoter then asked us to do a stand-off photo facing each other. My opponent was trying to give me the death stare and i was trying so hard not to laugh pulling a weird smile. I felt like a total spazo it was so hard for me to be serious.

Fight day came and i was a little bit nervous but i was pumped! It was Anzac day and i was the first fight so while they were doing the minute’s silence i was kicking pads out the back which echoed through the whole place! oopsy. My music came on “smack my bitch up” by prodigy and i walked out head held high. I felt so switched on and empowered it was amazing! As i got up into the ring i nearly fell over the ropes, they were a lot harder to climb over than i had thought! oh that would have sucked falling into the ring haha I looked to my opponents corner as she came into the ring jumping around doing punches and i started to laugh, i don’t even know why i was laughing but my trained told me to just focus.

Round 1 we started quick as you do when its your first fight. Nothing she did hurt me or freaked me out so i knew i was going to be fine. After about 1min i realised that this was going to be a hell of a lot harder than i ever thought it was going to be! I started to feel so tired and my arms got really heavy.

Round 2 was the same fast pace but i was gassing out really quickly i remember thinking “who’s idea was this cause it sux and i want it to be over” i pushed on through the round out scoring her with punches and kicks. I got back to my corner and i was breathing so heavy my trainer kept telling me i only had to do one more round.

Round 3 was fast to start but soon slowed down as both of us were so tired we couldn’t even keep our hands up. We fell to the ground and getting back up was a struggle. I pushed on as much and as hard as i could throwing everything i had in slow motion haha.

I took the points win in a fight where i protected my boobs more than my head and i thought i was going to die from exhaustion. My technique was horrible and everything i thought i knew went out the window as soon as the fight started. Straight after the fight i said to my trainer “i need to be fitter”. I never expected it to be that hard and my trainer had never had a fight him self so he could never tell me what it was going to be like. One good thing was I had no injuries which was good i didn’t even have any aches at all it was like i didn’t even have a fight.

I look back now and i know where i went wrong but its all learning and i certainly learnt a lesson from this fight. No one can explain to you how it feels to be in there for your first time. You never know what you’re going to get for your first fight and you might think you are training hard but you will always need to do that extra work. Make sure you are super fit because fitness is a huge thing for your first few fights, you will use so much more energy than you need to by throwing so much. Do lots of running i mean lots of running about 8-10km a few days a week and sprints! This fight was a huge eye opener to me into what i was going to have to do to become a real Muay Thai fighter. It was the hardest 6 minutes of my life and it made me question my self as to if i wanted to keep doing it but it also challenged me to get better.Read about my next fight (HERE)

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