The Start of My Muay Thai obsession!

Before you read my blogs and get offended (READ HERE)

After my first session of Muay Thai ( Read Here ) i booked my self in for my next lessons. I was going to do 2 days a week Tuesday and thursday mornings for a while untill Paul thought i was dedicated and fit enough to do more. I was working at an abattiors on afternoon shift starting at 4pm till about midnight it was hard work, so getting up to train in the mornings was a struggle. Some nights we would work untill 1am then by the time i got home had a shower and wound down it was about 3am then up at 9am for training for 2-3 hours. I’m not a morning person at all!!! I need to have about 9-10hours sleep to be able to function properly so it was messy lol. Even just with the 2 days a week of training i was totally stuffed my body hurt downloadall over and i was constantly tired. I did the personal lessons during the day while everyone else was at work, i didn’t get to meet any of the other people who also did the personal lessons and the group training. We had a Xmas break up dinner at a local pub where everyone who was involved with this club came. I finally got to meet the famous Georgie she greeted me with “oh so your Natasha” which i didn’t think anything of untill later down the track. I also got to meet Michael or “Big Mick” as everyone called him. Big Mick was a big guy about 6’4 about 100kg but really fit with a blonde mohawk, he was also one of the guys my friend had been talking about. After the Xmas break I told Paul i wanted to fight he called me over to his house and sat me down with Georgie and they explained what i needed to do to become a fighter, the dedication i needed. They made sure i was totally sure about it. I grew up rough and a tom boy, i had a lot of street fights and done some crazy stuff growing up so i though really how hard can it be ive had fights before. They agreed to let me start training as a fighter in late January with the other fighters. My week was now Monday 2hr weights, Tuesday 2-3hr Muay Thai, Wednesday 2hr weights, Thursday 2-3hr Muay Thai Fri was my day off unless we had to go to another gym in Adelaide to do sparring, Saturdays i did running and some sparring with Big Mick and Sundays i trained with the other fighters doing sprints, technique drills & sparring. I was walking around at work like a zombie! Everyone was asking me what was wrong? was i sick or had something happened as i wasnt my normal loud crazy self singing songs and dancing around the place being a total clown. I could hardly keep my eyes open i was running on empty, i was so determined to prove my self to the people at the club and to my self that i could do it. In February Paul said to me that he had me a match up for a fight show coming up in April. I was over the moon! all this training was going to pay off. I was also asked if i wanted to go to Thailand to train at a Muay Thai camp for a month over March and April with some people from another gym, i would be back 4 days before my fight so it would be really good. I was like hell yeah!! It was all i could think about for the next month it was crazy my brain was all Muay Thai. I couldn’t even walk past someone at work without throwing a knee or a kick at them. I can’t even count the amount of times i got busted shadow boxing or practicing my foot work down the hall ways at work, at home, in windows and mirrors wherever i went lol. I couldn’t sleep at night because all i would think about was my fight and what i was going to do. When i did sleep i would dream about it and wake up kicking and punching in my sleep. I couldn’t believe the passion i had for this sport already, it was amazing! I had been lost in life but now i had found the one thing that was missing the whole time. Every person i talked to had to hear about Muay Thai, most people didn’t know images (13)what the hell i was going on about but i just talked about it anyway. Things with my boyfriend went bad after all the training and the time i was spending doing Muay Thai. I was always tired and sore i didn’t want to go out or do anything i had to stay home and rest for training all we did was fight about it. He liked Muay Thai and he did a bit of training but it wasnt the same for him as it was for me. I was obsessed with it! i went and brought shorts, shirts, jackets DVDs even some really ugly stupid kickboxing pants because they said Muay Thai on them! Yep i even wore them! god knows what people thought but i didn’t care. I spent the next few weeks training hard for my first fight and getting ready to take my first ever trip to the mother land of Muay Thai ( Read Here) i was EXCITED!!!

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