Oh my what nice eyes you have for me to PECK!

So i don’t know how many people will be reading this that would have trained in Australia during spring time. Those of you that have and had to do your road runs will probably be able to relate to this situation. It was a lovely day outside and i was going for my daily run. I had worked out a really good 10km run with a few big hills and plenty of shade so i didn’t get to hot or sunburnt. I had been running for about 2km when i first saw this Magpie sitting on the power lines giving me the evil eye. I knew straight away i was in trouble when it was staring me down with its beety little eyes. I didn’t take my eyes off the Magpie untill i had run about 200m past it and it didn’t take its eyes off me either. I thought well that was alright ill just do that again if i see another one. I get about another 2km up the road and im jogging away down the 220px-Cracticus_tibicen_hypoleuca_male_domainbusy main road with my muisc cranking just about to pass KFC. BAM i get this big gust of wind from behind me and this swooshing sound i see the shadow on the ground. I knew it was a Magpie i looked up and it was coming straight for my face! I pulled my hat off and started swinging it around in front of me, the Magpie kept coming at me just hovering in the air at my head. I was half running on the side waving my arms and hat around like a mad women not watching where i was going untill i stepped out onto the road. The guy who was parked in the car getting ready to turn was looking at me cracking up laughing as i try to run across the road swearing and waving my hat around at the Magpie. This Magpie has now swooped me for the last 200m past KFC where everyone was looking and pointing and Laughing. Finally after i whacked it a heap of times with my hat it decided to go back up onto the tree and stare me down for the rest of the way up the road. That was intense so i thought i would avoid going near any trees on the way home. As i turned the next corner i had another Magpie swoop me but this time there was two of them. I sprinted as fast as i could with my hat waving around at the top of my head and i managed to get away from them. I was stuffed now i had to go back past the bloody Magpie that was giving me the evils near my house to get back home. I picked up a big stick too so now im running waving my hat and a big stick around above my head for the rest of the way home. Cars are driving past giving me funny looks and laughing, i could imagine how stupid i would have looked hahaha. I managed to get home without getting my eyes pecked out thank god but after that i never went running that way again. I did get the car and go park to watch other people get swooped at KFC which was so funny.

I always dread getting fight match ups for that time of year now because i really don’t want to run when the Magpies are out they are so psycho trying to peck your face off!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Oh my what nice eyes you have for me to PECK!

  1. Where I used to live in the US I’d go running on the military reserve (nice open woods) and these huge vulture hawks would stalk me and my Blue Heeler. One of these freaking turkey-sized birds lands on a branch right overhead, cracks the thing from his weight and it falls right in front of my dog who looks like a Roadrunner cartoon screeching to a halt, dust cloud and all, to avoid collision. She’s still paranoid about birds. Freakin’ magpies though… probably want to put your eyes in their nest!

    • Oh what!! that would have been freaky!! yeah magpies are brutal a few people have died beacuse of them attacking and lost eyes and ears. one kids a few years ago was getting attacked and he ran out onto the road and was hit by a car 😦

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