My first trip to Thailand 2008

It was the end of March 2008 had been training Muay Thai serious for about 2 months ( Read Here & Read Here ) i went to training that morning to do my normal thing thinking it was my last training session before i left for Thailand the next day. I got home and within 10min my trainer rang me, he said i had got the days mixed up and that the guys i was going with to Thailand were all waiting at the airport for me. I absolutely freaked out!! I thought i was going the next day so i hadn’t even packed anything and the airport was an hour drive away. I threw a few pairs of undies and my phone charger into a bag  i thought ill just buy all my clothes when i get there. I got my boyfriend to drive me as fast as we could to the airport. There was no way i was missing out so we sped the whole way there. I get to the check in and one of the trainers from the gym i was going with was waiting for me. I only just made it in time by seconds!! What a crazy rush it was getting there in time it was like the amazing race. I get out to the flight lounge where i meet a group of people from the Flinders Uni Muay Thai club i had never met b4. There was about a group of ten people all men except one of the guys wives was also coming but wasnt training with us. We left Adelaide airport and flew to Singapore then to Bangkok. We spent 4 days in Bangkok doing shopping and sight seeing wich was ok but i didn’t really like how crazy and polluted it was there. We went to Lumpinee Stadium for a night of title fights it was amazing! I got to go out the back and have photos with some of the champions i was so excited and just over whelmed by the whole thing it was soooooo cooool!

After we finished up in Bangkok we caught a plane to koh Samui. It was so beautiful there so relaxed compared to Bangkok and very island style, i loved it. When we got to the WMC camp i was blown away i couldn’t belive i was at a real Thai Boxing camp i couldn’t stop taking photos. I wanted to get straight into training and i wanted to train both sessions a day to make sure i got everything i could out of the 3 weeks i was going to be there. Each day i was up at 5.30am to run it was so hard as i was only new to running and running in the heat was killing me. I also had started to get shin splints (i didn’t know what was wrong at the time) but i just pushed through as much as i could. Training was for about 2hrs, lots of sparring just hands then legs then both and technique drills. During the day i was so stuffed i would just sleep or chill out in my room in the aircon. The afternoon started with a run then training doing more sparring clinching and some pads if i was lucky. I was very new so i thought i was doing well to be able to keep up with all the training 2x a day. I was the only one from all of all the students that went on the trip that trained 2x a day for the whole time we were there. On the last week of training i also had a  VIP lesson during the day. The trainers were great they really helped me a lot especially a trainer called Noom who i did my VIP’s with. I met some really cool people while i was there Claire, Kerry, Dave, Danny, Lisa, Natalie, Ta  just to name a few and they have been my friends ever since. I trained along side Famous fighters Zidov and Jabba who were like a married couple they were so funny to hang out with always making jokes.

After training each night i would go for a dip in the pool then head down to the local food markets where i would get some nice Thai food mmmm! It took me a while to get used to eating it because i was afraid of getting sick but after the first week of living off Chocolate Oreo biscuits from 7/11 i knew i had to eat some real food. I also went and watched a few fight shows at the local stadiums most of them were good apart from a few Russian fighters vs Thais was just totally crap and miss matched size wise. I was totally amazed when i seen two Thai boys about 9 years old fight like the adults with elbows and their technique was unreal. I was having an absolute ball training and learning so many new things and seeing what Muay Thai in Thailand was like. Then it was Sonkran !! i had no idea what it was untill i came out side and everyone started to throw buckets of water at me and wipe white powder on my face it was insane! What a crazy day of water fights!! I loved this place i didn’t want to go home back to my job, trying to fit in training and working and a broken relationship all into one life, it was too hard. I loved just being able to focus and learn new things and not have to think about anything but Muay Thai. It was time to leave and our 3 weeks was up i was so devo i cried 😦 I vowed that i would save up and come back for sure but i had to go home for my fight in 4 days (READ HERE). It took us about 2 days to get home because of all the stop overs we had in different countries it sucked i was so tired ( Funny story here ). I got home but all i could think about was Thailand and the experience i had there it was life changing and how much i not only wanted to go back but i needed too!

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