Island plane ekkkkk!

We land in Koh Samui airport and we are getting off the plane when i look across and see this dodgy looking plane. It was old school with the propeller on the outside it was painted up all crazy colors like really Thailand island style. I laughed and joked and said to some of the people i was with “ha ha that’s images (14)the plane you guys will be going on when we head home hahaha”. So we had our 3 week training holiday on Koh Samui (Read here) and we are at the airport waiting to go home. I can’t see any other planes but that dodgy one i was joking about when we arrived. I was still joking telling them it was the plane they were going on thinking that our plane would arrive anytime now. Then they tell us to get in a kart and they start driving towards the dodgy plane. Oh no! we really are getting on that plane! I started to shit my pants and so did everyone else. It was so freaky i was shaking and having an anxiety attack as they made us walk up the wobbly stairs to the plane. I went to my seat which was right at the window next to the propeller. I thought well if it comes off im gonna die first so i wont even know whats happening ekkkk! I go to sit in my ripped up faded seat and as i sit back it clunks and moves back because its broken! WTF! Now i was really freaking out! this plane was as dodgy as it looked. It started up and it was so loud i just prayed as i found my new faith in god at that moment to please not let us crash. Thank god it was only a short flight to Bangkok and we got there safely but i think we all needed to change our undies when we got there. All in the name of Muay Thai ! It scared me so much that i havent gone back to Koh Samui just incase i end up having to get on that plane again or one like it ! I was telling this story to My hubby and i looked up the plane on the next and came across a picture Bangkok-Airways-plane-aft-001of it crashed in to Koh Samui air port which is like a little hut, i always imagine the baggage carcel is some guy out the back peddling a bike to make it go round.

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