Cutting weight with a Crazy man in the sauna!!

It was weigh in day and i had about 3kg to drop in the sauna 😦 it is a lot for me i don’t drop weight very easy. I was sitting in the sauna with Brenton a fellow fighter from my gym, he was also dropping weight for his fight. We had been in there on and off for a while Brenton was dropping his weight fast and i was slowly getting if off. I was getting very irritated after a while as i do. This big over weight hairy man with a big beard came in he looked a bit freaky like a he was a Phyco killer or something. He was staring at me for a while then he piped up and said “i like ya tattoos” i just said thanks and went back to what i was doing. I really hate it when people are trying to talk to me when im losing weight i have no patience and it drives me nuts. All i want is a drink i feel like i could stab someone in the eye with a fork just to have a sip download (14)of water. This guy kept looking at me as i went out to check my weight and come back in. He asked me what i was doing? I explained to him i was dropping weight for a fight. Weeeeellllllllllll that was a big mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next minute this guy starts telling me how he invented his own martial art! He stands up in the sauna and starts showing me all these ridiculous moves he had made up. I was like what the hell!! So here is this guy with a big hairy belly and long beard kicking and blocking and spinning around in a sauna only about 3 meters long by about 2 meters wide. His moves wouldn’t have saved him from my grandma they were that bad! I was like yeah cool (NOT). During this time Brenton had made weight and he thought it would be funny to leave me in the sauna with this guy. After this guy stopped showing me his totally brutal moves he said to me ” my favorite one is boxing but im not allowed to do it because i have schizophrenia”. I didn’t know what to say to this guy he was driving me nuts with his crazy moves. All i wanted to do was tell him to piss off cause i was trying to drop weight but no way i was gonna say that to him after he said that he had schizophrenia. I was stuck in there for a while with him but i think that it took my mind off the weigh loss cause he was freaking me out haha I ended up making weight and he didn’t kill me or do any of his ninja moves on me so it was all good but what a crazy sauna experience! Geeeeeezzze you find some strange people in the public sauna during the day!! it was funny though i still think What the hell!

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5 thoughts on “Cutting weight with a Crazy man in the sauna!!

    • It was freaky for sure! i just think why do all the weirdos always end up in the suana when im in there cause this is only one of the stories there has been more! haha

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  2. Just got to lmao
    Maybe u need to hangout w this wierdo
    That’s awesome! And u made weight gd for u
    Stay strong good luck:)

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