My First Session Of Muay Thai -Natasha Sky

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It was about December 2007 i had seen my very first Muay Thai fight show a few weeks earlier ( read here) where i watched two females battle it out! I was hooked!! I knew i wanted to fight before i had even 1716set foot into a gym or had any idea on what the training was going to be like. I took up the offer from my friend Ryan on coming to train with this guy at his house. I walked out into the back yard of this house, into a shed where i seen a bag hanging up, one huge bag on the wall and a home-made ring on the far side. Then i was introduced to a giant man he was about 6ft tall, weighing over 100kg. This guy was the trainer Paul. Paul said “so you want to learn Muay Thai” in a stern voice with his chest puffed out. He seemed a bit arrogant but i didn’t care i just wanted to learn. He told me to come back later that day so i did. I rocked up in my track pants and a t-shirt as i had never worn a pair of shorts without getting a spray tan EVER!! i only owned one pair and they were definitely not for training. Pete said “you can’t train in those” and he brought me out a pair of his girlfriends Muay Thai shorts. I looked at the funny looking silky blue, red and gold sparkly shorts and thought do i really have to wear these lol. I put them on and Pete said ” now you look like a real fighter” it made me feel good apart from the fact my legs were as white and paper!
images (17)Now i thought my self as being fit, not that i actually did anything really apart from hard labour at work but i thought i was going to be able to do this easy. I started off with skipping 1 minute then 10 push ups, 10 leg raises, 10 seated rows and 10 squats, i had to do this 3 times over. Sounded easy, but it wasnt! i struggled to do the 1 min skipping, i couldn’t breath i kept trying to stop and Paul would yell at me to keep going. I don’t think i had done a push up since i was a kid mucking around with my brother so my arms were shaking like crazy. My lungs hurt i was gasping for air my arms and legs were shaking like crazy. I managed to get through it all with a lot of stopping, starting and feeling dizzy. Maybe i wasnt as fit as i thought i was after all lol. After a rest and a quick drink Paul said “ok that was just the warm up, each week we will make the skipping longer, add more push ups and stuff”. We went through some stretching and he explained the different techniques used in Muay Thai to me. I had been a rough nut growing up always fighting and wrestling with the boys, i had gotten into a few street fights too. I thought that i knew a bit about fighting but i soon realised i had no idea. We started by learning how to punch which he said i picked up really quickly even though i felt so uncoordinated. We moved on to kicks, these were even harder to get as they were not a natural way to kick. We just worked on those basics for that day and did some on the Thai pads. It was a lot harder than i expected and my brain was getting muddled up on how to move my body to be able to do the techniques the right way. It wasn’t just getting in there to smash the pads, i had to think about it, it was confusing and frustrating. I was hot, sweaty and my whole body was so tired mentally and physically. I was really enjoying the challenge and it was so good to hear from Paul that i was picking it up really quickly, quicker than most and that i was good at it even if i frustratedfelt like a total spaz. After a full session he said to me “How many belts do you want? you’re going to be better than Georgie” who was his girlfriend and had been training a long time and had a few fights. I had heard stories about Georgie from my friend and she sounded like the sort of chick i wanted to be, i looked up to her and i had never even met her. I couldn’t belive that Paul said that to me (it caused trouble down the line for me though) but at the time i was so excited!! I told a few of my friends what he had said and how i had finally found something that i liked and really wanted to do. It was such a good feeling having someone tell me that i was going to be good at something and how i could be a champion. I left that day feeling so buggered but so happy. I wanted more!! (READ HERE)

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4 thoughts on “My First Session Of Muay Thai -Natasha Sky

    • Hey haha yes its true! I never wore shorts hardly at all being a red head with pale skin and freckles there was no chance of me getting a tan except a fake one haha. Iam very honest and i think along the way in my stories a few people will get exposed and i will prob get my self in trouble :/ i tend to say what i think i cant help it i just have to say it and not everyone likes it. Oh well im used to getting in trouble now so it will be all good let the haters hate 🙂

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