Skateboard 1 Point, Natasha 0 Points

This is just a random funny story about something that happened to me while running training for one of my fights in Australia.
In Australia i train Muay Thai 4 nights a week at my gym. On the other days i do my sprint training mixed with some long running. One Sunday night i decided to go for a run just on dark as i liked running late at night because i would get scared. I would run faster and push my self harder running away from my own shadow half the time. Dane my husband decided he was going to come with me. So we were just about finished the 10km run and were around the corner from our house. By this time it was pitch black so we couldn’t see much unless we were on a well lit street. Dane was running about a foot in front of me along a dark path way that was under construction. I thought to my self i hope there is no holes or anything because i cant see anything in front me as Dane was right there. Well next minute! Dane does this jump over something but before i even knew what he was doing i stepped straight on to it. This thing whizzed out from under my foot, it launched up into the air with me on it!. I was thinking what the hell was that as i came smashing down flat on my back. Dane turned around and imageslooked at me in panic. I stood up and brushed all the dirt and rocks off of myself. I started looking around for what it was and seen a skateboard right there. I was so angry i was yelling and swearing really loud as i still had my iPod headphones on and Dane was telling me to shhhhh. I picked up the skateboard and told Dane “im taking this home”! Then i heard these teenage kids hiding back down the road in the bushes laughing away and they yelled ” hey that’s my skateboard, give it back” I was so mad i had steam coming out of my ears! I told them to come and get it and ill wrap it around their heads. I knew now that they must have seen us coming and put the skateboard out on the path so we would trip on it. I put the skateboard under my arm and i ran the rest of the way home with it. Lucky i wasn’t to hurt just a sore hip and a few download (9)scraps. I look back now and i think how funny it would have looked it was like someone from the movies slipping on a banana peel. Then i was swearing and yelling like a crazy women lol. Those teenagers didn’t get their skateboard back the little turds, so i hope they think twice about doing that again even though they thought it was an absolute crack up. LOL

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